Our Team - about us
This website is designed and mantained by people from Kemu Studio.

Looking for a software team ?

Looking for qualified developers ? You found them...

The team of experienced full-stack developers (coders) and artists will perfectly and precisely tailor your website, webAPI and other services. We are also experts in Digital TV broadcasting, embedded platforms and many other form of software design services.

Feel free to ask if you need:

  • web code: company website, web application (node.js, PHP, React.js, JavaScript, Mongo, webGL and a lot more), cloud help or any form of consultation
  • computer art and design: web layout, template, icon set, CSS sheet etc.
  • understanding numbers: we're good in it. We will help you with questions about Polish and UK taxes for example. We do consultations about Polish tax, accountancy and employment law in English and opposite :)
  • desktop applications: dynamic presentation, office supporting software, database software, network processing, embedded solutions etc. - we do Qt (QML), C/C++, Java Swing, OpenGL - everything from kernel (or bare metal) drivers to GUI applications
  • just some consultation in any computer science related problem (how-to-do-it? what-is-best-for-me?) - a problem with your Java code, your MEAN or LAMP website, your Photoshop image, your math solution...
Simply - don't be afraid to ask...
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