PL: Effective work cost table
Table shows effective work cost in Poland including all taxes and insurance contribution, which decreases final net sallary ("on-hand"). Both actual and historical data for various employment forms (employment contract, B2B) are presented.

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Real work cost in Poland (archive)#

YearEmployment contractSelf-employment (B2B)
Minimum wage
Average wage
Twice average wages
Minimum wage
Average wage
Twice average wages

Some facts#

  • Money earned by an employee is decreased by various types of taxes or contributions:
    • Total employer cost:
      All money spent by the employer to pay salary for the worker is colloquially called total employer cost. In most tax jurisdictions, total employer cost is not the same as gross salary - it's bigger.
      The total employer cost includes wages, salaries, commisions, employer's part of taxes, social security, health and pension contributions, insurance premiums and other benefits.
    • Gross pay (gross salary):
      The amount agreed between employer and employee is called "gross salary".
      It is the total amount of money an employee receives before taxes and deductions are taken out.
      It's less than total employer cost, as it doesn't include all taxes and benefits paid by employer (look above).
    • Net pay (net salary):
      The amount after deducting all required taxes and contributions is called net sallary or on-hand salary.
  • The amount and the type of paid taxes and contributions depends on both achieved income and form of employment (employment contract, B2B etc.).
  • Total work cost in Poland consists of:
  • *) The above table does not include contributions paid for PPK. If you want to see the cost of participation in the Employee Capital Program, you can check out our other calculator: Polish Employee Capital Plans (PPK).

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