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Convert Roman numbers to Arabic and vice versa.

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Some facts#

  • Numbers written in the Roman system consist of 7 letters: I(1), V(5), X(10), L(50), C(100), D(500), M(1000).
  • In the basic version, the maximum Roman digit (M) has the value of 1000. However, sometimes overline is used to multiply digit value by 1000.
  • To read the value of the Roman number we count value of digits from left to right, following the rule below:
    • if the current number is the same or greater than the next one, then we add it to the result value (e.g. XI gives 10 + 1 = 11),
    • if the current number is smaller than the next one, then we subtract it (e.g. IX gives 10 - 1 = 9).
  • Despite the spread of the Arabic system, Roman numerals can still be found in some traditional applications, e.g.
    • century numeration e.g. XXI means 21st century,
    • sometimes dates e.g. in cinematography or to mark date of building construction e.g. MMXVIII (2018),
    • names of rulers, e.g. Louis XVI, John Paul II,
    • names of historical events, e.g. World War II,
    • sometimes chapters numbering in books,
    • months numbering, e.g. 31.XII.2018 (31 December 2018).

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