Calculators list - CONVERTER
In this category you'll find all kinds of converters. Here you'll convert kilograms to pounds, centimeters to foots or Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit.
  • Length (size)
    30 length units
    kilometer↔mile↔inch etc.

    Length units converter - converts units between kilometers, meters, decimeters, angstroms, miles, feet, inches, american/imperial units, nautical (sea) units and astronomical units

  • Mass (weight)
    30 mass units
    ton↔kilogram↔pound↔ounce etc.

    Mass (weight) units converter - converts units between metric (tons, kilograms, etc.), Avoirdupois/US (pounds, ounces) and troy systems

  • Speed (velocity)
    20 speed units
    km/h↔mph↔ips↔kn etc.

    Speed (velocity) units converter - converts units between metric (kilometres per hour, meters per second and many more), british-american (miles per hour, foot per second and many more), nautical (knots) and some other (machs, speed of light etc.)

  • Volume (capacity)
    110 volume units
    cubic meter↔litre↔gallon↔quart etc.

    Converter of volume units (also capacity units). Supports 110+ different units used over the world. Gallons, litres, cubic meters, pints, barrels and 100+ other !

  • Data storage
    30 data amount units
    byte↔bit↔nibble↔words etc.

    Data units converter. Converts bits, bytes, megabytes, gigabytes itd. All known units of data in two different bases: 1000 and 1024. This calculator handles some less known data units: nibbles, octets, pixels (24/48-bit), words, quads, long-words etc.

  • Area
    50 area units
    square metre↔hectar↔square foot etc.

    Area units converter. Converts square meters, square foots, acres, hectars and about 50 other units.

  • Energy
    70 energy units
    calorie↔joule↔kilowatt-hour etc.

    Energy units converter. Converts joules, calories, many physical, british, american and time related units.

  • Cost of area
    Price of land, wall, tiling, etc.

    The cost-of-area calculator. It finds the price for a piece of land/property/flat/floor, a cost of painting the wall, a quantity of seed you need to plant your lawn... The expenditure of anything that depends on area in many different units!

  • Temperature
    Kelvin↔Celsius↔Fahrenheit and more

    Temperature units converter. Easy conversion of Kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit, Rankine and other temperature related (heat) units.

  • ASCII-2-number converter
    converter ASCII hex dec

    The converter of any ASCII or Unicode text to numbers. Allows for many format-related modifications of output. Numbers can be hexadecimal, decimal or binary. Setting separators (commas, linebreaks), dividing numbers to groups (ex. put "enter" after each 4 items) - is also "one-click-easy". Supports windows/linux/mac line-break codes.

  • Power
    Watt↔Megawatt↔Horsepower and more

    Power units converter. This calculator converts between horsepower, wats and over a dozen other power units.

  • Angle
    degree↔rad↔turn and more

    Angle units converter. Converts radians, degrees, turns and many more.

  • Bandwidth
    107 bandwidth units
    KB/s↔MB/s↔Mbps↔ etc.

    Bandwidth units converter. Converts KB/s, Mbps etc. All known units of bandwidth in two different bases: 1000 and 1024.

  • Time: Date and time formats
    Alternative calendars and time formats

    Calculator converts date and time from one format to another. Supports number of calendars (Julian, Islamic, Persian, Indian) and also computer time (UNIX time).

  • Fuel consumption units
    9 fuel consumption units
    miles per gallon↔gallons per 100km etc.

    Fuel consumption units converter. Converts l/100km, miles/gallon and many other british, american and metric based units.

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