Central angle in circle calculator
Calculator show relation between two central angles in circle (disk).

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Central angle - values and units#

The first central angle
The second central angle

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Some facts#

  • When we draw two rays from the center of the circle (or disk) containing radius, we get two complementary angles.
  • The angle whose arms have a beginning in the center of the circle and contains its radius is called the central angle.
  • The sum of the central angles in the circle is 360 degrees (2π radians). Sometimes we say that these angles complement each other.
  • When we know one central angle α\alpha, we can calculate the second one:
    β=360α=2πα\beta = 360^{\circ} - \alpha = 2\pi - \alpha
  • The angle whose measure is 360 degrees is called full angle, 180 degrees half-full angle.
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