Polish insurance calculator
Online calculator for ZUS payments of a polish worker. For given gross earnings amount it computes all mandatory insurance contributions in Poland. It displays the part paid by the worker and also by the employer. All the values are given as Polish Zlotys and also as percentage.

Tax year and earnings#

Year of work
Gross earnings
Accident insurance%

Paid contributions#

Pension insurance9.76585.609.76585.6019.521171.20
Disability insurance6.5390.001.590.008480.00
Sickness insurance00.002.45147.002.45147.00
Accident insurance1.67100.2000.001.67100.20
Labour Fund (FP)2.45147.0000.002.45147.00
Fund of Guaranteed Employee Benefits (FGŚP)0.16.0000.000.16.00

What is this for#

This calculator is useful when you want to calculate exact distribution of employee's salary components among different social funds in Poland. It also displays employer's costs and total value (employer+employee).

What is the meaning of each calculator field ?#

  • Year of work - select the year of the employment.
    Every year is slightly different. The employment taxation rules and rates in Poland are little bit changing from time to time. Most of the time the changes are just minor adjustments to rates (numbers, factors, percentages). When you select the year of the employment here, the calculator will use the rules and rates for particular year.
    This calculator supports all years from 2007 to 2020 including changes introduced in-the-middle of 2019 tax year and we will update it every year to follow changes of the labour law and tax rates in Poland.
  • Gross earnings - gross (pre-tax) salary agreed in work contract.
  • Accident insurance - employer pays it if:
    • you have employment contract (PL: umowa o pracę),
    • you have job order contract (PL: umowa zlecenie) or contract to perform a specific task (PL: umowa o dzieło) and you work on-site.
    This contribution is computed as a percent of gross earning. Following rules are applied to find proper rate:
    • For a company that claims less than 9 insured workers - the rate is the same for all employees and equals to 50% of the highest rate set for a given contribution year for all occupational groups.
    • For a company that reports at least 10 insured workers - the rate is different for each employee. It's based on the occupational group of the employed person and the tables given by Minister of Labor and Social Policy. The rate can vary from 0.67% to almost 4%. It also depends on the period, when work occurs (the tables change from time to time).
  • If you want to learn more about accident insurance and related benefits in Poland check out our other calculator: [calc id=

See also#

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Nowy Ład 2022 (en: New Deal)#

  • At the beginning of 2022 polish government introduced many changes in the tax system. The package of changes was politically promoted by the then ruling party Law and Justice party (polish: Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, PiS) under the name Nowy Ład (en: New Deal), Polish Ład (en: Polish Order) or sometimes Nowy Polski Ład (en: New Polish Order).
  • The changes introduced from January 1, 2022 include:
    • increasing tax-free amount to 30 000 PLN,
    • raising the tax threshold for persons using general rules to 120 000 PLN,
    • the health insurance contribution for the self-employed is not constant anymore (polish: NFZ) - instead of the flat-fee paid by all entrepreneurs, new health contribution depends on the income earned/revenues and the selected taxation form,
    • because social insurance contributions (polish: ZUS) for the self-employed may vary from month to month, entrepreneurs need to submit a ZUS DRA declaration every month beginning from 2022,
    • persons who pay taxes according to the tax scale can no longer deduct the health insurance contribution from the tax,
    • new lump-sum tax rates were introduced,
    • new entrepreneurs can't use the tax card anymore (the simplest form of taxation),
    • the introduction of the so-called middle class relief aimed to reduce extra cost of increased health insurance for selected social groups.
  • Government said that Nowy Ład simplifies the polish tax system, as well as reduces the effective tax on people earning less at the expense of people with higher income. Jarosław Kaczyński (leader of the then ruling Law and Justice party) in an interview for the Interia portal said in October 2021 that people living with cunning may lose on Nowy Ład. In January 2022, the television presenter Krzysztof Skowroński spoke about 14 million beneficiaries on the polish state-owned channel TVP INFO.
  • In practice, the Nowy Ład introduced many chaotic and unforeseen consequences. In January 2022, Cezary Kaźmierczak (then president of the Association of Private Employers) suggested that Poland may have the worst tax system in the world in terms of complexity from 2022.
  • At the first half of 2022, the government announced further changes, known in terms of marketing as Nowy Ład 2.0 (en: New Deal 2.0). The changes applied from July 1, 2022 include:
    • reduction of the PIT rate to 12%,
    • elimination of the middle class tax relief,
    • persons who pay lump-sum tax, linear tax or tax card may deduct the health insurance contribution from the tax base.

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