TeX commands table (cheatsheet)
Common TeX (and TeX based systems such as LaTeX, KaTeX, MathJax etc.) commands grouped in one place. Quick TeX cheatsheet/crib helpful while writing any scientific text containing math formulas like mathematical or physical publications.


TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show sourceaa'
Show sourceaˋ\grave{a}
Show sourceAB\overleftarrow{AB}
Show sourceAB\overrightarrow{AB}
Show sourceaa''
Show sourceθ^\hat{\theta}
Show sourceAB\underleftarrow{AB}
Show sourceAB\underrightarrow{AB}
Show sourceaa^{\prime}
Show sourceac^\widehat{ac}
Show sourceAB\overleftrightarrow{AB}
Show sourceAB\overbrace{AB}
Show sourceaˊ\acute{a}
Show sourceg˚\mathring{g}
Show sourceAB\underleftrightarrow{AB}
Show sourceAB\underbrace{AB}
Show sourceyˉ\bar{y}
Show sourcea~\tilde{a}
Show sourceAB\overgroup{AB}
Show sourceABundefined\overlinesegment{AB}
Show sourcea˘\breve{a}
Show sourceac~\widetilde{ac}
Show sourceAB\undergroup{AB}
Show sourceABundefined\underlinesegment{AB}
Show sourceaˇ\check{a}
Show sourceF\vec{F}
Show sourceac\overleftharpoon{ac}
Show sourceac\overrightharpoon{ac}
Show sourcea˙\dot{a}
Show sourceAB\overline{AB}
Show sourceAB\Overrightarrow{AB}
Show sourceAB~\utilde{AB}
Show sourcea¨\ddot{a}
Show sourceAB\underline{AB}


TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show source(x)(x)
\lgroup x \rgroup
Show sourcex\lgroup x \rgroup
\lceil x \rceil
Show sourcex\lceil x \rceil
Show source\uparrow
Show source[x][x]
\lbrack x \rbrack
Show source[x]\lbrack x \rbrack
\lfloor x \rfloor
Show sourcex\lfloor x \rfloor
Show source\downarrow
Show source{x}\{x\}
\lbrace x \rbrace
Show source{x}\lbrace x \rbrace
\lmoustache x \rmoustache
Show sourcex\lmoustache x \rmoustache
Show source\updownarrow
Show source<x><x>
\langle x \rangle
Show sourcex\langle x \rangle
\lt x \gt
Show source<x>\lt x \gt
Show source\Uparrow
Show source|
Show source\vert
\ulcorner x \urcorner
Show sourcex\ulcorner x \urcorner
Show source\Downarrow
Show source\|
Show source\Vert
\llcorner x \lrcorner
Show sourcex\llcorner x \lrcorner
Show source\Updownarrow
\lvert x \rvert
Show sourcex\lvert x \rvert
\lVert x \rVert
Show sourcex\lVert x \rVert
Show source\\backslash

Environments (matrixes, equations, etc.)#

TeX\TeX codeResult preview
   a & b \\
   c & d
Show sourceabcd\begin{matrix} a & b \\ c & d \end{matrix}
   a & b \\
   c & d
Show sourceabcd\begin{array}{c|c} a & b \\ c & d \end{array}
   a&=b+c \\
Show sourcea=b+cd+e=f\begin{aligned} a&=b+c \\ d+e&=f \end{aligned}
   a & b \\
   c & d
Show source(abcd)\begin{pmatrix} a & b \\ c & d \end{pmatrix}
   a & b \\
   c & d
Show source[abcd]\begin{bmatrix} a & b \\ c & d \end{bmatrix}
   10&x+ &3&y = 2 \\
    3&x+&13&y = 4
Show source10x+3y=23x+13y=4\begin{alignedat}{2} 10&x+ &3&y = 2 \\ 3&x+&13&y = 4 \end{alignedat}
   a & b \\
   c & d
Show sourceabcd\begin{vmatrix} a & b \\ c & d \end{vmatrix}
   a & b \\
   c & d
Show sourceabcd\begin{Vmatrix} a & b \\ c & d \end{Vmatrix}
   a=b \\
Show sourcea=be=b+c\begin{gathered} a=b \\ e=b+c \end{gathered}
   a & b \\
   c & d
Show source{abcd}\begin{Bmatrix} a & b \\ c & d \end{Bmatrix}
x = \begin{cases}
   a &\text{if } b \\
   c &\text{if } d
Show sourcex={aif bcif dx = \begin{cases} a &\text{if } b \\ c &\text{if } d \end{cases}


TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show source5\cancel{5}
Show source5\bcancel{5}
Show sourceABC\xcancel{ABC}
Show sourceabc\sout{abc}
\not =
Show source\not =
Show sourcea+b+cnote\overbrace{a+b+c}^{\text{note}}
Show sourcea+b+cnote\underbrace{a+b+c}_{\text{note}}
\boxed{\pi=\frac c d}
Show sourceπ=cd\boxed{\pi=\frac c d}


TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show source=/{=}\mathllap{/\,}
Show source(x2)\left(x^{\smash{2}}\right)
Show source/=\mathrlap{\,/}{=}
Show sourcey\sqrt{\smash[b]{y}}
\sum_{\mathclap{1\le i\le j\le n}} x_{ij}
Show source1ijnxij\sum_{\mathclap{1\le i\le j\le n}} x_{ij}

Vertical layout#

TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show sourcexnx_n
Show source=!\stackrel{!}{=}
a \atop b
Show sourceaba \atop b
Show sourceexe^x
Show source=!\overset{!}{=}
Show sourceabca\raisebox{0.25em}{b}c
Show sourceuo_u^o
Show source=!\underset{!}{=}

Logic and set theory#

TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show source\forall
Show source\complement
Show source\therefore
Show source¬\neg
Show source¬\lnot
Show source\exists
Show source\subset
Show source\because
Show source\emptyset
Show source\varnothing
Show source\nexists
Show source\supset
Show source\mapsto
Show source\in
Show source\mid
Show source\to
Show source    \implies
Show source\notin
Show source\land
Show source\gets
Show source    \impliedby
Show source\ni
Show source\lor
Show source\leftrightarrow
Show source    \iff
Show source\notni

Big operators#

TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show source\sum
Show source\prod
Show source\bigvee
Show source\bigotimes
Show source\int
Show source\coprod
Show source\bigwedge
Show source\bigoplus
Show source\iint
Show source\intop
Show source\bigcap
Show source\bigodot
Show source\iiint
Show source\smallint
Show source\bigcup
Show source\biguplus
Show source\oint
Show source\bigsqcup

Binary operators#

TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show source++
Show source\cdot
Show source\gtrdot
x \pmod a
Show sourcex(moda)x \pmod a
Show source-
Show source\cdotp
Show source\intercal
Show source\land
Show source//
Show source\centerdot
Show source\centerdot
Show source\rhd
Show source*
Show source\circ
Show source\leftthreetimes
Show source\rightthreetimes
Show source⨿\amalg
Show source\circledast
Show source.\ldotp
Show source\rtimes
Show source&\And
Show source\circledcirc
Show source\lor
Show source\setminus
Show source\ast
Show source\circleddash
Show source\lessdot
Show source\smallsetminus
Show source\barwedge
Show source\Cup
Show source\lhd
Show source\sqcap
Show source\bigcirc
Show source\cup
Show source\ltimes
Show source\sqcup
Show sourcemod\bmod
Show source\curlyvee
x \pod a
Show sourcex(a)x \pod a
Show source×\times
Show source\boxdot
Show source\curlywedge
Show source\mp
Show source\unlhd
Show source\boxminus
Show source÷\div
Show source\odot
Show source\unrhd
Show source\boxplus
Show source\divideontimes
Show source\ominus
Show source\uplus
Show source\boxtimes
Show source\dotplus
Show source\oplus
Show source\vee
Show source\bullet
Show source\doublebarwedge
Show source\otimes
Show source\veebar
Show source\Cap
Show source\doublecap
Show source\oslash
Show source\wedge
Show source\cap
Show source\doublecup
Show source±\pm
Show source\wr

Binomial coefficients#

TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show source(nk)\binom{n}{k}
Show source(nk)\dbinom{n}{k}
\left\langle n \atop k \right\rangle
Show sourcenk\left\langle n \atop k \right\rangle
Show source(nk){n}\choose{k}
Show source(nk)\tbinom{n}{k}


TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show sourceab\frac{a}{b}
Show sourceab\dfrac{a}{b}
Show sourcea/b{a}/{b}
Show sourceab{a}\over{b}
Show sourceab\tfrac{a}{b}

Math operators#

TeX\TeX codeResult preview
\operatorname{asin} x
Show sourceasinx\operatorname{asin} x
Show sourcearcsin\arcsin
Show sourcecotg\cotg
Show sourceln\ln
Show sourcedet\det
Show sourcearccos\arccos
Show sourcecoth\coth
Show sourcelog\log
Show sourcegcd\gcd
Show sourcearctan\arctan
Show sourcecsc\csc
Show sourcesec\sec
Show sourceinf\inf
Show sourcearctg\arctg
Show sourcectg\ctg
Show sourcesin\sin
Show sourcelim\lim
Show sourcearcctg\arcctg
Show sourcecth\cth
Show sourcesinh\sinh
Show sourcelim inf\liminf
Show sourcearg\arg
Show sourcedeg\deg
Show sourcesh\sh
Show sourcelim sup\limsup
Show sourcech\ch
Show sourcedim\dim
Show sourcetan\tan
Show sourcemax\max
Show sourcecos\cos
Show sourceexp\exp
Show sourcetanh\tanh
Show sourcemin\min
Show sourcecosec\cosec
Show sourcehom\hom
Show sourcetg\tg
Show sourcePr\Pr
Show sourcecosh\cosh
Show sourceker\ker
Show sourceth\th
Show sourcesup\sup
Show sourcecot\cot
Show sourcelg\lg

Sqrt and power#

TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show sourcex\sqrt{x}
Show sourcex3\sqrt[3]{x}
Show sourceaxa^x


TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show source=!\stackrel{!}{=}
Show source==
Show source<<
Show source>>
Show source::
Show source\curlyeqsucc
Show source\gtrapprox
Show source\perp
Show source\succapprox
Show source\dashv
Show source\gtreqless
Show source\pitchfork
Show source\succcurlyeq
Show source\dblcolon
Show source\dblcolon
Show source\gtreqqless
Show source\prec
Show source\succeq
Show source\doteq
Show source\gtrless
Show source\precapprox
Show source\succsim
Show source\approx
Show source\Doteq
Show source\gtrsim
Show source\preccurlyeq
Show source\Supset
Show source\approxeq
Show source\doteqdot
Show source\in
Show source\preceq
Show source\supset
Show source\asymp
Show source\eqcirc
Show source\Join
Show source\precsim
Show source\supseteq
Show source\backepsilon
Show source\eqcolon
Show source\le
Show source\propto
Show source\supseteqq
Show source\backsim
Show source\Eqcolon
Show source\leq
Show source\risingdotseq
Show source\thickapprox
Show source\backsimeq
Show source\eqqcolon
Show source\leqq
Show source\shortmid
Show source\thicksim
Show source\between
Show source=\Eqqcolon
Show source\leqslant
Show source\shortparallel
Show source\trianglelefteq
Show source\bowtie
Show source\eqsim
Show source\lessapprox
Show source\sim
Show source\triangleq
Show source\bumpeq
Show source\eqslantgtr
Show source\lesseqgtr
Show source\simeq
Show source\trianglerighteq
Show source\Bumpeq
Show source\eqslantless
Show source\lesseqqgtr
Show source\smallfrown
Show source\varpropto
Show source\circeq
Show source\equiv
Show source\lessgtr
Show source\smallsmile
Show source\vartriangle
Show source:\colonapprox
Show source\fallingdotseq
Show source\lesssim
Show source\smile
Show source\vartriangleleft
Show source\Colonapprox
Show source\frown
Show source\ll
Show source\sqsubset
Show source\vartriangleright
Show source:\coloneq
Show source\ge
Show source\lll
Show source\sqsubseteq
Show source:\vcentcolon
Show source\Coloneq
Show source\geq
Show source\llless
Show source\sqsupset
Show source\vdash
Show source\coloneqq
Show source\geqq
Show source<\lt
Show source\sqsupseteq
Show source\vDash
Show source=\Coloneqq
Show source\geqslant
Show source\mid
Show source\Subset
Show source\Vdash
Show source:\colonsim
Show source\gg
Show source\models
Show source\subset
Show source\Vvdash
Show source\Colonsim
Show source\ggg
Show source\multimap
Show source\subseteq
Show source\cong
Show source\gggtr
Show source\owns
Show source\subseteqq
Show source\curlyeqprec
Show source>\gt
Show source\parallel
Show source\succ

Negated relations#

TeX\TeX codeResult preview
\not =
Show source\not =
Show source\gnapprox
Show source\ngeqslant
Show source\nsubseteq
Show source\precneqq
Show source\gneq
Show source\ngtr
Show source\nsubseteqq
Show source\precnsim
Show source\gneqq
Show source\nleq
Show source\nsucc
Show source\subsetneq
Show source\gnsim
Show source\nleqq
Show source\nsucceq
Show source\subsetneqq
Show source\gvertneqq
Show source\nleqslant
Show source\nsupseteq
Show source\succnapprox
Show source\lnapprox
Show source\nless
Show source\nsupseteqq
Show source\succneqq
Show source\lneq
Show source\nmid
Show source\ntriangleleft
Show source\succnsim
Show source\lneqq
Show source\notin
Show source\ntrianglelefteq
Show source\supsetneq
Show source\lnsim
Show source\notni
Show source\notni
Show source\ntriangleright
Show source\lvertneqq
Show source\nparallel
Show source\ntrianglerighteq
Show source\varsubsetneq
Show source\ncong
Show source\nprec
Show source\nvdash
Show source\varsubsetneqq
Show source\ne
Show source\npreceq
Show source\nvDash
Show source\varsupsetneq
Show source\neq
Show source\nshortmid
Show source\nVDash
Show source\varsupsetneqq
Show source\ngeq
Show source\nshortparallel
Show source\nVdash
Show source\supsetneqq
Show source\ngeqq
Show source\nsim
Show source\precnapprox


TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show source\circlearrowleft
Show source\Leftarrow
Show source\looparrowright
Show source\rightrightarrows
Show source\circlearrowright
Show source\leftarrowtail
Show source\Lsh
Show source\rightsquigarrow
Show source\curvearrowleft
Show source\leftharpoondown
Show source\mapsto
Show source\Rrightarrow
Show source\curvearrowright
Show source\leftharpoonup
Show source\nearrow
Show source\Rsh
Show source\dashleftarrow
Show source\leftleftarrows
Show source\nleftarrow
Show source\searrow
Show source\dashrightarrow
Show source\leftrightarrow
Show source\nLeftarrow
Show source\swarrow
Show source\downarrow
Show source\Leftrightarrow
Show source\nleftrightarrow
Show source\to
Show source\Downarrow
Show source\leftrightarrows
Show source\nLeftrightarrow
Show source\twoheadleftarrow
Show source\downdownarrows
Show source\leftrightharpoons
Show source\nrightarrow
Show source\twoheadrightarrow
Show source\downharpoonleft
Show source\leftrightsquigarrow
Show source\nRightarrow
Show source\uparrow
Show source\downharpoonright
Show source\Lleftarrow
Show source\nwarrow
Show source\Uparrow
Show source\gets
Show source\longleftarrow
Show source\restriction
Show source\updownarrow
Show source\hookleftarrow
Show source\Longleftarrow
Show source\rightarrow
Show source\Updownarrow
Show source\hookrightarrow
Show source\longleftrightarrow
Show source\Rightarrow
Show source\upharpoonleft
Show source    \iff
Show source\Longleftrightarrow
Show source\rightarrowtail
Show source\upharpoonright
Show source    \impliedby
Show source\longmapsto
Show source\rightharpoondown
Show source\upuparrows
Show source    \implies
Show source\longrightarrow
Show source\rightharpoonup
Show source\leadsto
Show source\Longrightarrow
Show source\rightleftarrows
Show source\leftarrow
Show source\looparrowleft
Show source\rightleftharpoons

Extensible arrows#

TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show sourceover\xrightarrow{over}
Show sourceabc\xRightarrow{abc}
Show sourceabc\xrightharpoonup{abc}
Show sourceunderover\xrightarrow[under]{over}
Show sourceabc\xmapsto{abc}
Show sourceabc\xrightharpoondown{abc}
Show sourceabc\xleftarrow{abc}
Show sourceabc\xLeftarrow{abc}
Show sourceabc\xleftharpoonup{abc}
Show sourceabc\xleftrightarrow{abc}
Show sourceabc\xLeftrightarrow{abc}
Show sourceabc\xleftharpoondown{abc}
Show sourceabc\xhookleftarrow{abc}
Show sourceabc\xhookrightarrow{abc}
Show sourceabc\xrightleftharpoons{abc}
Show sourceabc\xtwoheadrightarrow{abc}
Show source=abc\xlongequal{abc}
Show sourceabc\xleftrightharpoons{abc}
Show sourceabc\xtwoheadleftarrow{abc}
Show sourceabc\xtofrom{abc}

Symbols and punctuation#

TeX\TeX codeResult preview
Show source\Box
Show source\dots
Show source\checkmark
Show source\square
Show source\cdots
Show source\dag
Show source#\#
Show source\blacksquare
Show source\ddots
Show source\dagger
Show source&\&
Show source\triangle
Show source\ldots
Show source_\_
Show source\triangledown
Show source\vdots
Show source\ddag
Show source\triangleleft
Show source\mathellipsis
Show source\ddagger
Show source\triangleright
Show source\bigtriangledown
Show source\flat
Show source$\$
Show source\bigtriangleup
Show source\natural
Show source\blacktriangle
Show source\sharp
Show source£\pounds
Show source'
Show source`
Show source\blacktriangledown
Show source®\circledR
Show source\blacktriangleleft
Show source\circledS
Show source¥\yen
Show source\text{\lq}
Show source\blacktriangleright
Show source\clubsuit
Show source\surd
Show source\diamond
Show source\diamondsuit
Show source°\degree
Show source\text{\rq}
Show source\Diamond
Show source\heartsuit
Show source\diagdown
Show source\lozenge
Show source\spadesuit
Show source\diagup
Show source\blacklozenge
Show source\angle
Show source\mho
Show source\star
Show source\measuredangle
Show source\maltese
Show source ⁣:\colon
Show source\bigstar
Show source\sphericalangle
Show source\text{\P}
Show source\backprime
Show source\top
Show source§\text{\S}
Show source\prime
Show source\bot
Show source\nabla
Show source\infty

Some facts#

  • TeX\TeX is a computer typesetting system.
  • Unlike most popular systems (such as MS Word or Open Writer), TeX\TeX doesn't implement the WYSYWIG idea ("what you see is what you get"). This means that in order to see how the final document looks like, we first need to perform compilation process.
  • When we want to create a TeX\TeX document we need to write a source code in special language. This fact is often regarded as a significant disadvantage in relation to systems based on the WYSYWIG idea. On the other hand, TeX\TeX followers say, that it gives more reproducible results, because the compilation process of once written source code is more predictable than visual systems.
  • TeX\TeX is often used to create sciencific texts, which contain complex math formulas in the field of physics, mathematics or technical sciences.
  • The creator of the TeX\TeX is Donald E. Knuth, an American mathematician and computer scientist. Legend says, that the main motivation was the fact that Knuth was not satisfied with the contemporary appearance of his publication.

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