Polish "tax interest" calculator
Polish "interest for late tax payment" online calculator.

How much do you owe and how long did you delay paying?

Gross amount
Applied rate

Common sense tells

Accumulated tax interests are 2939.85 PLN.
It means, that you should return to Tax Office a total of 5939.85 PLN.
We hope that you will settle your tax arrears soon 👌.

Penalty interest accrued due to delay

Amount of interest2939.85
Amount of interest after rounding2940.00
Sum of interest and arrears5939.85
Sum of interest and arrears after interest rounding5940.00

Interest accrued in specific periods

from 2010-03-3010224184.11
from 2010-11-09127271.01
from 2011-01-2012.57678.08
from 2011-04-06133638.47
from 2011-05-1213.52831.07
from 2011-06-0914336386.63
from 2012-05-1014.5182216.90
from 2012-11-08142832.22
from 2012-12-0613.53538.84
from 2013-01-10132829.92
from 2013-02-0712.52828.77
from 2013-03-0711.56359.55
from 2013-05-09112825.32
from 2013-06-0610.52824.16
from 2013-07-0410462379.73
from 2014-10-098449295.23
from 2016-01-01815511019.84

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