Days remaining to school break calculator
Calculator computes how many days (hours, minutes, seconds) are left to closest coming holidays or the end of school year.

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Time left to winter holidays

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Data up-to-date

We regularly review dates for school holidays. Current database was updated on 2019.03.03. However, if you want to be 100% sure, please check it out on the education system website in your region or ask your teacher.

How to use this tool

  • Select your region and calculla will compute number of days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining to coming school holidays.
  • If you want exclude saturdays, sundays or public holidays, then check related option in form.

What is the meaning of each calculator field ?

  • Start date - it is a date, when calculations will be started from. It is set to today by default. However, if you're interested in number of days remaining to summer holidays beginning - for example - from Easter break, you can enter your own date here.
  • Don't include (Saturdays/Sundays/holidays) - this option allows you to exclude selected days from calculations. For example if you want count only those days when you have to go to school you can exclude weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and public holidays here.
  • Your region - this option is important only if holidays are excluded (see "Don't include" field). Calculla uses this field to adjust list of holidays to place, where you live.

  • Summer holidays in your region begins - this is the first day of summer holidays in your region. In other words this is the first day, when you don't need to go to school.
  • Time duration to summer holidays - this is number of months, days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining to the end of school year.

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