Decimal to fraction calculator
Calculator finds out fraction representation of given decimal number e.g. converts 0.25 to 1/4.

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This online calculator is currently under heavy development. It may or it may NOT work correctly.
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However, please VERIFY all results on your own, as the level of completion of this item is NOT CONFIRMED.
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Your number as decimal

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Your number as rational
Improper fraction
Your number in the simplest form
Improper fraction in the simplest form
Fraction in the simplest form
Lowest common multipler (LCM) of numerator and denominator2
Possible approximation
Fraction may approximate your number
Approximation relative error1×10-4%

Some facts#

  • To convert a decimal fraction to a normal fraction we can use the following algorithm:
    • 1. Denominator (number below fraction bar):
      • We are looking for a decimal point in our number.
      • We count how many digits follow the comma (on the right-hand side).
    • We write the number 1, and then add to it as many zeros as digits found after the decimal point in previous step..
      ⓘ Example: We want to convert the number 1.25 to a fraction. We found, that there are two digits after decimal point (2 and 5).
      The denominator of our fraction is one following by two zeros:
      1.25=numeratordenominator=...1001.25 = \frac{\text{numerator}}{\text{denominator}} = \frac{...}{100}
  • 2. Numerator (number above the fraction bar) .
    • We remove the decimal point.
    • We write all digits next to each other.
    • Created sequence of digits is the searched numerator.
      ⓘ Example: Again, we want to convert the number 1.25 to a fraction. After removing the comma we get a series of digits: one (1), two (2) and five (5).
      The numerator of our fraction is one hundred twenty five (125), and the whole fraction is one hundred twenty five hundredths:
      1.25=numeratordenominator=1251001.25 = \frac{\text{numerator}}{\text{denominator}} = \frac{125}{100}
  • If you want to find out how you can simlpify your fraction check out our other calculators:

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