Tires DOT index decoder
Calculator finds out tire production date (year, weak and month) based on DOT index printed on your tire.

Input data - enter DOT code printed on your tire here#

DOT code printed on your tire

Results - decoded informations about your tire#

DOT code, which you entered aboveFUWC E5RX 1909
Year of tire production2009
Week of tire production19
Month of tire productionMay (5)
Manufacturer plant codeFU
Tire size codeWC
Optional manufacturer codeE5RX

Some facts#

  • Tires that meet the safety requirements of the US Department of Transportation are marked with DOT number.
  • Only tires with valid DOT code can be sold in the United States.
  • DOT code (index) consists of letters and digits grouped into 3 or 4 parts. The dot code format is as follows:
    DOT ppss oooo wwyy

    • DOT - constant prefix saying, that following characters are DOT code,
      pp - two characters identifying manufacturer (so called plant code),
      ss - two characters identifying tire size,
      oooo - optional manufacturer code containing from 0 to 4 characters (letters and/or digits), can be skipped on some tires,
      ww - week number, when tire was manufactured,
      yy - one (for years 199x) or two digits (for years 20xx) code identifying year of production.
  • Below an example photo of DOT number printed on the sidewall of the tire:

    • Printed number is: DOT J3J9 1001,
    • this gives us following information about the tire:
      • the tire was manufactured by MATADOR RUBBER S.R.O. in city Puchov in Slovacia (manufacturer plant code is J3),
      • tire size is 195/70R14 (size code is J9),
      • there is only 3 parts in printed DOT code, so there is no optional manufacturer code,
      • tire was manufactured on 10. week of 2001 year, what falls on March 2001 (date of production code is 1001).
  • Actual list of manufacturer plant codes can be found at National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website.
  • You can decode two characters tire size code (J9 in above example) using table available on website: DOT tire size.
  • If you're interested in what else you can read from the imprints on your tires, check out our other calculators:

How to use this tool#

Simply enter DOT number printed on your tire and we will tell you what we can read from it. You can enter both full DOT number (with DOT prefix or not) and - if you're interested in date of production only - last four digits only.

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