The simplest root form calculator
Calculator finds out the simplest form of given square root expression.

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Symbolic algebra

ⓘ Hint: This calculator supports symbolic math. You can enter numbers, but also symbols like a, b, pi or even whole math expressions such as (a+b)/2. If you still don't sure how to make your life easier using symbolic algebra check out our another page: Symbolic calculations

Input data - expression under the root (radicand)#

Root radicand expression
(expression under the root)

Results - your root in the simplest form#

Square, which you enter
Show source8\sqrt{8}
Root in the simplest form
Show source222 \cdot \sqrt{2}
Root simplification step-by-step
1Show source8\sqrt{8}Factor expression under the root-
2Show source222\sqrt{2^{2} \cdot 2}Simplified power under rootThe power and n-th root can be treated as the same math operation: xpq=xpq\sqrt[q]{x^p} = x^{\frac{p}{q}}
3Show source222 \cdot \sqrt{2}ResultYour expression reduced to the simplest form known to us.

Some facts#

  • Root extraction is an operation inverse to exponentiation.
  • The root of n-th degree from the number x is equal to y when y raised to the n-th power gives x:
    xn=yyn=x\sqrt[n]{x} = y \Leftrightarrow y^{n} = x
    • nn - root degree,
    • xx - root argument (number under root function),
    • yy - root result (a number, that gives an root argument if raised to root degree).
  • The root of degree 2 is colloquially called the square root. It has been assumed that we can omit degree while writing square root symbol:
    x=x2\sqrt{x} = \sqrt[2]x
  • The root of degree 3 is colloqually called the cubic root.
  • The root from product is equal to the product of roots:
    xyn=xnyn\sqrt[n]{x y} = \sqrt[n]{x} \cdot \sqrt[n]{y}
  • The root from quotient is equal to quotient of roots:
    xyn=xnyn\sqrt[n]{\frac{x}{y}} = \frac{\sqrt[n]{x}}{\sqrt[n]{y}}
  • In order to render the root symbol xn\sqrt[n]{x} in the TeX\TeX language use command:

  • If you want to learn more about how to write different mathematical expressions, you can check out our other calculator: Quick TeX cheat sheet.

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