Bank account number (IBAN) explorer calculator
Calculator splits given account number (IBAN) into parts such as ISO country code, check digits etc.

Bank account number (IBAN), which youre want to decode#

Bank account number IBAN

What we can read from given IBAN number#

ISO country codeAZ
Country nameAzerbaijan
IBAN check digits for whole number96
Extra national check digits (specific for given region)
National bank code specific to given regionAZEJ
International bank code (BIC)
Bank branch code
Account number itself00000000001234567890
Account type
Owner account number

Some facts#

  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a standardized method of numbering bank accounts.
  • The IBAN standard defines only general scheme allowing validation and recognition of the region where the account is located.
  • Each IBAN number consists of three constant parts:
    • country code - two-letter code defining the region in which the account is located (e.g. PL for accounts in Poland),
    • checksum - two-digit number calculated on the basis of other digits, this part allows checking whether the given IBAN number is correct or not,
    • regional part - this is part specific for a given region, both its length and the meaning of particular digits depend on local standards agreed in a given country (e.g. in Poland this part consists of 24 digits containing the national bank code, branch code, additional checksum digit and internal bank account number).
  • To check if the given IBAN number is correct, the following validation algorithm is used:
    • ignore whitespaces (spaces, tabs),
    • check if the length of the number matches the standard in the given region (basing on the country code),
    • move the first 4 characters to the end of the number,
    • replace letters by two-digit numbers according to the below rule:
      • A → 10,
      • B → 11,
      • C → 12,
      • etc.
    • treat the obtained digits as one number and calculate its remainder of division by 97,
    • IBAN is correct if the remainder of the division is 1, otherwise the number is invalid.

See also#

  • If you are interested in international ISO standards check our other calculators:
    • IBAN codes - unified format of bank account numbers ISO 13616,
    • Country ISO codes - two-letter country ISO 3166-1 and three-letter ISO 3166-2 codes (e.g. us and USA for United States),
    • Currency ISO codes - unified ISO 4217 currency codes ready for international settlements (e.g. USD for american dollar),
    • Paper size - paper sheet size standards: ISO 216, ISO 217 and ISO 269 (e.g. A4 format),
    • ISO 8859-2 (Latin-2) table - obsolete character encoding standard ISO 8859-2 extending ASCII table with local diacritical characters (e.g. in the Polish word łabędź), currently supplanted by UTF-8.

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