Days remaining to holidays calculator
Calculator computes how many days (hours, minutes, seconds) remaining to all coming holidays within next year. It can disable Saturdays, Sundays and also national holidays specific to country or area.

Input date and extra filters

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List of upcomming holidays

DateNearest public holidayTime left
2019-05-27 (Monday)Bank Holiday
4 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
115 hours and 58 minutes.
6958 minutes.
417480 seconds.
2019-08-26 (Monday)Bank Holiday
3 months, 3 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
95 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
2299 hours and 58 minutes.
137998 minutes.
8279880 seconds.
2019-12-25 (Wednesday)Christmas
7 months, 2 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
216 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
5203 hours and 58 minutes.
312238 minutes.
18734280 seconds.
2019-12-26 (Thursday)Boxing Day
7 months, 3 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
217 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
5227 hours and 58 minutes.
313678 minutes.
18820680 seconds.
2020-01-01 (Wednesday)New year
7 months, 9 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
223 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
5371 hours and 58 minutes.
322318 minutes.
19339080 seconds.
2020-04-10 (Friday)Good Friday
10 months, 18 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
323 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
7771 hours and 58 minutes.
466318 minutes.
27979080 seconds.
2020-04-12 (Sunday)Easter
10 months, 20 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
325 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
7819 hours and 58 minutes.
469198 minutes.
28151880 seconds.
2020-04-13 (Monday)Easter Monday
10 months, 21 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
326 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
7843 hours and 58 minutes.
470638 minutes.
28238280 seconds.
2020-05-04 (Monday)Bank Holiday
11 months, 11 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
347 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes.
8347 hours and 58 minutes.
500878 minutes.
30052680 seconds.

Some facts

  • ⚠ WARNING! Daylight saving time (DST) applies to some regions of the world. Because of that, in the case of longer time ranges, the result obtained with this calculator may slightly differ from the actual one, as this calculator does not support Daylight saving time computations. Usually the difference between summer (DST) and winter time is no more than one hour (this is the case, for example, in the European Union). We will add the support for DTS to this calculator, if users ask for it - so let us know if you need it please.
  • Christmas is a holiday commemorating - according to traditional Christian beliefs - the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a permanent holiday and falls on December 25.
  • Easter is a moveable feast. During the Council of Nicaea in 325 it was agreed that it will celebrate the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. The specific date is different depending on the year, but is in the range between 22 March and April 25th.

How to use this tool

  • Inputs: Right after opening, this calculator immediately displays valid data. You don't have to enter anything, the current time is used to create first results.
    Of course you can then adjust the "start date" according to your needs.
  • Results: Table below the "start date" shows how much time is left to coming holidays.
  • Optionally, you can exclude saturdays, sundays or other public holidays (non-working days). For this purpose simlpy check related option in the form.
  • If you use holidays excluding, it can be important, where do you live (because there are different holidays in different regions of the world). In this case, select your region from the list.

What is the meaning of each calculator field ?

  • Start date - this is reference date, when we begin to count. This field is set to today as default. However, if you'd like to know how many days remain to Christmas starting from next weekend, then just set your custom date here.
  • Don't include (Saturdays/Sundays/holidays) - you can exclude selected days here. For example if you're interested in numer of working days remaining to Easter, you can exclude all non-working days here i.e. weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and public holidays.
  • Your region - where do you live. Each country/region has its own list of holidays. Calculla will use individual list of holidays proper for the given region.

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