Minimum and maximum calculator
Calculator finds maximum and minimum from the list of numbers. Find min/max values.


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Enter your numbers here#

Data summary#

How many numbers detected3
Detected numbers2, 10, 3.3
Numbers base10 (decimal)
Skipped charactersnone

Results - minumum and maximum of given numbers#

Minimal number2
Maximal number10

What else can we calculate about your numbers#

The numbers sorted in ascending order2, 3.3, 10
The numbers sorted in descending order10, 3.3, 2
Numbers used to compute median2, 3.3, 10
Standard deviation3.50523418143020319753
Numbers in words (digit by digit)
  • two (2)
  • one zero (10)
  • three point three (3.3)
Numbers in words (whole number at once)
  • two (2)
  • ten (10)
  • three and three tenths (3.3)

Some facts#

  • Maximum is the greatest number in the set and minimum is the lowest one.
  • If we sort list in ascending order, then the first element will be minimum and the last one will be the maximum.
  • ⓘ Hint: Are you looking for statistical calculators? See also:

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