Poland: Net/gross earnings calculator
The earnings, taxes and other costs of working as an employee in Poland. The easy conversion between brutto↔netto (tax↔no tax earnings).

Input data#

Tax year and earnings
Year of work
Additional information
Do not include tax-free allowance and costs
(use in the case of an additional agreement, bonus etc.)
Do not calculate ZUS (insurance)
(use if you're employed by another employer, which is already paying at least minimal contributions for you)
Include tax-relief for people before 26 y.o.

Common sense tells#

You earn 3000.00 PLN gross.
After deducting taxes and other levies you take home 2202.72 PLN net.

What's going on with my money#

Gross earnings3000.00PLN
ZUS (insurance)411.30PLN
Health (NFZ)232.98PLN
Advance payment towards income tax153.00PLN
Net earnings ("take-home")2202.72PLN

Some facts#

  • Starting from August 2019, people under 26 y.o. in Poland do not need to pay income tax (PIT).
    In 2019, the tax-relief covers annual revenues up to 35636.67 PLN, and from 2020, this limit will be increased to 85528 ​​PLN. Revenues exceeding the annual limit remain taxed using tax-scale.

What is this for#

This calculator allows to convert gross to net salary quickly - taking into account the typical factors affecting the take-home earnings.

Another feature of this calculator is to work in the reversed direction i.e. find gross salary basing on the net one.

What is the meaning of each calculator field ?#

  • Year of work - select the year of the employment.
    Every year is slightly different. The employment taxation rules and rates in Poland are little bit changing from time to time. Most of the time the changes are just minor adjustments to rates (numbers, factors, percentages). When you select the year of the employment here, the calculator will use the rules and rates for particular year.
    This calculator supports all years from 2007 to 2020 including changes introduced in-the-middle of 2019 tax year and we will update it every year to follow changes of the labour law and tax rates in Poland.
  • Earnings - enter your salary here. You can enter net or gross salary depending on your needs.
  • Additional information - basic information, that have influence on the way how taxes are computed. Simply select fields, which apply to your case.

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