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In this category you'll find calculators related to mathematic (math). Here you'll find tool allowing you to perform columnar addition on computer screen, see how to add two fractions or learn how to use law of sines to find missing angles in the triangle.
  • Prime number
    is prime, factors, closest prime

    Prime numbers and factors online calculator (really fast). Give it an integer number, and you got the answers: Is the number prime? If not, what are prime factors? What are results of dividing by prime factors ? What is next/previous prime number ? All of those questions answered here. Used computation method makes this prime number calculator one of the fastest in the web.

  • GCD
    Greatest Common Divisor

    Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) calculator - solves GCD for given numbers, but also displays prime dividers (in a school-like way). So, you know how the solution is found. It can find the GCD for 3 numbers too !

  • LCM
    Least Common Multiple

    Least Common Multiple (LCM) calculator - finds LCM for up to three given numbers and shows process of dividing by primes as for school-like interpretation.

  • Percentage
    Typical percentage calculations

    Calculator finds solutions to common percentage problems. It's done in easy way: more like stories and everyday situations, less like math language.

  • Multiplication table
    Simple multiplication table

    Multiplication table with changable size

  • Calculator to add numbers. It displays the sum of any given numbers. It also displays columnar addition of these numbers, the carrying (regrouping), partial sums etc. Can be useful for primary school students (learning how to do columnar addition), for financial operations (can be set up to display dollar/cent format) and... for any other addition related purpose.

  • Fractions
    reducing, simplifying, extending

    Fraction explorer - it displays info related to given fraction. Simply enter a fraction and get equal proper fraction, improper (top-heavy) fraction and simplified fraction. Displays also numerator and denominator factors.

  • Fractions: adding and subtracting step by step
    Operations on fractions performed step-by-step

    Calculator shows how to add or subtract two fractions step by step. Simply enter two fractions, select add or subtract and get list of all partial steps needed to compute result. Train your math with calculla!

  • Fractions: 4 operations
    adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing

    Calculations on fractions - it performs operations on two given fractions. Simply enter two fractions and get them added, subtracted, multiplied and divided by each other. You will get sum, difference, product and quotient of these two.

  • Fractions: inverse (reciprocal)
    inverting fractions (numbers) step by step

    Calculator finds multiplicative inverse of given fraction or number.

  • Fractions: compare
    Are those two fractions equal? Which fraction is greater (smaller) ?

    Calculator compares two fractions and tells you if they are equal or different. If given fractions are different, the calculator will let you know which one is greater, which one is smaller and what is the difference between them.

  • Numbers: min-max
    Find maximum and minimum value from list of numbers.

    Calculator finds maximum and minimum from the list of numbers. Find min/max values.

  • Numbers: average & median
    Compute average and median of given numbers.

    Calculator computes average and median values from the list of numbers. Find average and median.

  • Numbers: statistics
    Common statistic values↔average↔median↔minimum↔maximum etc.

    Calculator accepts list of numbers and displays common statistics about them: average (mean), median, minimum, maximum etc. Summary information about your data series.

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