UK: Basic state pension calculator
Calculator finds out the amount of basic state pension, which you can get depending on number of years worked.

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Calculations data - qualyfing years#

Number of qualifying yearsyears

Common sense tells#

  • You worked 15 years in the UK.
  • Your weekly basic state pension is 79.35 GBP per week.
  • Your state pension can be calculated using formula: 185.15 / 35 × qualyfing years.

Results - your state pension#

Number of qualifying years taken into account15years
Basic state pension you are entitled to79.35GBP per week
317.40GBP per month
4126.20GBP per year

Some facts#

  • To get a full state pension you have to work for at least 35 years in the UK. After 35 years of work you are entitled to a basic pension of 175.20 pounds per week (as of 2021.02.20).
  • If you are not entitled to a full pension, but you have worked for at least 10 years, you are entitled to a partial pension depending on the number of qualifying years:
    partial state pension=full state pension35×number of years worked\text{partial state pension} = \frac{\text{full state pension}}{35}\times \text{number of years worked}
  • The minimal state pension that you can receive is 10/35 of full state pension. In order to obtain such a pension, you must work in Great Britain for at least 10 years.
  • If you don't have at least 10 qualifying years, you are not entitled to the state pension in UK.

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