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The Calculla - what is it exactly ?

Calculla is a collection of online calculators.
Some people say: "Calculla is like wikipedia with numbers instead of text".

If you're looking to:
  • solve a calculation (e.g. "how much interest will I pay on a mortgage ?" or "how much fuel my car will use over 200 km trip ?")
  • or convert a number (e.g. "10 Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit")
  • or just find some specific number in a table (e.g. "temperature of boiling water" or "size of the car tire")
  • or draw a nice looking pie chart
...Calculla is designed to do these things easy, quickly and free of charge.

On Calculla you'll find:
  • online web calculators - tools to calculate, convert, solve anything related to numbers
  • tables for various number collections (e.g how much dollars is for a Mexican peso or multiplication table or car tire size index or physical constants...)
  • soon we will also publish a lot of various graphs and charts

How it works ?

Your screen is divided into 2 sections:
  • Top - it's a search. Just type what you looking for in "search" input and Calculla will try to find the best calculators matching to it
  • everything below "the tope" - it's a main calculator part. Here is the calculator or table or chart or anything else you've found on Calculla. Most of calculators are pretty straightforward to use, but if something is more advanced - there will be always good explanation of how it all works on the calculator's page.

More info

  • What's going on:
    • Blog - News & History: What's new on Calculla and full archive of Calculla history
    • New Calculla - you're now looking at "Calculla 2", which is completely redesigned Calculla. If you're looking for old Calculla (the version 1) or if you just want to now more about why and how the Calculla 2 was made, then take a look at About Calculla version 2
  • FAQ - if you have questions about Calculla, go to "FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions"
  • Contact - to contact us, go for contact info to Contact section. Constructive comments and suggestions are welcome !
  • About us - authors, developers, testers... The Calculla team !
  • Privacy policy - info about how we work with privacy of your browsing on Calculla. If you're worried the data you enter to the calculators may go somewhere, please Read our privacy policy
  • Calculators full grid - a technical page with engineering view of meta data about calculators. We call it "Calculators grid".

Have a nice Calcullations !

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