ISO 8859-2 (Latin-2) table
The whole set of ISO 8859-2 (Latin-2) characters. Table shows decimal (DEC), hexadecimal (HEX), octal (OCT) and binary (BIN) indexes, but also HTML entities (in 3 different formats), ANSI-C entities, unicode (HEX, OCT and DEC) and textual descriptors.

ISO 8859-2 (Latin-2) table

dechexoctbinhtmlhtml dechtml hexnameuni-decuni-octuni-hexchardescription
160a024010100000  &160;nbsp160240U+00a0 no-break space
161a124110100001Ą&260;Aogon260404U+0104Ąlatin capital letter A with ogonek
163a324310100011Ł&321;Lstrok321501U+0141Łlatin capital letter L with stroke
164a424410100100¤¤&164;curren164244U+00a4¤currency sign
165a524510100101Ľ&317;Lcaron317475U+013dĽlatin capital letter L with caron
166a624610100110Ś&346;Sacute346532U+015aŚlatin capital letter S with acute
167a724710100111§§&167;sect167247U+00a7§section sign
169a925110101001Š&352;Scaron352540U+0160Šlatin capital letter S with caron
170aa25210101010Ş&350;Scedil350536U+015eŞlatin capital letter S with cedilla
171ab25310101011Ť&356;Tcaron356544U+0164Ťlatin capital letter T with caron
172ac25410101100Ź&377;Zacute377571U+0179Źlatin capital letter Z with acute
173ad25510101101­­&173;shy173255U+00ad­soft hyphen
174ae25610101110Ž&381;Zcaron381575U+017dŽlatin capital letter Z with caron
175af25710101111Ż&379;Zdot379573U+017bŻlatin capital letter Z with dot above
176b026010110000°°&176;deg176260U+00b0°degree sign
177b126110110001ą&261;aogon261405U+0105ąlatin small letter a with ogonek
179b326310110011ł&322;lstrok322502U+0142łlatin small letter l with stroke
180b426410110100´´&180;acute180264U+00b4´acute accent
181b526510110101ľ&318;lcaron318476U+013eľlatin small letter l with caron
182b626610110110ś&347;sacute347533U+015bślatin small letter s with acute
185b927110111001š&353;scaron353541U+0161šlatin small letter s with caron
186ba27210111010ş&351;scedil351537U+015fşlatin small letter s with cedilla
187bb27310111011ť&357;tcaron357545U+0165ťlatin small letter t with caron
188bc27410111100ź&378;zacute378572U+017aźlatin small letter z with acute
189bd27510111101˝&733;dblac7331335U+02dd˝double acute accent
190be27610111110ž&382;zcaron382576U+017ežlatin small letter z with caron
191bf27710111111ż&380;zdot380574U+017cżlatin small letter z with dot above
192c030011000000Ŕ&340;Racute340524U+0154Ŕlatin capital letter R with acute
193c130111000001ÁÁ&193;Aacute193301U+00c1Álatin capital letter A with acute
194c230211000010&Acric;Â&194;Acric194302U+00c2Âlatin capital letter A with circumflex
195c330311000011Ă&258;Abreve258402U+0102Ălatin capital letter A with breve
196c430411000100ÄÄ&196;Auml196304U+00c4Älatin capital letter A with diaeresis
197c530511000101Ĺ&313;Lacute313471U+0139Ĺlatin capital letter L with acute
198c630611000110Ć&262;Cacute262406U+0106Ćlatin capital letter C with acute
199c730711000111ÇÇ&199;Ccedil199307U+00c7Çlatin capital letter C with cedilla
200c831011001000Č&268;Ccaron268414U+010cČlatin capital letter C with caron
201c931111001001ÉÉ&201;Eacute201311U+00c9Élatin capital letter E with acute
202ca31211001010Ę&280;Eogon280430U+0118Ęlatin capital letter E with ogonek
203cb31311001011ËË&203;Euml203313U+00cbËlatin capital letter E with diaeresis
204cc31411001100Ě&282;Ecaron282432U+011aĚlatin capital letter E with caron
205cd31511001101ÍÍ&205;Iacute205315U+00cdÍlatin capital letter I with acute
206ce31611001110ÎÎ&206;Icirc206316U+00ceÎlatin capital letter I with circumflex
207cf31711001111Ď&270;Dcaron270416U+010eĎlatin capital letter D with caron
208d032011010000Đ&272;Dstrok272420U+0110Đlatin capital letter D with stroke
209d132111010001Ń&323;Nacute323503U+0143Ńlatin capital letter N with acute
210d232211010010Ň&327;Ncaron327507U+0147Ňlatin capital letter N with caron
211d332311010011ÓÓ&211;Oacute211323U+00d3Ólatin capital letter O with acute
212d432411010100ÔÔ&212;Ocirc212324U+00d4Ôlatin capital letter O with circumflex
213d532511010101Ő&336;336520U+0150Őlatin capital letter O with double acute
214d632611010110ÖÖ&214;Ouml214326U+00d6Ölatin capital letter O with diaeresis
215d732711010111××&215;times215327U+00d7×multiplication sign
216d833011011000Ř&344;Rcaron344530U+0158Řlatin capital letter R with caron
217d933111011001Ů&366;Uring366556U+016eŮlatin capital letter U with ring above
218da33211011010ÚÚ&218;Uacute218332U+00daÚlatin capital letter U with acute
219db33311011011Ű&368;Udblac368560U+0170Űlatin capital letter U with double acute
220dc33411011100ÜÜ&220;Uuml220334U+00dcÜlatin capital letter U with diaeresis
221dd33511011101ÝÝ&221;Yacute221335U+00ddÝlatin capital letter Y with acute
222de33611011110Ţ&354;Tcedil354542U+0162Ţlatin capital letter T with cedilla
223df33711011111ßß&223;szlig223337U+00dfßlatin small letter sharp s
224e034011100000ŕ&341;racute341525U+0155ŕlatin small letter r with acute
225e134111100001áá&225;aacute225341U+00e1álatin small letter a with acute
226e234211100010ââ&226;acirc226342U+00e2âlatin small letter a with circumflex
227e334311100011ă&259;abreve259403U+0103ălatin small letter a with breve
228e434411100100ää&228;auml228344U+00e4älatin small letter a with diaeresis
229e534511100101ĺ&314;lacute314472U+013aĺlatin small letter l with acute
230e634611100110ć&263;cacute263407U+0107ćlatin small letter c with acute
231e734711100111çç&231;ccedil231347U+00e7çlatin small letter c with cedilla
232e835011101000č&269;ccaron269415U+010dčlatin small letter c with caron
233e935111101001éé&233;eacute233351U+00e9élatin small letter e with acute
234ea35211101010ę&281;eogon281431U+0119ęlatin small letter e with ogonek
235eb35311101011ëë&235;euml235353U+00ebëlatin small letter e with diaeresis
236ec35411101100ě&283;ecaron283433U+011bělatin small letter e with caron
237ed35511101101íí&237;iacute237355U+00edílatin small letter i with acute
238ee35611101110îî&238;icirc238356U+00eeîlatin small letter i with circumflex
239ef35711101111ď&271;dcaron271417U+010fďlatin small letter d with caron
240f036011110000đ&273;dstrok273421U+0111đlatin small letter d with stroke
241f136111110001ń&324;nacute324504U+0144ńlatin small letter n with acute
242f236211110010ň&328;ncaron328510U+0148ňlatin small letter n with caron
243f336311110011óó&243;oacute243363U+00f3ólatin small letter o with acute
244f436411110100ôô&244;ocirc244364U+00f4ôlatin small letter o with circumflex
245f536511110101ő&337;337521U+0151őlatin small letter o with double acute
246f636611110110öö&246;ouml246366U+00f6ölatin small letter o with diaeresis
247f736711110111÷÷&247;divide247367U+00f7÷division sign
248f837011111000ř&345;rcaron345531U+0159řlatin small letter r with caron
249f937111111001ů&367;Uring367557U+016fůlatin small letter u with ring above
250fa37211111010úú&250;uacute250372U+00faúlatin small letter u with acute
251fb37311111011ű&369;udblac369561U+0171űlatin small letter u with double acute
252fc37411111100üü&252;uuml252374U+00fcülatin small letter u with diaeresis
253fd37511111101ýý&253;yacute253375U+00fdýlatin small letter y with acute
254fe37611111110ţ&355;tcedil355543U+0163ţlatin small letter t with cedilla
255ff37711111111˙&729;dot7291331U+02d9˙dot above

Some facts

  • ISO 8859-2 contains characters in range:
    • 0 - 127 (0x00 - 0x7f) - standard ASCII set (identical)
    • 128 - 159 (0x80 - 0x9f) - not used
    • 160 - 255 (0xa0 - 0xff) - defined as in table below
  • Typical meta-tag in W3C compliant HTML/XHTML document:
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=iso-8859-2"/>
  • Most websites use utf-8 nowadays. According to in 2015 about 78% websites are now encoded in utf-8.
    Encoding websites with iso-8859-2 is practically passe - not used anymore.
    Also suppot for iso-8859-2 in HTML code editors is becoming low-need feature.

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