Wedding anniversary calculator
Put in your wedding date and Calculla will show you list of your wedding anniversaries.

Inputs data - when did you marry?#

Your wedding date

Result - oncoming wedding anniversary#

The nearest wedding anniversary
Now is2024-07-22 (Monday)
Your nearest wedding anniversary will be at2025-06-24 (Tuesday)
It will be anniversary number11
It is traditionally calledSteelin United States (USA)in United Kingdom (UK)Steelin Poland
Time to this anniversary
11 months, 1 day, 52 minutes and 14 seconds.
336 days, 52 minutes and 14 seconds.
8064 hours, 52 minutes and 14 seconds.
483892 minutes and 14 seconds.
29033534 seconds.
48 weeks, 1 hour, 52 minutes and 14 seconds.

Other wedding anniversaries#

USA name
UK name
polish name
12015-06-24 (Wednesday)PaperCottonPaper
22016-06-24 (Friday)CottonPaperCotton
32017-06-24 (Saturday)LeatherCrystalLeather
42018-06-24 (Sunday)Linen, SilkFruit, FlowersFruit, Flowers
52019-06-24 (Monday)WoodWoodWood
62020-06-24 (Wednesday)IronSugarSugar, Iron
72021-06-24 (Thursday)Wool, CopperWoollenCopper
82022-06-24 (Friday)BronzeSaltBronze, Plate
92023-06-24 (Saturday)PotteryCopperPottery, General
102024-06-24 (Monday)Tin, AluminiumTinTin, Aluminium
112025-06-24 (Tuesday)Steel-Steel
122026-06-24 (Wednesday)SilkSilkSilk, Linen
132027-06-24 (Thursday)Lace-Lace
142028-06-24 (Saturday)Ivory-Ivory
152029-06-24 (Sunday)CrystalCrystalCrystal, Glass
202034-06-24 (Saturday)ChinaChinaChina
242038-06-24 (Thursday)Opal--
252039-06-24 (Friday)SilverSilverSilver
302044-06-24 (Friday)PearlPearlPearl
352049-06-24 (Thursday)Coral, JadeCoralCoral
402054-06-24 (Wednesday)RubyRubyRuby
452059-06-24 (Tuesday)SapphireSapphireSapphire
502064-06-24 (Tuesday)GoldGoldGold
552069-06-24 (Monday)EmeraldEmeraldEmerald, Platinium
602074-06-24 (Sunday)DiamondDiamondDiamond
652079-06-24 (Saturday)-Blue sapphireIron
702084-06-24 (Saturday)-PlatinumStone
752089-06-24 (Friday)Diamond, GoldDiamond, GoldBrillant
802094-06-24 (Thursday)-OakOak
852099-06-24 (Wednesday)MoonstoneWine-
902104-06-24 (Tuesday)-Stone-

Some facts#

  • ⚠ WARNING! Daylight saving time (DST) applies to some regions of the world. Because of that, in the case of longer time ranges, the result obtained with this calculator may slightly differ from the actual one, as this calculator does not support Daylight saving time computations. Usually the difference between summer (DST) and winter time is no more than one hour (this is the case, for example, in the European Union). We will add the support for DTS to this calculator, if users ask for it - so let us know if you need it please.
  • Traditional wedding anniversary names are not standarized over the world. It means, that people use different names in different world region adjusted to given country. For example eighth wedding anniversary is called bronze by Americans, salt by British and plate by Polish.
  • In some countries, marriages which live together for very long time, can be rewarded by state. For example, in Poland, there is special medal for "50 years together" (Medal for Long Marital Life).

How to use this tool#

  • Simply enter your wedding date in form below and Calculla will show you how many time remains to your next wedding anniversary. Moreover, additional result table on the bottom shows list of all common anniversaries with their traditional names (for example golden, paper or diamond wedding). This table contains traditional names used in United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK) and Poland.

What is the meaning of each calculator field ?#

  • Your wedding date - this is a day, when you got or going to get married. It is a base to all further calculations.
  • Your nearest wedding anniversary will be at - this is a date, when your next weding anniversary will occurs.
  • It is anniversary number - this is a number of years you living together at next anniversary day.
  • It is traditionally called - this is traditional anniversary name in different region of the world. For example first wedding anniversary is called paper in USA or Poland and cotton in UK.
  • Time to this anniversary - this is number of months, days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining to your next wedding anniversary.

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