Calculators list - CALCULATOR
  • IP calculator (networks/subnets)
    network address subnet mask host

    Online utility for IP address calculations including netmask, broadcast and network addresses, wildcard mask, usable ranges, address format conversion etc. Accepts IP-s in hex/dec and also as one unsigned int number.

  • Momentum

    Online calculator for momentum. Computes values of momentum, mass or velocity using the momentum formula.

  • VAT (tax)
    net/gross amount & tax value

    Online VAT tax calculator (VAT is Value Added Tax). Computes net amount, gross amount and tax value depending of given tax rate (handles VAT for many countries and goods types). Really simple tax calculator !

  • Prime number
    is prime, factors, closest prime

    Prime numbers and factors online calculator (really fast). Give it an integer number, and you got the answers: Is the number prime? If not, what are prime factors? What are results of dividing by prime factors ? What is next/previous prime number ? All of those questions answered here. Used computation method makes this prime number calculator one of the fastest in the web.

  • GCD
    Greatest Common Divisor

    Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) calculator - solves GCD for given numbers, but also displays prime dividers (in a school-like way). So, you know how the solution is found. It can find the GCD for 3 numbers too !

  • LCM
    Least Common Multiple

    Least Common Multiple (LCM) calculator - finds LCM for up to three given numbers and shows process of dividing by primes as for school-like interpretation.

  • Cost of area
    Price of land, wall, tiling, etc.

    The cost-of-area calculator. It finds the price for a piece of land/property/flat/floor, a cost of painting the wall, a quantity of seed you need to plant your lawn... The expenditure of anything that depends on area in many different units!

  • ASCII-2-number converter
    converter ASCII hex dec

    The converter of any ASCII or Unicode text to numbers. Allows for many format-related modifications of output. Numbers can be hexadecimal, decimal or binary. Setting separators (commas, linebreaks), dividing numbers to groups (ex. put "enter" after each 4 items) - is also "one-click-easy". Supports windows/linux/mac line-break codes.

  • Percentage
    Typical percentage calculations

    Calculator finds solutions to common percentage problems. It's done in easy way: more like stories and everyday situations, less like math language.

  • Loan
    loan payments interests

    Loan calculator - interest, monthly payments, principal part, one time fees. Amortizing and term loan considered.

  • Calculator to add numbers. It displays the sum of any given numbers. It also displays columnar addition of these numbers, the carrying (regrouping), partial sums etc. Can be useful for primary school students (learning how to do columnar addition), for financial operations (can be set up to display dollar/cent format) and... for any other addition related purpose.

  • Deposit (investment)
    interest, effective APR

    Deposit income calculator. Takes your investment amount, nominal annual interest rate, deposit time and some more settings and calculates your income. Shows period-by-period income capitalization/compound.

  • Fractions
    reducing, simplifying, extending

    Fraction explorer - it displays info related to given fraction. Simply enter a fraction and get equal proper fraction, improper (top-heavy) fraction and simplified fraction. Displays also numerator and denominator factors.

  • Polish salary #1 (yearly)
    salary, net earnings and taxes in Poland

    The take-home salary calculator for Poland. It takes your gross income and calculates all your take-home (netto) earnings month by month. It also displays all parts of salary: polish national insurance (ZUS), income taxes and other costs of working as an employee in Poland.

  • Polish earnings #2 (tax↔no tax)
    earnings brutto/netto in Poland

    The earnings, taxes and other costs of working as an employee in Poland. The easy conversion between brutto↔netto (tax↔no tax earnings).

  • Polish earnings #3 (written order)
    written order taxation in Poland

    Written order taxation calculator (Polish tax system only). Easy calculation of costs, and taxes. In Poland it is called "Umowa zlecenie".

  • This calculator computes the qualifying period of employment (work) in Poland, according to polish employment law. You enter employment start and end dates, then this calculator will display a number of years, months and days of employment.

  • Calculator of the earnings in Poland during illness.

  • Polish vacation days
    vacation days, days off, recreation, work, job, polish, poland, holiday

    Online calculator for finding number of vacation days in employment in Poland. The more years of work you have on your account, the more days of vacation you will have.

  • Polish car travel in job
    Poland: Mileage Allowance Payments in Poland

    Online calculator for finding an amount of cash that can be repaid by an employer for using private car.

  • Online calculator for ZUS payments of a polish worker. For given gross earnings amount it computes all mandatory insurance contributions. It displays the part paid by the worker and also by the employer. All the values are given as Polish Zlotys and also as percentage.

  • Polish "interest by law" online calculator.

  • Polish "interest for late tax payment" online calculator.

  • Polish investments amortization online calculator.

  • Polish notarial wages calculator.

  • Property purchasing costs online calculator - polish only.

  • Is ID Number Correct
    iban, ean, issn, isbn

    The online calculator for checking correctness of ID numbers. It validates: IBAN (bank account number), EAN (article), ISBN (book), ISMN (music), ISSN (serial). Just enter the code (with or without any dots, spaces, slashes etc.) and in a moment you will know, if it is a valid code and which one of them.

  • BMI
    body, mass, index

    Calculator for finding out the BMI (Body Mass Index). Just enter your height and weight. The result is the BMI factor itself, but also the interpretation of the factor by WHO description (are you starving? or are you overweight?). It accepts metric units (centimeters and kilograms) or US-like units (feets, inches and pounds).

  • Online calculator of electric energy cost. First you set the price for a 1kWh (one kilo-watt). Then you specify all the electric devices you use, and how much of time they are used daily. The calculator computes the yearly, montly and daily usage of an electric energy, and its overall cost... This can be used for household computation, but also for any business costs estimation.

  • Polish ZUS retirement
    for Poland citizens

    This online calculator computes the amount of pension received from Polish retirement institution called ZUS.

  • Polish OFE retirement
    for Poland citizens

    Online calculator computes the pension received from both ZUS (polish retirement institution) and Open Retirement Funds.

  • Online calculator computes cost (fees) of starting private case in Polish court.

  • Chinese zodiac
    chinese zodiac sign

    Calculator for finding chinese zodiac sign. Just give your date of birth - then the calculator will find chinese zodiac sign and zodiac elemental.

  • Velocity-distance-time

    Online calculator for velocity. Computes values of velocity, distance or time using the average velocity formula.

  • Fractions: adding and subtracting step by step
    Operations on fractions performed step-by-step

    Calculator shows how to add or subtract two fractions step by step. Simply enter two fractions, select add or subtract and get list of all partial steps needed to compute result. Train your math with calculla!

  • Resistors color codes
    Color bands to resistance and tolerance calculator

    Calculator decodes parameters of the resistor (resistance value, tolerance, temperature coefficient) painted as colored bands on the resistor and vice versa.

  • Fractions: 4 operations
    adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing

    Calculations on fractions - it performs operations on two given fractions. Simply enter two fractions and get them added, subtracted, multiplied and divided by each other. You will get sum, difference, product and quotient of these two.

  • Fractions: inverse (reciprocal)
    inverting fractions (numbers) step by step

    Calculator finds multiplicative inverse of given fraction or number.

  • Millionaire calculator
    Check when you save your first million

    Calculator simulates raising your first million by systematic saving.

  • Compound interest
    inflations↔rate of return

    Calculator forecasts future value of your money after applying inflation and/or rate of interest.

  • The difference between two dates
    How many days passed between two dates

    Calculator computes how many days (hours, minutes, seconds) passed between two dates.

  • Time to new year
    How many months, days, hours etc. to end of the year

    Calculator computes how many days (hours, minutes, seconds) remained to celebrate new year.

  • Time to school break
    How many days to nearest school break and the end of school year

    Calculator computes how many days (hours, minutes, seconds) remained to coming holidays or the end of school year.

  • Time to holidays
    How many days to nearest holidays

    Calculator computes how many days (hours, minutes, seconds) remained to coming holidays within next year.

  • Work time
    How many hours, you will work in given period

    Calculator computes number of work hours in given period.

  • Life time
    How many years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds you have lived.

    Calculator computes the number of years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds, which have passed since your date of birth. In other words, it calculates how long you live.

  • Sleep time
    How many years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds you have slept.

    Calculator computes the number of years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds, which you slept during your life.

  • Zodiac sign
    Check what is your zodiac sign.

    Calculator calculates what is your zodiac sign depending on your date of birth.

  • State pension age
    Check when you retire

    Calculator checks when you can retire.

  • Adding, subtracting days to date
    What date after x days (anniversary)

    Calculator computes what day is after adding (or subtracking) given number of days to your date.

  • Wedding anniversary
    paper↔cotton↔wood↔diamond↔golden anniversary etc.

    Put in your wedding date and Calculla will show you list of your wedding anniversaries.

  • Fractions: compare
    Are those two fractions equal? Which fraction is greater (smaller) ?

    Calculator compares two fractions and tells you if they are equal or different. If given fractions are different, the calculator will let you know which one is greater, which one is smaller and what is the difference between them.

  • Fuel consumption
    travel cost↔average fuel consumption↔how much to refuel?

    Calculator helps you with common calculations related to fuel cost and consumption. You will find out how much you spend on fuel, what is the average fuel consumption of your vehicle, how much you will spend on the journey in your car or how much fuel you should refuel in order to reach the goal etc.

  • Random numbers
    random numbers generator

    Generates random numbers and texts. You can use this calculator to generate random passwords.

  • Numbers: min-max
    Find maximum and minimum value from list of numbers.

    Calculator finds maximum and minimum from the list of numbers. Find min/max values.

  • Numbers: average & median
    Compute average and median of given numbers.

    Calculator computes average and median values from the list of numbers. Find average and median.

  • Numbers: statistics
    Common statistic values↔average↔median↔minimum↔maximum etc.

    Calculator accepts list of numbers and displays common statistics about them: average (mean), median, minimum, maximum etc. Summary information about your data series.

  • UK: Mileage Allowance Payments (MAP)
    UK: Mileage Allowance Payments in UK

    Calculator for mileage expenses (bussiness use of own car in UK). It calculates the "approved amount" that can be claimed tax-free by an employee for using their own car as business travel expenses.

  • Polish salary #4 (self-employment)
    self-emplyment in Poland↔B2B

    The take-home amount calculator for B2B (Business to business, invoice based) contract. If you work (or going to work) as contractor in Poland, then this calculator helps you to calculate how much you will earn as self-employed.

  • Stop watch
    Stopwatch online↔timer↔time measure

    The stop watch online. Simply start the timer and catch your events with milisecond precision.

  • Words counter
    words↔characters↔sentences↔paragraphs etc.

    Calculator finds out the number of words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, keywords density etc. in a given text.

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