Maximum Transmission Units (MTU) table
MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) values assigned to given network type.

MTU table#

Network typeMTUNotes
Maximum MTU65535Maximum theoretical MTU defined in RFC1191 document
16Mbit/s IBM Token Ring17914-
IEEE 802.48166-
WLAN (802.11)7981-
IEEE 802.5 (4Mbit/s)4464-
Wideband Network2048-
IEEE 802.5 (4Mbit/s)2002-
Experimental Ethernet1536-
IEEE 802.31492-
X.26 network576-
DEC IP Portal544-
IEEE 802/Source-Route Bridge508-
Point-to-Point (low-delay)296-
Internet IPv4Vary on network configuration. Minimum possible value is 68 bytes
Internet IPv6Vary on network configuration. Minimum possible value is 1280 bytes
Minimal MTU68Minimal possible MTU defined in RFC1191 document

Some facts#

  • MTU is a maximum number of payload bytes in datagram.
  • MTU determines maximum datagram size, which can be transmitted without fragmentation. Attempt to send more data than defined MTU number, causes division of the original message into smaller pieces. Size of each piece is less or equal to MTU.
  • Greater MTU values allow to use bandwith more efficiently (less overhead), but causes network to be less resistant to transmit errors. This is why optimal MTU depends on environment and network conditions.
  • MTU value range (min/max) is often defined by the protocol being used. For example: The typical Ethernet Frame payload valid size is 46 - 1500 bytes (octets).

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