Calculators full grid

This is calculators grid.
It shows a grid of all calculators with their some additional info (meta data): what groups they belong to, features they have, are they new/beta status.

2ISO 8859-2 (Latin-2) table
3HEX/DEC table
4Length (size) units
5Mass (weight) units
6IP calculator (networks/subnets)
8Speed (velocity) units
9VAT (tax)
10Volume (capacity) units
11Data storage units
12Area units
13Energy units
14Prime number
17Cost of area
18Temperature units
19ASCII-2-number converterpartial
21Power units
22Multiplication tablepartial
23Angle units
25Add numbers (columnar addition)partial
26Deposit (investment)
28Polish salary #1 (yearly)
29Polish earnings #2 (tax↔no tax)
30Polish earnings #3 (written order)
31Polish work period
32Polish earnings during sickness
33Polish vacation days
34Polish car use reimbursement flat-rate
35Poland: Mileage Allowance Payments calculator
36Polish ZUS payments
37Polish "law interest"
38Polish "tax interest"
39Polish investments amortization
40Polish notarial wages
41Polish real property cost
42Is ID Number Correct
44Cost of electricitypartial
45Polish ZUS retirement
46Polish OFE retirementpartial
47Polish court fees
48Chinese horoscope
49Chinese zodiac signs
50MTU table
51Number prefixes SI
52Binary prefixes
54Bandwidth units
55Fractions: add and subtract step by step
56Resistors color codes
57Fractions: 4 operations
58Fractions: inverse (reciprocal)
59Millionaire calculator
60Compound interest
61Time: Date and time formats
62Dates difference
63Time to new year
64Time to school break
65Time to holidays
66Work time
67Life time
68Sleep time
69Zodiac sign
70State pension age
71Add or subtract days/months/years to date
72Wedding anniversary
73Fractions: compare
74Tyres codes - speed ratings
75Tyres codes - load index
76Fuel consumption
77Fuel consumption units
78Random numbers
79Shoe size
80Numbers: min-maxpartial
81Numbers: average & medianpartial
82Numbers: sum & statisticspartial
83Polish ZUS: rates and base
84UK: Mileage Allowance Payments (MAP)
85Polish salary #4 (self-employment)
86Stop watch
87Polish "law interest"
88Polish "tax interest"
89Polish retirement pension limits IKE/IKZE
90Words counterpartial
91School break calendar
92Polish travel allowance (foreign) table
93Polish travel allowance (national) table
94Polish travel allowance (foreign)
95Polish travel allowance (national)
96Tire production date (DOT index)
97Rentier calculator
98Poland: NBP reference rates
99Poland: NBP lombard rates
100Poland: NBP deposit rates
101Poland: NBP rediscount rates
102Poland: NBP discount rates
103Poland: central bank rates (NBP)
104Average and minimum wages in Poland
105Density units
106Numeral systems
107Density of substances
108Specific heat of substances
109Specific heat units
110Disk: area and circumference
111Triangle: sum of angles
113Names of large numbers
114Roman numbers
115Roman numbers calculator
116Poland: NBP currencies
117Units of measurement: SI
118Basic physical and chemical constants
119PL: Tax-free threshold archive
120PL: Tax-decreasing amount
121Greek alphabet
122Trigonometric reduction formulas
123Trigonometric functions
124Derivative formulas
125Quick TeX cheat sheet
126Integrals - formulas
127Electromagnetic waves
128Floating point numbers
129Wavelength and frequency
130Frequency units
131Note frequencies
132Moons of the planets
133Solar System planets
134Moon data sheet
135Galaxy datasheet
136Polish unemployment rate
137Polish registered unemployed
138Employment in enterprise sector in Poland
139Frequency generator
140Periodic signals
141Flame test
142Solution color
143Ionization energy
144Stable isotopics
145Galvanic series
146Electron affinity
147Celtic horoscope
148Bird horoscope
149Moroccan horoscope
150Japanese horoscope
151Gypsy horoscope
152Flowers horoscope
153Roman horoscope
154Water density
155Crystal lattice energy
156Elementary particles
157Electrode overpotential
158Cooling mixtures
159Electron configuration
160Dipole moment units
161Dipole moment of substances
162Solubility equilibrium of substances
163Dissociation constants of substances
164Solubility of substances
165Cryoscopic and ebullioscopic constants
166Solutions density by concentration
167Permittivity of substances
168Application of radioisotopes
169Bond lengths in molecules
170Bond energy
171Standard half-cell potentials
172Melting point
173Boiling point
174Standard entropy
175Standard enthalpy of creation
176Standard free enthalpy of creation
177Molar volume of gases
178Molar mass
179Critical temperature
180Critical pressure
181Pressure units
182Enthalpy of vaporization
183Boiling point calculator
184Molar to percentage concentration
185Triple point
186Clapeyron's equation
187Ohm law
188Resistance units
189Voltage units
190Electric current units
191Concentration of saturated solution
192Amount of substance units
193Dimensionless quantities units
194Number to wordspartial
195Polish PESEL analyzer
196Polish PESEL generator
197Avogadro's law
198Math tables: geometry
199Arithmetic sequence
200Geometric sequence
201Numerical sequences
202Math dictionary en-pl
203Short multiplication formulas
204Number operations
205Number explorer
206Exponentiation: formulas
208Math constants
209e number
210BASE64 encodingpartial
211Logarithm base change
212Wire of a given length resistance
213Materials resistivity
214Electric resistivity units
215Math tables: stereometry (3D)
216Approximation error
217Math tables: statistics
218Math tables: combinatorics
222Trigonometry identities
223Math table: linear function
224Linear function
225Math table: quadratic function
226Quadratic function
227Math table: homographic function
228Homographic function
229Math table: exponential function
230Exponential function
231Equation types
232Linear equation solver
233Quadratic equation solver
234Circle angles: central angle
235Similar triangles
236Root: the simplest form
237IBAN codes
238GS1 prefixes
239IBAN decoder
240Straight line
241Straight lines position
242Math operation: result signs
243Exponentiation: the simplest form
244Order of operations
245Electoral system
246Operands and results names
247Polish Employee Capital Plans (PPK)
248Polish disability pension
249PIT rates in Poland (archive)
250Real work cost in Poland (archive)
251Taxes over the world: PIT, CIT, VAT
252CIT rates in Poland (archive)
253Numbers: variance and standard deviation
254Linear regression
255Inflation in Poland (archive)
256Economic growth rate in Poland (archive)
257Money worth
258Math tables: analytic geometry
259Minimum wages over the world
260Average wages over the world
261Effective tax over the world
262Gross↔net salary over the world
263Country ISO codes
264Top-level domains
265Punycode encoding (IDN)
267Force units
268Inflation over the world (archive)
269Coordinate systems types
270Math tables: coordinate systems
271Units of measurement: CGS
272Paper size
273Decimal to fraction
274Text compare
275JSON compare
276CSS compare
277Polish accident insurance
278Corona Virus Outbreak 2020 LIVE
279Polish ZUS: preferential
280Morse alphabet
281Morse code translator
282Braille alphabet
283Braille translator
284URL encode/decode
285Well-known TCP/UDP ports
286HTML parser
287Currency ISO codes
288Exponential regression
289Logarithmic regression
290Polynomial regression
291Power regression
292Regression types
293Symbolic calculations
294Time units
295Electrical capacitance units
297General equation solver
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