Calculators list
This is the list of all available calculator, table and converter groups. Select one and explore it. The same calculator often fits to more than one category e.g. you'll find Sleep time calculator both in the "time" and "health" categories.
  • All calculators sorted alphabetically.

  • Tools that are neither a table nor a converter - deposit calculator, electric cost calculator, taxes calculator etc.

  • Various kinds of tables - shoe size table, tires symbols, SI units table etc.

  • Related to physics - SI units table, energy units converter, momentum formula etc.

  • Related to finances - gross to net converter, earnings calculator, tools for self-employments, days to state pension age, etc.

  • Related to chemistry - chemical elements, atoms, ions, compounds and their properties, periodic table, solution concentration etc.

  • Related to mathematics - columnar addition, fractions operations, law of sines etc.

  • Various kinds of converters - kilograms to pounds, centimeters to feet, Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit etc.

  • Tools for employee and employers - gross to net salary converter, number of vacation days calculator, insurance contribution rates etc.

  • Related to time - how many days to holiday, number of working days etc.

  • Helpful while running a household - energy cost calculator, painting cost calculator, tires symbols etc.

  • Related to computers - data storage units converter, MTU table, IP calculator etc.

  • Related to car and travel - fuel consumption & cost, tax-free mileage allowance etc.

  • Related to esotericism and numerology - zodiac calculators, Celtic horoscope, care number etc.

  • Related to electronics and electric current in general - ohm law, voltage units converter, periodic signals generator etc.

  • Related to text or characters processing - ASCII table, ascii to number converter etc.

  • Various kinds of decoders and analyzers - IBAN decoder, resistors bar code, DOT tire code etc.

  • Related to sound and audio - sound generators, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer etc.

  • Various kinds of generators - random numbers, IBAN generator, password generator etc.

  • Related to health - BMI calculator, calories calculator etc.

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