Chinese zodiac and elementals signs table
Table shows signs and zodiac elementals used in Chinese zodiac.

Chinese zodiac signs#

Birth date fromBirth date toChinese zodiac signChinese elemental
1897-02-021898-01-21rooster丁 Yin Fire
1898-01-221899-02-09dog戊 Yang Earth
1899-02-101900-01-30pig己 Yin Earth
1900-01-311901-02-18rat庚 Yang Metal
1901-02-191902-02-07ox辛 Yin Metal
1902-02-081903-01-28tiger壬 Yang Water
1903-01-291904-02-15rabbit癸 Yin Water
1904-02-161905-02-03dragon甲 Yang Wood
1905-02-041906-01-24snake乙 Yin Wood
1906-01-251907-02-12horse丙 Yang Fire
1907-02-131908-02-01sheep丁 Yin Fire
1908-02-021909-01-21monkey戊 Yang Earth
1909-01-221910-02-09rooster己 Yin Earth
1910-02-101911-01-29dog庚 Yang Metal
1911-01-301912-02-17pig辛 Yin Metal
1912-02-181913-02-05rat壬 Yang Water
1913-02-061914-01-25ox癸 Yin Water
1914-01-261915-02-13tiger甲 Yang Wood
1915-02-141916-02-02rabbit乙 Yin Wood
1916-02-031917-01-22dragon丙 Yang Fire
1917-01-231918-02-10snake丁 Yin Fire
1918-02-111919-01-31horse戊 Yang Earth
1919-02-011920-02-19sheep己 Yin Earth
1920-02-201921-02-07monkey庚 Yang Metal
1921-02-081922-01-27rooster辛 Yin Metal
1922-01-281923-02-15dog壬 Yang Water
1923-02-161924-02-04pig癸 Yin Water
1924-02-051925-01-23rat甲 Yang Wood
1925-01-241926-02-12ox乙 Yin Wood
1926-02-131927-02-01tiger丙 Yang Fire
1927-02-021928-01-21rabbit丁 Yin Fire
1928-01-221929-02-08dragon戊 Yang Earth
1929-02-091930-01-28snake己 Yin Earth
1930-01-291931-02-16horse庚 Yang Metal
1931-02-171932-02-05sheep辛 Yin Metal
1932-02-061933-01-24monkey壬 Yang Water
1933-01-251934-02-13rooster癸 Yin Water
1934-02-141935-02-02dog甲 Yang Wood
1935-02-031936-01-23pig乙 Yin Wood
1936-01-241937-02-10rat丙 Yang Fire
1937-02-111938-01-30ox丁 Yin Fire
1938-01-311939-02-18tiger戊 Yang Earth
1939-02-191940-02-07rabbit己 Yin Earth
1940-02-081941-01-26dragon庚 Yang Metal
1941-01-271942-02-14snake辛 Yin Metal
1942-02-151943-02-04horse壬 Yang Water
1943-02-051944-01-24sheep癸 Yin Water
1944-01-251945-02-12monkey甲 Yang Wood
1945-02-131946-02-01rooster乙 Yin Wood
1946-02-021947-01-21dog丙 Yang Fire
1947-01-221948-02-09pig丁 Yin Fire
1948-02-101949-01-28rat戊 Yang Earth
1949-01-291950-02-16ox己 Yin Earth
1950-02-171951-02-05tiger庚 Yang Metal
1951-02-061952-01-26rabbit辛 Yin Metal
1952-01-271953-02-13dragon壬 Yang Water
1953-02-141954-02-02snake癸 Yin Water
1954-02-031955-01-23horse甲 Yang Wood
1955-01-241956-02-11sheep乙 Yin Wood
1956-02-121957-01-29monkey丙 Yang Fire
1957-01-301958-02-17rooster丁 Yin Fire
1958-02-181959-02-07dog戊 Yang Earth
1959-02-081960-01-27pig己 Yin Earth
1960-01-281961-02-14rat庚 Yang Metal
1961-02-151962-02-04ox辛 Yin Metal
1962-02-051963-01-24tiger壬 Yang Water
1963-01-251964-02-12rabbit癸 Yin Water
1964-02-131965-02-01dragon甲 Yang Wood
1965-02-021966-01-20snake乙 Yin Wood
1966-01-211967-02-08horse丙 Yang Fire
1967-02-091968-01-29sheep丁 Yin Fire
1968-01-301969-02-16monkey戊 Yang Earth
1969-02-171970-02-05rooster己 Yin Earth
1970-02-061971-01-26dog庚 Yang Metal
1971-01-271972-02-14pig辛 Yin Metal
1972-02-151973-02-02rat壬 Yang Water
1973-02-031974-01-22ox癸 Yin Water
1974-01-231975-02-10tiger甲 Yang Wood
1975-02-111976-01-30rabbit乙 Yin Wood
1976-01-311977-02-17dragon丙 Yang Fire
1977-02-181978-02-06snake丁 Yin Fire
1978-02-071979-01-27horse戊 Yang Earth
1979-01-281980-02-15sheep己 Yin Earth
1980-02-161981-02-04monkey庚 Yang Metal
1981-02-051982-01-24rooster辛 Yin Metal
1982-01-251983-02-12dog壬 Yang Water
1983-02-131984-02-01pig癸 Yin Water
1984-02-021985-02-19rat甲 Yang Wood
1985-02-201986-02-08ox乙 Yin Wood
1986-02-091987-01-28tiger丙 Yang Fire
1987-01-291988-02-16rabbit丁 Yin Fire
1988-02-171989-02-05dragon戊 Yang Earth
1989-02-061990-01-26snake己 Yin Earth
1990-01-271991-02-13horse庚 Yang Metal
1991-02-141992-02-03sheep辛 Yin Metal
1992-02-041993-01-22monkey壬 Yang Water
1993-01-231994-02-09rooster癸 Yin Water
1994-02-101995-01-30dog甲 Yang Wood
1995-01-311996-02-18pig乙 Yin Wood
1996-02-191997-02-06rat丙 Yang Fire
1997-02-071998-01-27ox丁 Yin Fire
1998-01-281999-02-15tiger戊 Yang Earth
1999-02-162000-02-04rabbit己 Yin Earth
2000-02-052001-01-23dragon庚 Yang Metal
2001-01-242002-02-11snake辛 Yin Metal
2002-02-122003-01-31horse壬 Yang Water
2003-02-012004-01-21sheep癸 Yin Water
2004-01-222005-02-08monkey甲 Yang Wood
2005-02-092006-01-28rooster乙 Yin Wood
2006-01-292007-02-17dog丙 Yang Fire
2007-02-182008-02-06pig丁 Yin Fire
2008-02-072009-01-25rat戊 Yang Earth
2009-01-262010-02-13ox己 Yin Earth
2010-02-142011-02-02tiger庚 Yang Metal
2011-02-032012-01-22rabbit辛 Yin Metal
2012-01-232013-02-09dragon壬 Yang Water
2013-02-102014-01-30snake癸 Yin Water
2014-01-312015-02-18horse甲 Yang Wood
2015-02-192016-02-07sheep乙 Yin Wood
2016-02-082017-01-27monkey丙 Yang Fire
2017-01-282018-02-15rooster丁 Yin Fire
2018-02-162019-02-04dog戊 Yang Earth
2019-02-052020-01-24pig己 Yin Earth
2020-01-252021-02-11rat庚 Yang Metal
2021-02-122022-01-31ox辛 Yin Metal
2022-02-012023-01-21tiger壬 Yang Water
2023-01-222024-02-09rabbit癸 Yin Water
2024-02-102025-01-28dragon甲 Yang Wood
2025-01-292026-01-16snake乙 Yin Wood
2026-01-172027-02-05horse丙 Yang Fire
2027-02-062028-01-25sheep丁 Yin Fire
2028-01-262029-02-12monkey戊 Yang Earth
2029-02-132030-02-02rooster己 Yin Earth
2030-02-032031-01-22dog庚 Yang Metal
2031-01-232032-02-10pig辛 Yin Metal
2032-02-112033-01-30rat壬 Yang Water
2033-01-312034-02-18ox癸 Yin Water
2034-02-192035-02-07tiger甲 Yang Wood
2035-02-082036-01-27rabbit乙 Yin Wood
2036-01-282037-02-14dragon丙 Yang Fire
2037-02-152038-02-03snake丁 Yin Fire
2038-02-042039-01-23horse戊 Yang Earth
2039-01-242040-02-11sheep己 Yin Earth
2040-02-122041-01-31monkey庚 Yang Metal
2041-02-012042-01-21rooster辛 Yin Metal
2042-01-222043-02-09dog壬 Yang Water


⚠ Note:
Information we used to create this calculator comes from public sources that can be found on the websites.
Please notice, that the mere fact that something can be found in publicly visible sources, does not mean that it is true, verifiable information nor that this information have a scientific basis.
Calculators related to generally understood esotericism (including their principle of operation as well as the legends accumulated around them) are the subject of numerous controversies.
They should therefore be treated not too seriously from the science point of view - more as a form of entertainment or a source of information about existing legends and beliefs.

Some facts#

  • Chinese Zodiac (originally Shēngxiào - 生肖), divides the time in cycles into 12 parts. Each part is identified by one of the following animals:
    • Rat (or Mouse)
    • Ox
    • Tiger
    • Rabbit
    • Dragon
    • Snake
    • Horse
    • Ram (also identified as Goat or Sheep)
    • Monkey
    • Rooster
    • Dog
    • Pig (or Boar)

  • There is also 10 parts cycle - which is identified by:
    • one of 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water
    • the yin or the yang

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