List of internet top-level domains
Table shows common list of top-level internet domains such as .com, .net or related to given region such as .pl or .de.

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Top-level regional domains#

DomainCountry flagEntitySupport for non-ASCII names (IDN)Support for Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)Possibility to register second level domain (SLD)Support for IPv6 protocol
.ac Ascension Islandyes yes yes yes
.ad Andorrano datayes yes no data
.ae United Arab Emiratesno datano yes no data
.af Afghanistanno datayes yes no data
.ag Antigua and Barbudano datayes yes no data
.ai Anguillano datano yes no data
.al Albaniano datano yes no data
.am Armeniano yes yes yes
.ao Angolano datano no no data
.aq Antarcticano datayes yes no data
.ar Argentinayes yes yes no data
.as American Samoayes no yes no data
.at Austriayes yes yes yes
.au Australiano yes no yes
.aw Arubano datayes yes no data
.ax Åland Islandsno datayes yes no data
.az Azerbaijanno datayes yes no data
.ba Bosnia and Herzegovinano datayes yes no data
.bb Barbadosno datano yes no data
.bd Bangladeshyes no yes no data
.be Belgiumyes yes yes no data
.bf Burkina Fasono datano yes no data
.bg Bulgariayes yes yes no data
.bh Bahrainno datayes yes no data
.bi Burundino datayes yes no data
.bj Beninno datayes yes no data
.bm Bermudano datayes yes no data
.bn Brunei Darussalamno datayes no no data
.bo Bolivia, Plurinational State ofno datayes yes no data
.br Brazilyes yes no no data
.bs Bahamasno datayes yes no data
.bt Bhutanno datayes no no data
.bw Botswanano datayes yes no data
.by Belarusno datayes yes no data
.bz Belizeno datayes yes no data
.ca Canadano datayes yes no data
.cc Cocos (Keeling) Islandsno datayes yes no data
.cd Congo, the Democratic Republic of theno datano yes no data
.cf Central African Republicno datano yes no data
.cg Congono datano yes no data
.ch Switzerlandyes yes yes no data
.ci Ivory Coastno datano yes no data
.ck Cook Islandsno datano yes no data
.cl Chileyes yes yes yes
.cm Cameroonno datano yes no data
.cn Chinayes yes yes yes
.co Colombiano datayes yes no data
.cr Costa Ricano datayes yes no data
.cu Cubano datano yes no data
.cv Cape Verdeno datano yes no data
.cw Curaçaono datano no no data
.cx Christmas Islandno datayes yes no data
.cy Cyprusno datano no no data
.cz Czechiano yes yes no data
.de Germanyyes yes yes yes
.dj Djiboutino datano yes no data
.dk Denmarkyes yes yes yes
.dm Dominicano datano yes no data
.do Dominican Republicno datano yes no data
.dz Algeriano datano yes no data
.ec Ecuadorno datano yes no data
.ee Estoniayes yes yes no data
.eg Egyptno datano yes no data
.er Eritreano datayes yes no data
.es Spainno datayes yes no data
.et Ethiopiano datano no no data
.eu European Unionyes yes yes yes
.fi Finlandyes yes yes no data
.fj Fijino datano yes no data
.fk Falkland Islands (Malvinas)no datano no no data
.fm Micronesia, Federated States ofno datano yes no data
.fo Faroe Islandsno datayes yes no data
.fr Franceyes yes yes no data
.ga Gabonno datano yes no data
.gd Grenadano datayes yes no data
.ge Georgiano no yes no data
.gf French Guianano datano no datano data
.gg Guernseyno datano yes no data
.gh Ghanano datano no no data
.gi Gibraltarno datayes yes no data
.gl Greenlandno datayes yes no data
.gm Gambiano datano yes no data
.gn Guineano datayes no no data
.gp Guadeloupeno datano yes no data
.gq Equatorial Guineano datano no datano data
.gr Greeceyes yes yes no data
.gs South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islandsno datayes yes no data
.gt Guatemalayes no yes no data
.gu Guamno datano no no data
.gw Guinea-Bissauno datayes yes no data
.gy Guyanano datano yes no data
.hk Hong Kongyes yes yes no data
.hm Heard Island and McDonald Islandsno datano yes no data
.hn Hondurasno datayes yes no data
.hr Croatiano datayes yes no data
.ht Haitiyes no yes no data
.hu Hungaryno datayes yes no data
.id Indonesiayes yes yes no data
.ie Irelandyes yes yes yes
.il Israelyes yes yes no data
.im Isle of Manno datano yes no data
.in Indiayes yes yes yes
.io British Indian Ocean Territoryno datayes yes no data
.iq Iraqno datayes yes no data
.ir Iran, Islamic Republic ofno datayes no yes
.is Icelandyes yes yes no data
.it Italyyes yes yes no data
.je Jerseyno datano yes no data
.jm Jamaicano datano no no data
.jo Jordanno datano yes no data
.jp Japanyes yes yes yes
.ke Kenyano datayes no no data
.kg Kyrgyzstanno datayes yes no data
.kh Cambodiano datano no no data
.ki Kiribatino datayes yes no data
.km Comorosno datano yes no data
.kn Saint Kitts and Nevisno datano yes no data
.kp Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of (North Korea)no datano no no data
.kr Korea, Republic of (South Korea)yes yes yes no data
.kw Kuwaitno datano no no data
.ky Cayman Islandsno datayes yes no data
.kz Kazakhstanno datano yes no data
.la Lao People’s Democratic Republicno datayes yes no data
.lb Lebanonno datayes no no data
.lc Saint Luciano datayes yes no data
.li Liechtensteinyes yes yes no data
.lk Sri Lankayes yes yes no data
.lr Liberiano datano datano no data
.ls Lesothono datano no no data
.lt Lithuaniayes yes yes no data
.lu Luxembourgyes yes yes no data
.lv Latviayes yes yes no data
.ly Libyan Arab Jamahiriyano datano yes no data
.ma Moroccono datano datayes no data
.mc Monacono datano yes no data
.md Moldova, Republic ofno datano yes no data
.me Montenegrono datayes yes no data
.mg Madagascarno datayes yes no data
.mh Marshall Islandsno datano no datano data
.mk Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic ofno datano yes no data
.ml Malino datano yes no data
.mm Myanmarno datayes no no data
.mn Mongoliano datayes yes no data
.mo Macaono datano yes no data
.mp Northern Mariana Islandsno datano yes no data
.mq Martiniqueno datano no no data
.mr Mauritaniano datano yes no data
.ms Montserratno datano yes no data
.mt Maltano datano no no data
.mu Mauritiusno datano yes no data
.mv Maldivesno datano yes no data
.mw Malawino datano yes no data
.mx Mexicono datayes yes no data
.my Malaysiayes no datayes yes
.mz Mozambiqueno datano no no data
.na Namibiano datayes yes no data
.nc New Caledoniano datayes yes no data
.ne Nigerno datano yes no data
.nf Norfolk Islandno datayes yes no data
.ng Nigeriano datano yes no data
.ni Nicaraguano datano no no data
.nl Netherlandsno yes yes no data
.no Norwayyes yes yes no data
.np Nepalno datano no no data
.nr Nauruno datano yes no data
.nu Niueyes yes yes yes
.nz New Zealandno datayes yes no data
.om Omanno datano no no data
.pa Panamano datano no no data
.pe Peruyes yes yes no data
.pf French Polynesiano datano yes no data
.pg Papua New Guineano datano no no data
.ph Philippinesno datano yes no data
.pk Pakistanno datano yes no data
.pl Polandyes yes yes no data
.pm Saint Pierre and Miquelonyes yes no datano data
.pn Pitcairnno datano yes no data
.pr Puerto Ricono datayes yes no data
.ps Palestine, State ofno datano yes no data
.pt Portugalyes yes yes no data
.pw Palauyes yes yes yes
.py Paraguayno datano no no data
.qa Qatarno datano no no data
.re Réunionyes yes yes no data
.ro Romaniayes yes yes yes
.rs Serbiayes no yes yes
.ru Russian Federationno yes yes yes
.rw Rwandano datano yes no data
.sa Saudi Arabiano datayes yes yes
.sb Solomon Islandsno datayes no no data
.sc Seychellesno datayes yes no data
.sd Sudanno datano yes no data
.se Swedenyes yes yes yes
.sg Singaporeno datayes yes no data
.sh Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunhayes yes yes no data
.si Sloveniayes yes yes no data
.sk Slovakiano datayes yes yes
.sl Sierra Leoneno datano yes no data
.sm San Marinono datano yes no data
.sn Senegalno datayes yes no data
.so Somaliano no yes no data
.sr Surinameno datano yes no data
.ss South Sudanno datano datano datano data
.st Sao Tome and Principeno datano yes no data
.su Soviet Unionyes yes yes yes
.sv El Salvadorno datano no no data
.sx Sint Maarten (Dutch part)no datayes no no data
.sy Syrian Arab Republicno datayes yes no data
.sz Eswatinino datano no no data
.tc Turks and Caicos Islandsno datano yes no data
.td Chadno datano yes no data
.tf French Southern Territoriesyes yes yes no data
.tg Togono datano yes no data
.th Thailandyes yes no no data
.tj Tajikistanno datano yes no data
.tk Tokelauno datano yes no data
.tl Timor-Lesteno datayes yes no data
.tm Turkmenistanyes yes yes no data
.tn Tunisiayes yes yes yes
.to Tongayes no yes no data
.tr Turkeyyes no yes yes
.tt Trinidad and Tobagono datayes yes no data
.tv Tuvaluno datayes yes no data
.tw Taiwan (Province of China)yes yes yes no data
.tz Tanzania, United Republic ofno datayes no no data
.ua Ukraineno datayes yes no data
.ug Ugandano datayes yes no data
.uk United Kingdomno datayes yes no data
.us United Statesno datayes yes no data
.uy Uruguayno datayes yes no data
.uz Uzbekistanno datano yes no data
.va Holy See (Vatican City State)no datano no no data
.vc Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesno datano datayes no data
.ve Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofno datano no no data
.vg Virgin Islands, Britishno datano yes no data
.vi Virgin Islands, datano yes no data
.vn Vietnamyes yes yes no data
.vu Vanuatuno datayes yes no data
.wf Wallis and Futunayes yes yes no data
.ws Samoayes yes yes no data
.ye Yemenno datano no no data
.yt Mayotteyes yes yes no data
.za South Africano datayes yes no data
.zm Zambiano datayes yes no data
.zw Zimbabweno datano no no data

Generic top-level domains#

DomainCountry flagEntitySupport for non-ASCII names (IDN)Support for Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)Possibility to register second level domain (SLD)Support for IPv6 protocol
.comCommercialtrueyes yes yes -
.orgNon-profit organizationstrueyes yes yes -
.netNetworktrueyes yes yes -
.intInternational organizationsfalseyes yes yes -
.eduEducational institutionsfalseyes yes yes -
.govU.S national and state government agenciesfalseyes yes yes -
.milU.S. militaryfalseyes yes yes -

Some facts#

  • Domains allow to avoid using hard to remember IP addresses in favor of words that are easily understood by people, e.g.
  • Domains consist of two parts separated by a dot:
    • the proper name - e.g. calculla, this part is created as a result of registration of the chosen name by the concerned entity,
    • ending postfix - e.g. .com, the list of acceptable endings is limited to a fixed pool, so they are not subject to registration.
  • In the early phase of internet era the pool of so-called functional domains was established. It was designed to organize the internet based on the main purpose of the domain. The original list of functional domains is:
    • .com - domains intended for commercial applications,
    • .org - Nonprofit domains
    • .net - domains for computer networks,
    • .int - domains intended for international organizations,
    • .edu - domains intended for scientific institutions,
    • .gov - domains reserved for the US government,
    • .mil - domains reserved for US military use.
  • Currently, the above assigment is conventional, and the original assumptions have blurred. In practice, most domains can be registered by any entity. Only the following domains are still reserved to particular type of entities: .gov, .int and .mil.
  • In addition to functional domains, regional domains were introduced. They were supposed to organize the internet in geographical terms.
  • Regional domains coincide with the two-letter ISO 3166-1 country codes, e.g. ending .pl means Poland, .de Germany, etc. Exceptions to this rule are:
    • .eu - domains designated for the European Union collectively,
    • .uk - domains for UK (uk instead of gb).

What is the meaning of each calculator field ?#

  • domain - simply one of the so-called internet postfixes e.g. .com in the address,
  • assigned entity - for whom, in the creators assumptions, the domain is intended, but most domains can be registered and used without restrictions, and the divisions are only contractual,
  • support for non-ASCII characters - if it is possible to register a domain with international diacritical marks, e.g. łabędź.pl, if you want to learn more about IDN domains and how to code them, you can visit our other calculator: Punycode encoding (IDN)
  • support for DNSSE - if the domain supports DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) increasing security,
  • possibility of registering a second-level domain - if it is possible to register a direct subdomain (e.g., otherwise only third-level domains (e.g. can be registered,
  • support for the IPv6 protocol - if the domains allow to work with version 6 of IP protocol.

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