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Calculator finds multiplicative inverse of given fraction or number.

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Some facts

  • "Multiplicative inverse" and "reciprocal" is the same thing
  • To invert a number X you have to divide 1 by that number. So, multiplicative inverse of X is 1/X.
  • To invert fraction you simply need to swap its nominator with denominator. For example inverse of 3/4 is improper fraction 4/3.
  • Inverse of number X is Y, when X × Y is equal to one:
    X×Y=1X \times Y = 1
    ⓘ Example: The inverse of number 2 is fraction 1/2 because:
    2×12=1 2 \times \dfrac{1}{2} = 1
    So, whatever number X times inverted X equals one !
  • There is no inverse of zero. This also means: any fraction with zero in nominator has no inverse too - no matter what is denominator. Do not be fooled!
  • When you invert number lower than one, you get number greater than one and vice versa.
  • The inverse of number 1 is 1.
  • If you invert some number twice, then you will get the same number. In other words, if you invert the number X and then invert the result again - you get X !

How to use this tool

Enter fraction (number), which you want to invert and calculla will present you the step-by-step inversion. To find fraction (number) inverse you need to do below steps:
  • I. Remove wholes part. If you want to invert mixed number (or integer number), then you need conver it to improper fraction. For example: 2 1/2 should be converted to 5/2. In other case i.e. when there is no wholes part part, nothing to do in this step. After this step your number will be ready to invert.
  • II. Invert fraction i.e. swap its numerator and denominator.
  • III. Pull out wholes part. If inverted fraction is improper (numerator greater than denominator) convert it to mixed number.

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