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ASCII/HEX/HTML table+++1861189243
ISO 8859-2 (Latin-2) table+++708671106
HEX/DEC table++1336128022
Length (size)++3088300994
Mass (weight)++1627159064
IP calculator (networks/subnets)++34131766
Speed (velocity)++3309315722
VAT (tax)++2030150321
Volume (capacity)++2177212833
Data storage++1912159622
Prime number++2859183186
Cost of area++++1312117633
ASCII-2-number converter++++3705371533
Percentagenew ++1948205111
Multiplication table++29420533
Add numbers (columnar addition)++4403335521
Deposit (investment)++588540823
Polish salary #1 (yearly)+++4601530143
Polish earnings #2 (tax↔no tax)polishOnly +++70887130
Polish earnings #3 (written order)polishOnly +++1256140130
Polish work periodpolishOnly +++30426122
Polish earnings during sicknesspolishOnly +++1278127822
Polish vacation dayspolishOnly ++79779730
Polish car travel in jobpolishOnly +++1221122122
Polish ZUS paymentspolishOnly +++1247124730
Polish "law interest"polishOnly ++2540020
Polish "tax interest"polishOnly ++4374020
Polish investments amortizationpolishOnly ++1937193766
Polish notarial wagespolishOnly +++5759575940
Polish real property costpolishOnly +++86486430
Is ID Number Correct++2133167995
Cost of electricity+++1829142733
Polish ZUS retirement+++538030
Polish OFE retirement+++0010
Polish court feespolishOnly ++1794020
Chinese zodiac+80471523
MTU table++73472232
SI prefixesnew ++81778233
Binary prefixesnew ++101498733
Velocity-distance-timenew ++2695258811
Bandwidthnew ++1386124633
Fractions: adding and subtractingnew ++81682533
Resistors color codesnew ++2038170633
Fractions: 4 operationsnew ++2842290945
Fractions: inverse (reciprocal)new ++1407173133
Millionaire calculatornew ++2132157955
Compound interestnew +++2964250644
Time: Date and time formatsbeta +++486337231013
The difference between two datesbeta ++2140195833
Time to new yearbeta ++2341219333
Time to school breakbeta ++2688128931
Time to holidaysbeta ++1688165733
Work timebeta +++2497175433
Life timebeta ++1895191643
Sleep timebeta +++1311131155
Zodiac signbeta ++1552149434
State pension agebeta +++2084189566
Adding days to datebeta ++1973129333
Wedding anniversarybeta +++1854156122
Fractions: comparenew ++2161219745
Tyres codes - speed ratingsbeta ++2115194244
Tyres codes - load indexbeta ++2115194244
Fuel consumptionnew ++72775600
Fuel consumption unitsnew ++65160600
Random numbersbeta ++3331287844
Shoe sizebeta ++1371116944
Numbers: min-maxbeta new ++27324722
Numbers: average & medianbeta new ++2412190444
Numbers: statisticsbeta new ++25324943
Polish ZUS: rates and basenew beta ++71367200
UK: Mileage Allowance Payments (MAP)beta new c2 +++1233100722
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