Generator of Nano ID sequences
Calculator generates nano ID sequences with desired length and pool of characters used (alphabet).

Beta version#

This online calculator is currently under heavy development. It may or it may NOT work correctly.
You CAN try to use it. You CAN even get the proper results.
However, please VERIFY all results on your own, as the level of completion of this item is NOT CONFIRMED.
Feel free to send any ideas and comments !

Desired length and alphabet of your nano ID#

Pool of characters, which can be used
Desired lengthcharacters
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Results: Nano ID sequences generated for you#


Some facts#

  • Nano ID is an universal object identifier.
  • Other common names are nano-id or NaN0-1D.
  • Nano ID assumes that the generated strings are globally unique. The uniqueness, however, does not result from the existence of a global database, but from low probability of collision.
  • Nano ID strings are generated randomly. They do not contain any internal structure.
  • By default, the Nano ID string consists of 21 characters. The default character pool is lowercase (a-z), uppercase (A-Z), digits (0-9), underscore (_) and the dash (-).
  • The collision probability of the Nano ID string with standard parameters is similar to that in UUID v4.
  • It is possible to generate Nano ID strings of a different length or using a custom alphabet. In this case, it should be taken into account that shortening the string or using a smaller pool of characters results in a greater probability of collision.

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