Calculators full grid

This is calculators grid.
It shows a grid of all calculators with their some additional info (meta data): what groups they belong to, features they have, are they new/beta status.

ISO 8859-2 (Latin-2) table
HEX/DEC table
Length (size)
Mass (weight)
IP calculator (networks/subnets)
Speed (velocity)
VAT (tax)
Volume (capacity)
Data storage
Prime number
Cost of area
ASCII-2-number converterpartial
Multiplication tablepartial
Add numbers (columnar addition)partial
Deposit (investment)
Polish salary #1 (yearly)
Polish earnings #2 (tax↔no tax)
Polish earnings #3 (written order)
Polish work period
Polish earnings during sickness
Polish vacation days
Polish car use reimbursement flat-rate
Poland: Mileage Allowance Payments calculator
Polish ZUS payments
Polish "law interest"
Polish "tax interest"
Polish investments amortization
Polish notarial wages
Polish real property cost
Is ID Number Correct
Cost of electricitypartial
Polish ZUS retirement
Polish OFE retirementpartial
Polish court fees
Chinese zodiac
MTU table
Number prefixes SI
Binary prefixes
Fractions: add and subtract step by step
Resistors color codes
Fractions: 4 operations
Fractions: inverse (reciprocal)
Millionaire calculator
Compound interest
Time: Date and time formats
Dates difference
Time to new year
Time to school break
Time to holidays
Work time
Life time
Sleep time
Zodiac sign
State pension age
Add or subtract days/months/years to date
Wedding anniversary
Fractions: compare
Tyres codes - speed ratings
Tyres codes - load index
Fuel consumption
Fuel consumption units
Random numbers
Shoe size
Numbers: min-maxpartial
Numbers: average & medianpartial
Numbers: sum & statisticspartial
Polish ZUS: rates and base
UK: Mileage Allowance Payments (MAP)
Polish salary #4 (self-employment)
Stop watch
Polish "law interest"
Polish "tax interest"
Polish retirement pension limits IKE/IKZE
Words counterpartial
School break calendar
Polish travel allowance (foreign) table
Polish travel allowance (national) table
Polish travel allowance (foreign)
Polish travel allowance (national)
Tire production date (DOT index)
Rentier calculator
Poland: NBP reference rates
Poland: NBP lombard rates
Poland: NBP deposit rates
Poland: NBP rediscount rates
Poland: NBP discount rates
Poland: central bank rates (NBP)
Minimum wage in Poland
Numeral systems
Density of substances
Specific heat of substances
Specific heat
Disk: area and circumference
Triangle: sum of angles
Names of large numbers
Roman numbers
Roman numbers calculator
Poland: NBP currencies
Units of measurement
Basic physical and chemical constants
PL: Tax-free threshold archive
PL: Tax-decreasing amount
Greek alphabet
Trigonometric reduction formulas
Trigonometric functions
Derivative formulas
Quick TeX cheat sheet
Integrals - formulas
Electromagnetic waves
Floating point numbers
Wavelength and frequency
Note frequencies
Moons of the planets
Solar System planets
Moon data sheet
Galaxy datasheet
Polish unemployment rate
Polish registered unemployed
Employment in enterprise sector in Poland
Frequency generator
Periodic signals
Flame test
Solution color
Ionization energy
Stable isotopics
Galvanic series
Electron affinity
Celtic horoscope
Bird horoscope
Moroccan horoscope
Japanese horoscope
Gypsy horoscope
Flowers horoscope
Roman horoscope
Water density
Crystal lattice energy
Elementary particles
Electrode overpotential
Cooling mixtures
Electron configuration
Dipole moment
Dipole moment of substances
Solubility equilibrium of substances
Dissociation constants of substances
Solubility of substances
Cryoscopic and ebullioscopic constants
Solutions density by concentration
Permittivity of substances
Application of radioisotopes
Bond lengths in molecules
Bond energy
Standard half-cell potentials
Melting point
Boiling point
Standard entropy
Standard enthalpy of creation
Standard free enthalpy of creation
Molar volume of gases
Molar mass
Critical temperature
Critical pressure
Enthalpy of vaporization
Boiling point calculator
Molar to percentage concentration
Triple point
Clapeyron's equation
Ohm law
Electric current
Concentration of saturated solution
Amount of substance
Dimensionless quantities
Number to wordspartial
Polish PESEL analyzer
Polish PESEL generator
Avogadro's law
Math tables: geometry
Arithmetic sequence
Geometric sequence
Numerical sequences
Math dictionary en-pl
Short multiplication formulas
Number operations
Number explorer
Math constants
e number
BASE64 encodingpartial
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