PL: Table of "tax interests"
Table shows rates of polish "tax interest". Included both current and historical data.

Common sense tells#

Current rate of polish "tax interest" is 15%.
This rate is valid from 2022-06-09.

Polish "tax interest"#

PeriodRate [%]Calculation method
from 1989-05-025.5monthly
from 1989-10-010.32daily
from 1989-11-180.5daily
from 1990-01-012.3daily
from 1990-02-011.3daily
from 1990-03-010.6daily
from 1990-04-010.5daily
from 1990-05-010.35daily
from 1990-06-010.25daily
from 1990-07-010.18daily
from 1990-10-160.23daily
from 1990-11-260.3daily
from 1991-02-010.39daily
from 1991-05-010.32daily
from 1991-07-080.27daily
from 1991-08-010.24daily
from 1991-09-150.2daily
from 1993-03-010.19daily
from 1994-05-130.18daily
from 1995-02-210.19daily
from 1995-05-290.16daily
from 1995-09-180.15daily
from 1996-01-080.14daily
from 1998-01-0154annual
from 1998-05-2152annual
from 1998-07-1748annual
from 1998-10-2944annual
from 1998-12-1040annual
from 1999-01-2134annual
from 1999-11-1841annual
from 2000-02-2443annual
from 2000-08-3146annual
from 2001-03-0144annual
from 2001-03-2942annual
from 2001-06-2839annual
from 2001-08-2337annual
from 2001-10-2634annual
from 2001-11-2931annual
from 2002-01-3127annual
from 2002-04-2625annual
from 2002-05-3024annual
from 2002-06-2723annual
from 2002-08-2921annual
from 2002-09-2620annual
from 2002-10-2418annual
from 2002-11-2817.5annual
from 2003-01-3017annual
from 2003-02-2716annual
from 2003-03-2715.5annual
from 2003-04-2514.5annual
from 2003-05-2914annual
from 2003-06-2613.5annual
from 2004-07-0114.5annual
from 2004-07-2915annual
from 2004-08-2616annual
from 2005-03-3115annual
from 2005-04-2814annual
from 2005-06-3013annual
from 2005-07-2812.5annual
from 2005-09-0112annual
from 2006-02-0111.5annual
from 2006-03-0111annual
from 2007-04-2611.5annual
from 2007-06-2812annual
from 2007-08-3012.5annual
from 2007-11-2913annual
from 2008-01-3113.5annual
from 2008-02-2814annual
from 2008-03-2714.5annual
from 2008-06-2615annual
from 2008-11-2714.5annual
from 2008-12-2413annual
from 2009-01-2811.5annual
from 2009-02-2611annual
from 2009-03-2610.5annual
from 2009-06-2510annual
from 2010-11-0912annual
from 2011-01-2012.5annual
from 2011-04-0613annual
from 2011-05-1213.5annual
from 2011-06-0914annual
from 2012-05-1014.5annual
from 2012-11-0814annual
from 2012-12-0613.5annual
from 2013-01-1013annual
from 2013-02-0712.5annual
from 2013-03-0711.5annual
from 2013-05-0911annual
from 2013-06-0610.5annual
from 2013-07-0410annual
from 2014-10-098annual
from 2022-01-098.5annual
from 2022-03-0910annual
from 2022-04-0712annual
from 2022-05-0613.5annual
from 2022-06-0915annual

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