Lived years, months and days calculator
Calculator computes the number of years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds, which have passed since your date of birth. In other words, it calculates how long you live.

Inputs data - Your date of birth#

Your date of birth
End date (inclusive)

Results - Your age at the end date#

Your date of birth1994-07-22 (Friday)
End date2024-07-22 (Monday)
Time you already lived before end date
30 years.
360 months.
10958 days.
262992 hours.
15779520 minutes.
946771200 seconds.
1565 weeks and 3 days.

What else we can calculate from your date of birth#

Your zodiac sign♋ cancer
Your tree in Celtic horoscopeElm
Your bird horoscope signWoodpecker
Your body part in Moroccan horoscopeHearth
Your number in Japanese horoscopeSeven
Your card in Gypsy horoscopeTen diamonds (10 ♦)
Your flower in flower horoscopeHydrangea
Your fruit in Roman horoscopeOlive
Time to your birthday
Time to your birthdayIt is today! Happy birthday!
You slept until the end date
about 87664 hours
about 3652.67 days
about 521.81 weeks
about 121.76 months
about 10.15 years
about 33.33% of life

Some facts#

  • The average human life time is different in different regions of the world. The differences are determined mainly by access to health care and food.
  • Human life expectancy ranges from... we know, but we will not tell, because we have an aversion to this topic. If you really want to know visit one of the external links.
  • The lifetime of animals is very diverse. The average life time of popular animals are summarized in the following table (source:

    mouse: 2-4 years
    rat: 2-4 years
    worker ant: 4 years
    queen bee: 5 years
    sparrow: 8-10 years
    guinea pig: 10-15 years
    skylark: 9-10 years
    canary: 10-12 years
    fox: 10-12 years
    hare: 10-13 years
    rabbit: 10-15 years
    squirrel: 10-18 years
    wolf: 12-15 years
    pheasant: 15-16 years
    roe: 15-16 years
    beaver: 15-20 years
    pike: 15-20 years
    dove: 15-20 years
    boar: 18-20 years
    swan: 18-20 years
    tiger: 19-26 years
    hart: 20-23 years
    moose: 20-25 years
    carp: 20-30 years
    emperor penguin: 20-40 years
    donkey: 25-30 years
    lion: 26-30 years
    seagull: 30-35 years
    the cane toad: 30-40 years
    flaming: 30-50 years
    white stork: 35-39 years
    bear: 35-40 years
    rhino: 40-50 years
    orangutan: 45-50 years
    owl: 60-70 years
    ostrich: 60-70 years
    eagle: 60-80 years
    elephant: 70-80 years
    cockatoo and parrot ararauna: 75-100 years
    crocodile: 90-100 years
    vulture: 90-100 years
    sturgeon: 80-100 years
    a giant tortoise: 150-200 years

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What is the meaning of each calculator field ?#

  • Your date of birth - it is simply the date, when you were born. It is a base for all further calculactions.
  • End date - it is the date when calculations are stopped. It is set to current time as default.
  • Time you already lived before end date - it is a total time from your birth to selected end date calculated in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. In other words it is your age at end date moment.

  • Your zodiac sign - it is astrological zodiac sign assigned to your date of birth.
  • Time to your birthday - it is number of monts, days, hours, minutes and seconds left to your next birthday. This field is computed basing on date of birth, which you entered in the form.
  • You slept until the end date - this fields shows how much time have you aproximately spent slepping until end date. In other words it is the sum of slept hours from your birth to end date.

See also#

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