Table of Plug & Play device vendor identifiers
Table shows list of 32-bit identifiers assigned to hardware vendors used in Plug & Play devices

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PnP Vendor ID#

Vendor IDVendor name for PCI devicesVendor name for USB devices
0001SafeNet (wrong ID)Fry's Electronics
0003-Club Mac
0004-Nebraska Furniture Mart
0010Allied Telesis, Inc (Wrong ID)-
0014Loongson Technology LLC-
001CPEAK-System Technik GmbH-
003DLockheed Martin-Marietta Corp-
0059Tiger Jet Network Inc. (Wrong ID)-
0070Hauppauge computer works Inc.-
0071Nebula Electronics Ltd.-
0079-DragonRise Inc.
0085-Boeye Technology Co., Ltd.
0095Silicon Image, Inc. (Wrong ID)-
00A7Teles AG (Wrong ID)-
0100nCipher Security-
0105-Trust International B.V.
0123General Dynamics-
0128Dell (wrong ID)-
01DEOxide Computer Company-
0200Dell (wrong ID)TP-Link
0204-Chipsbank Microelectronics Co., Ltd
0218-Hangzhou Worlde
021BCompaq Computer Corporation-
0270Hauppauge computer works Inc. (Wrong ID)-
0291Davicom Semiconductor, Inc. (Wrong ID)-
02AD-HUMAX Co., Ltd.
02E0XFX Pine Group Inc. (Wrong ID)-
0303Hewlett-Packard Company (Wrong ID)Mini Automation Controller
0308ZyXEL Communications Corporation (Wrong ID)-
0315SK-Electronics Co., Ltd.-
0324-OCZ Technology Inc
0325-OCZ Technology Inc
0357TTTech Computertechnik AG (Wrong ID)-
03D9-Shenzhen Sinote Tech-Electron Co., Ltd
03DA-Bernd Walter Computer Technology
03E8-EndPoints, Inc.
03E9-Thesys Microelectronics
03EA-Data Broadcasting Corp.
03EB-Atmel Corp.
03EC-Iwatsu America, Inc.
03ED-Mitel Corp.
03F0-HP, Inc
03F1-Genoa Technology
03F2-Oak Technology, Inc.
03F3-Adaptec, Inc.
03F4-Diebold, Inc.
03F5-Siemens Electromechanical
03F8-Epson Imaging Technology Center
03F9-KeyTronic Corp.
03FB-OPTi, Inc.
03FC-Elitegroup Computer Systems
03FD-Xilinx, Inc.
03FE-Farallon Comunications
0400-National Semiconductor Corp.
0401-National Registry, Inc.
0402-ALi Corp.
0403-Future Technology Devices International, Ltd
0404-NCR Corp.
0405-Synopsys, Inc.
0406-Fujitsu-ICL Computers
0407-Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc.
0408-Quanta Computer, Inc.
0409-NEC Corp.
040A-Kodak Co.
040B-Weltrend Semiconductor
040C-VTech Computers, Ltd
040D-VIA Technologies, Inc.
040F-Echo Speech Corp.
0411-BUFFALO INC. (formerly MelCo., Inc.)
0412-Award Software International
0413-Leadtek Research, Inc.
0414-Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd
0416-Winbond Electronics Corp.
0417-Symbios Logic
0418-AST Research
0419-Samsung Info. Systems America, Inc.
041A-Phoenix Technologies, Ltd
041D-S3, Inc.
041E-Creative Technology, Ltd
041F-LCS Telegraphics
0420-Chips and Technologies
0421-Nokia Mobile Phones
0422-ADI Systems, Inc.
0423-Computer Access Technology Corp.
0424-Microchip Technology, Inc. (formerly SMSC)
0425-Motorola Semiconductors HK, Ltd
0426-Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
0427-Motorola Electronics Taiwan, Ltd
0428-Advanced Gravis Computer Tech, Ltd
0429-Cirrus Logic
042A-Ericsson Austrian, AG
042B-Intel Corp.
042C-Innovative Semiconductors, Inc.
042E-Acer, Inc.
042F-Molex, Inc.
0430-Sun Microsystems, Inc.
0431-Itac Systems, Inc.
0432SCM Microsystems, Inc.Unisys Corp.
0433-Alps Electric, Inc.
0434-Samsung Info. Systems America, Inc.
0435-Hyundai Electronics America
0436-Taugagreining HF
0437-Framatome Connectors USA
0438-Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0439-Voice Technologies Group
043D-Lexmark International, Inc.
043E-LG Electronics USA, Inc.
043F-RadiSys Corp.
0440-Eizo Nanao Corp.
0441-Winbond Systems Lab.
0442-Ericsson, Inc.
0443-Gateway, Inc.
0445-Lucent Technologies, Inc.
0446-NMB Technologies Corp.
0447-Momentum Microsystems
0449-Duta Multi Robotik
044A-Shamrock Tech. Co., Ltd
044D-Siemens Nixdorf AG
044E-Alps Electric Co., Ltd
044F-ThrustMaster, Inc.
0450-DFI, Inc.
0451-Texas Instruments, Inc.
0452-Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
0453-CMD Technology
0454-Vobis Microcomputer AG
0455-Telematics International, Inc.
0456-Analog Devices, Inc.
0457-Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.
0458-KYE Systems Corp. (Mouse Systems)
0459-Adobe Systems, Inc.
045A-SONICblue, Inc.
045B-Hitachi, Ltd
045D-Nortel Networks, Ltd
045E-Microsoft Corp.
0460-Ace Cad Enterprise Co., Ltd
0461-Primax Electronics, Ltd
0463-MGE UPS Systems
0464-AMP/Tycoelectronics Corp.
0467-AT&T Paradyne
0468-Wieson Technologies Co., Ltd
046A-Cherry GmbH
046B-American Megatrends, Inc.
046C-Toshiba Corp., Digital Media Equipment
046D-Logitech, Inc.
046E-Behavior Tech. Computer Corp.
046F-Crystal Semiconductor
0471-Philips (or NXP)
0472-Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd
0473-Sanyo Information Business Co., Ltd
0474-Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd
0475-Relisys/Teco Information System
0477-Seagate Technology, Inc.
0478-Connectix Corp.
0479-Advanced Peripheral Laboratories
047A-Semtech Corp.
047B-Silitek Corp.
047C-Dell Computer Corp.
047E-Agere Systems, Inc. (Lucent)
047F-Plantronics, Inc.
0480-Toshiba America Inc
0481-Zenith Data Systems
0482-Kyocera Corp.
0485-Nokia Monitors
0486-ASUS Computers, Inc.
0487-Stewart Connector
0488-Cirque Corp.
0489-Foxconn / Hon Hai
048A-S-MOS Systems, Inc.
048C-Alps Electric Ireland, Ltd
048D-Integrated Technology Express, Inc.
048F-Eicon Tech.
0490-United Microelectronics Corp.
0492-Samsung SemiConductor, Inc.
0493-MAG Technology Co., Ltd
0495-ESS Technology, Inc.
0496-Micron Electronics
0497Dell Inc. (wrong ID)Smile International
0498-Capetronic (Kaohsiung) Corp.
0499-Yamaha Corp.
049A-Gandalf Technologies, Ltd
049B-Curtis Computer Products
049C-Acer Advanced Labs, Inc.
049D-VLSI Technology
049F-Compaq Computer Corp.
04A0-Digital Equipment Corp.
04A1-SystemSoft Corp.
04A2-FirePower Systems
04A3-Trident Microsystems, Inc.
04A4-Hitachi, Ltd
04A5-Acer Peripherals Inc. (now BenQ Corp.)
04A6-Nokia Display Products
04A8-Multivideo Labs, Inc.
04A9-Canon, Inc.
04AA-DaeWoo Telecom, Ltd
04AB-Chromatic Research
04AC-Micro Audiometrics Corp.
04AD-Dooin Electronics
04AF-Winnov L.P.
04B0-Nikon Corp.
04B1-Pan International
04B3-IBM Corp.
04B4-Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
04B5-ROHM LSI Systems USA, LLC
04B6-Hint Corp.
04B7-Compal Electronics, Inc.
04B8-Seiko Epson Corp.
04B9-Rainbow Technologies, Inc.
04BA-Toucan Systems, Ltd
04BB-I-O Data Device, Inc.
04BD-Toshiba Electronics Taiwan Corp.
04BE-Telia Research AB
04BF-TDK Corp.
04C1-U.S. Robotics (3Com)
04C2-Methode Electronics Far East PTE, Ltd
04C3-Maxi Switch, Inc.
04C4-Lockheed Martin Energy Research
04C5-Fujitsu, Ltd
04C6-Toshiba America Electronic Components
04C7-Micro Macro Technologies
04C8-Konica Corp.
04CA-Lite-On Technology Corp.
04CB-Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd
04CD-Tatung Co. Of America
04CE-ScanLogic Corp.
04CF-Myson Century, Inc.
04D0-Digi International
04D1-ITT Canon
04D2-Altec Lansing Technologies
04D3-VidUS, Inc.
04D4-LSI Logic, Inc.
04D5-Forte Technologies, Inc.
04D6-Mentor Graphics
04D7-Oki Semiconductor
04D8-Microchip Technology, Inc.
04D9-Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.
04DA-Panasonic (Matsushita)
04DB-Hypertec Pty, Ltd
04DC-Huan Hsin Holdings, Ltd
04DD-Sharp Corp.
04DE-MindShare, Inc.
04DF-Interlink Electronics
04E1-Iiyama North America, Inc.
04E2-Exar Corp.
04E3-Zilog, Inc.
04E4-ACC Microelectronics
04E5-Promise Technology
04E6-SCM Microsystems, Inc.
04E7-Elo TouchSystems
04E8-Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
04E9-PC-Tel, Inc.
04EA-Brooktree Corp.
04EB-Northstar Systems, Inc.
04EC-Tokyo Electron Device, Ltd
04EF-Pacific Electronic International, Inc.
04F0-Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd
04F1-Victor Company of Japan, Ltd
04F2-Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd
04F3-Elan Microelectronics Corp.
04F4-Harting Elektronik, Inc.
04F5-Fujitsu-ICL Systems, Inc.
04F6-Norand Corp.
04F7-Newnex Technology Corp.
04F8-FuturePlus Systems
04F9-Brother Industries, Ltd
04FA-Dallas Semiconductor
04FB-Biostar Microtech International Corp.
04FC-Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd
04FD-Soliton Systems, K.K.
04FE-PFU, Ltd
04FF-E-CMOS Corp.
0500-Siam United Hi-Tech
0501-Fujikura DDK, Ltd
0502-Acer, Inc.
0503-Hitachi America, Ltd
0504-Hayes Microcomputer Products
0506-3Com Corp.
0507-Hosiden Corp.
0508-Clarion Co., Ltd
0509-Aztech Systems, Ltd
050A-Cinch Connectors
050B-Cable System International
050C-InnoMedia, Inc.
050D-Belkin Components
050E-Neon Technology, Inc.
050F-KC Technology, Inc.
0510-Sejin Electron, Inc.
0511-N'Able (DataBook) Technologies, Inc.
0512-Hualon Microelectronics Corp.
0513-digital-X, Inc.
0514-FCI Electronics
0516-Longwell Electronics
0517-Butterfly Communications
0518-EzKEY Corp.
0519-Star Micronics Co., Ltd
051A-WYSE Technology
051B-Silicon Graphics
051C-Shuttle, Inc.
051D-American Power Conversion
051E-Scientific Atlanta, Inc.
051F-IO Systems (Elite Electronics), Inc.
0520-Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.
0521-Airborn Connectors
0522-Advanced Connectek, Inc.
0523-ATEN GmbH
0524-Sola Electronics
0525-Netchip Technology, Inc.
0526-Temic MHS S.A.
0528-ATI Technologies, Inc.
0529-Aladdin Knowledge Systems
052A-Crescent Heart Software
052B-Tekom Technologies, Inc.
052C-Canon Information Systems, Inc.
052D-Avid Electronics Corp.
052E-Standard Microsystems Corp.
052F-Unicore Software, Inc.
0530-American Microsystems, Inc.
0531-Wacom Technology Corp.
0532-Systech Corp.
0533-Alcatel Mobile Phones
0534-Motorola, Inc.
0535-LIH TZU Electric Co., Ltd
0536-Hand Held Products (Welch Allyn, Inc.)
0537-Inventec Corp.
0538-Caldera International, Inc. (SCO)
0539-Shyh Shiun Terminals Co., Ltd
053A-PrehKeyTec GmbH
053B-Global Village Communication
053C-Institut of Microelectronic & Mechatronic Systems
053D-Silicon Architect
053E-Mobility Electronics
053F-Synopsys, Inc.
0540-UniAccess AB
0541-Sirf Technology, Inc.
0543-ViewSonic Corp.
0544-Cristie Electronics, Ltd
0545-Xirlink, Inc.
0546-Polaroid Corp.
0547-Anchor Chips, Inc.
0548-Tyan Computer Corp.
0549-Pixera Corp.
054A-Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
054B-New Media Corp.
054C-Sony Corp.
054D-Try Corp.
054E-Proside Corp.
054F-WYSE Technology Taiwan
0550-Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd
0551-CompuTrend Systems, Inc.
0552-Philips Monitors
0553-STMicroelectronics Imaging Division (VLSI Vision)
0554-Dictaphone Corp.
0555-ANAM S&T Co., Ltd
0556-Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co., Ltd
0557-ATEN International Co., Ltd
0558-Truevision, Inc.
0559-Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
055A-Kenwood USA
055B-KnowledgeTek, Inc.
055C-Proton Electronic Ind.
055D-Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co.
055E-CTX Opto-Electronics Corp.
055F-Mustek Systems, Inc.
0560-Interface Corp.
0561-Oasis Design, Inc.
0562-Telex Communications, Inc.
0563-Immersion Corp.
0564-Kodak Digital Product Center, Japan Ltd. (formerly Chinon Industries Inc.)
0565-Peracom Networks, Inc.
0566-Monterey International Corp.
0567-Xyratex International, Ltd
0568-Quartz Ingenierie
056A-Wacom Co., Ltd
056B-Decicon, Inc.
056C-eTEK Labs
056D-EIZO Corp.
056E-Elecom Co., Ltd
056F-Korea Data Systems Co., Ltd
0570-Epson America
0571-Interex, Inc.
0572-Conexant Systems (Rockwell), Inc.
0573-Zoran Co. Personal Media Division (Nogatech)
0574-City University of Hong Kong
0575-Philips Creative Display Solutions
0576-BAFO/Quality Computer Accessories
0578-Intrinsix Corp.
0579-GVC Corp.
057A-Samsung Electronics America
057B-Y-E Data, Inc.
057C-AVM GmbH
057D-Shark Multimedia, Inc.
057E-Nintendo Co., Ltd
057F-QuickShot, Ltd
0580-Denron, Inc.
0581-Racal Data Group
0582-Roland Corp.
0583-Padix Co., Ltd (Rockfire)
0584-RATOC System, Inc.
0585-FlashPoint Technology, Inc.
0586-ZyXEL Communications Corp.
0587-America Kotobuki Electronics Industries, Inc.
0588-Sapien Design
058A-Nohau Corp.
058B-Infineon Technologies
058C-In Focus Systems
058D-Micrel Semiconductor
058E-Tripath Technology, Inc.
058F-Alcor Micro Corp.
0590-Omron Corp.
0591-Questra Consulting
0592-Powerware Corp.
0594-Princeton Graphic Systems
0595-Zoran Microelectronics, Ltd
0596-MicroTouch Systems, Inc.
0597-Trisignal Communications
0598-Niigata Canotec Co., Inc.
0599-Brilliance Semiconductor, Inc.
059A-Spectrum Signal Processing, Inc.
059B-Iomega Corp.
059C-A-Trend Technology Co., Ltd
059D-Advanced Input Devices
059E-Intelligent Instrumentation
059F-LaCie, Ltd
05A0-Vetronix Corp.
05A1-USC Corp.
05A2-Fuji Film Microdevices Co., Ltd
05A3-ARC International
05A4-Ortek Technology, Inc.
05A5-Sampo Technology Corp.
05A6-Cisco Systems, Inc.
05A7-Bose Corp.
05A8-Spacetec IMC Corp.
05A9-OmniVision Technologies, Inc.
05AA-Utilux South China, Ltd
05AB-In-System Design
05AC-Apple, Inc.
05AD-Y.C. Cable U.S.A., Inc.
05AE-Synopsys, Inc.
05AF-Jing-Mold Enterprise Co., Ltd
05B0-Fountain Technologies, Inc.
05B1-First International Computer, Inc.
05B4-LG Semicon Co., Ltd
05B5-Dialogic Corp.
05B6-Proxima Corp.
05B7-Medianix Semiconductor, Inc.
05B9-Philips Research Laboratories
05BA-DigitalPersona, Inc.
05BB-Grey Cell Systems
05BC-3G Green Green Globe Co., Ltd
05BD-RAFI GmbH & Co. KG
05BE-Tyco Electronics (Raychem)
05BF-S & S Research
05C0-Keil Software
05C1-Kawasaki Microelectronics, Inc.
05C2-Media Phonics (Suisse) S.A.
05C5-Digi International, Inc.
05C6-Qualcomm, Inc.
05C7-Qtronix Corp.
05C8-Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd (Foxlink)
05C9-Semtech Corp.
05CA-Ricoh Co., Ltd
05CB-PowerVision Technologies, Inc.
05CD-Silicom, Ltd
05CE-sci-worx GmbH
05CF-Sung Forn Co., Ltd
05D0-GE Medical Systems Lunar
05D1-Brainboxes, Ltd
05D2-Wave Systems Corp.
05D3-Tohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd
05D5-Super Gate Technology Co., Ltd
05D6-Philips Semiconductors, CICT
05D7-Thomas & Betts Corp.
05D8-Ultima Electronics Corp.
05D9-Axiohm Transaction Solutions
05DA-Microtek International, Inc.
05DB-Sun Corp. (Suntac)
05DC-Lexar Media, Inc.
05DD-Delta Electronics, Inc.
05DF-Silicon Vision, Inc.
05E0-Symbol Technologies
05E1-Syntek Semiconductor Co., Ltd
05E2-ElecVision, Inc.
05E3-Genesys Logic, Inc.
05E4-Red Wing Corp.
05E5-Fuji Electric Co., Ltd
05E6-Keithley Instruments
05E8-ICC, Inc.
05E9-Kawasaki LSI
05EB-FFC, Ltd
05EC-COM21, Inc.
05EE-Cytechinfo Inc.
05EF-AVB, Inc. [anko]
05F0-Canopus Co., Ltd
05F1-Compass Communications
05F2-Dexin Corp., Ltd
05F3-PI Engineering, Inc.
05F5-Unixtar Technology, Inc.
05F6-AOC International
05F7-RFC Distribution(s) PTE, Ltd
05F9-PSC Scanning, Inc.
05FA-Siemens Telecommunications Systems, Ltd
05FD-InterAct, Inc.
05FE-Chic Technology Corp.
05FF-LeCroy Corp.
0600-Barco Display Systems
0601-Jazz Hipster Corp.
0602-Vista Imaging, Inc.
0603-Novatek Microelectronics Corp.
0604-Jean Co., Ltd
0605-Anchor C&C Co., Ltd
0606-Royal Information Electronics Co., Ltd
0607-Bridge Information Co., Ltd
0608-Genrad Ads
0609-SMK Manufacturing, Inc.
060A-Worthington Data Solutions, Inc.
060B-Solid Year
060C-EEH Datalink GmbH
060D-Auctor Corp.
060E-Transmonde Technologies, Inc.
060F-Joinsoon Electronics Mfg. Co., Ltd
0610-Costar Electronics, Inc.
0611-Totoku Electric Co., Ltd
0613-TransAct Technologies, Inc.
0614-Bio-Rad Laboratories
0615-Quabbin Wire & Cable Co., Inc.
0616-Future Techno Designs PVT, Ltd
0617-Swiss Federal Insitute of Technology
0619-Seiko Instruments, Inc.
061A-Veridicom International, Inc.
061B-Promptus Communications, Inc.
061C-Act Labs, Ltd
061D-Quatech, Inc.
061E-Nissei Electric Co.
0620-Alaris, Inc.
0621-ODU-Steckverbindungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG
0622-Iotech, Inc.
0623-Littelfuse, Inc.
0624-Avocent Corp.
0625-TiMedia Technology Co., Ltd
0626-Nippon Systems Development Co., Ltd
0627-Adomax Technology Co., Ltd
0628-Tasking Software, Inc.
0629-Zida Technologies, Ltd
062A-MosArt Semiconductor Corp.
062B-Greatlink Electronics Taiwan, Ltd
062C-Institute for Information Industry
062D-Taiwan Tai-Hao Enterprises Co., Ltd
062E-Mainsuper Enterprises Co., Ltd
062F-Sin Sheng Terminal & Machine, Inc.
0631-JUJO Electronics Corp.
0633-Cyrix Corp.
0634-Micron Technology, Inc.
0635-Methode Electronics, Inc.
0636-Sierra Imaging, Inc.
0638-Avision, Inc.
0639-Chrontel, Inc.
063A-Techwin Corp.
063B-Taugagreining HF
063C-Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd (Sakura)
063D-Fong Kai Industrial Co., Ltd
063E-RealMedia Technology, Inc.
063F-New Technology Cable, Ltd
0640-Hitex Development Tools
0641-Woods Industries, Inc.
0642-VIA Medical Corp.
0644-TEAC Corp.
0645-Vision Systems, Inc.
0647-Acton Research Corp.
0648-Inside Out Networks
0649-Weli Science Co., Ltd
064B-Analog Devices, Inc. (White Mountain DSP)
064C-Ji-Haw Industrial Co., Ltd
064D-TriTech Microelectronics, Ltd
064E-Suyin Corp.
064F-WIBU-Systems AG
0650-Dynapro Systems
0651-Likom Technology Sdn. Bhd.
0652-Stargate Solutions, Inc.
0653-CNF, Inc.
0654-Granite Microsystems, Inc.
0655-Space Shuttle Hi-Tech Co., Ltd
0656-Glory Mark Electronic, Ltd
0657-Tekcon Electronics Corp.
0658-Sigma Designs, Inc.
065A-Optoelectronics Co., Ltd
065B-Tracewell Systems
065E-Silicon Graphics
065F-Good Way Technology Co., Ltd & GWC technology Inc.
0660-TSAY-E (BVI) International, Inc.
0661-Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.
0662-Kansai Electric Co., Ltd
0663-Topmax Electronic Co., Ltd
0664-ET&T Technology Co., Ltd.
0665-Cypress Semiconductor
0667-Aiwa Co., Ltd
0669-Oce' Printing Systems GmbH
066A-Total Technologies, Ltd
066B-Linksys, Inc.
066D-Entrega, Inc.
066E-Acer Semiconductor America, Inc.
066F-SigmaTel, Inc.
0670-Sequel Imaging
0672-Labtec, Inc.
0674-Key Mouse Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd
0675DynalinkDrayTek Corp.
0676-Teles AG
0677-Aiwa Co., Ltd
0678-ACard Technology Corp.
067B-Prolific Technology, Inc.
067C-Efficient Networks, Inc.
067D-Hohner Corp.
067E-Intermec Technologies Corp.
067F-Virata, Ltd
0680-Realtek Semiconductor Corp., CPP Div. (Avance Logic)
0681-Siemens Information and Communication Products
0682-Victor Company of Japan, Ltd
0684-Actiontec Electronics, Inc.
0685-ZD Incorporated
0686-Minolta Co., Ltd
068A-Pertech, Inc.
068B-Potrans International, Inc.
068E-CH Products, Inc.
068F-Nihon KOHDEN
0690-Golden Bridge Electech, Inc.
0693-Hagiwara Sys-Com Co., Ltd
0694-Lego Group
0698-Chuntex (CTX)
0699-Tektronix, Inc.
069A-Askey Computer Corp.
069B-Thomson, Inc.
069D-Hughes Network Systems (HNS)
069E-Welcat Inc.
069F-Allied Data Technologies BV
06A2-Topro Technology, Inc.
06A3-Saitek PLC
06A4-Xiamen Doowell Electron Co., Ltd
06A7-MicroStore, Inc.
06A8-Topaz Systems, Inc.
06AA-Sysgration, Ltd
06AC-Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc.
06AD-Greatland Electronics Taiwan, Ltd
06AE-Professional Multimedia Testing Centre
06AF-Harting, Inc. of North America
06B8-Pixela Corp.
06B9-Alcatel Telecom
06BA-Smooth Cord & Connector Co., Ltd
06BB-EDA, Inc.
06BC-Oki Data Corp.
06BD-AGFA-Gevaert NV
06BE-AME Optimedia Technology Co., Ltd
06BF-Leoco Corp.
06C2-Phidgets Inc. (formerly GLAB)
06C4-Bizlink International Corp.
06C5-Hagenuk, GmbH
06C6-Infowave Software, Inc.
06C8-SIIG, Inc.
06C9-Taxan (Europe), Ltd
06CA-Newer Technology, Inc.
06CB-Synaptics, Inc.
06CC-Terayon Communication Systems
06CF-SpheronVR AG
06D0-LapLink, Inc.
06D1-Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd
06D3-Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
06D4-Cisco Systems
06D6-Aashima Technology B.V.
06D7-Network Computing Devices (NCD)
06D8-Technical Marketing Research, Inc.
06DA-Phoenixtec Power Co., Ltd
06DC-Foxlink Image Technology Co., Ltd
06DE-Heisei Electronics Co., Ltd
06E0-Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.
06E1-ADS Technologies, Inc.
06E4-Alcatel Microelectronics
06E6-Tiger Jet Network, Inc.
06EA-Sirius Technologies
06EB-PC Expert Tech. Co., Ltd
06EF-I.A.C. Geometrische Ingenieurs B.V.
06F0-T.N.C Industrial Co., Ltd
06F1-Opcode Systems, Inc.
06F2-Emine Technology Co.
06F6-Wintrend Technology Co., Ltd
06F7-Wailly Technology Ltd
06F8-Guillemot Corp.
06F9-ASYST electronic d.o.o.
06FA-HSD S.r.L
06FC-Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector
06FD-Boston Acoustics
06FE-Gallant Computer, Inc.
0701-Supercomal Wire & Cable SDN. BHD.
0703-Bvtech Industry, Inc.
0705-NKK Corp.
0706-Ariel Corp.
0707-Standard Microsystems Corp.
0708-Putercom Co., Ltd
0709-Silicon Systems, Ltd (SSL)
070A-Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd
070D-Comoss Electronic Co., Ltd
070E-Excel Cell Electronic Co., Ltd
0710-Connect Tech, Inc.
0711-Magic Control Technology Corp.
0713-Interval Research Corp.
0714-NewMotion, Inc.
0717-ZNK Corp.
0718-Imation Corp.
0719-Tremon Enterprises Co., Ltd
071B-Domain Technologies, Inc.
071C-Xionics Document Technologies, Inc.
071D-Eicon Networks Corp.
071E-Ariston Technologies
0720-Keyence Corp.
0721Sapphire, Inc.-
0723-Centillium Communications Corp.
0726-Vanguard International Semiconductor-America
072E-Sunix Co., Ltd
072F-Advanced Card Systems, Ltd
0731Jingjia Microelectronics Co LtdSusteen, Inc.
0732-Goldfull Electronics & Telecommunications Corp.
0733-ViewQuest Technologies, Inc.
0734-Lasat Communications A/S
0735-Asuscom Network
0736-Lorom Industrial Co., Ltd
0738-Mad Catz, Inc.
073A-Chaplet Systems, Inc.
073B-Suncom Technologies
073C-Industrial Electronic Engineers, Inc.
073D-Eutron S.p.a.
073E-NEC, Inc.
0745-Syntech Information Co., Ltd
0746-Onkyo Corp.
0747-Labway Corp.
0748-Strong Man Enterprise Co., Ltd
0749-EVer Electronics Corp.
074A-Ming Fortune Industry Co., Ltd
074B-Polestar Tech. Corp.
074C-C-C-C Group PLC
074D-Micronas GmbH
074E-Digital Stream Corp.
0755-Aureal Semiconductor
0757-Network Technologies, Inc.
0758-Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
075B-Sophisticated Circuits, Inc.
0764-Cyber Power System, Inc.
0765-X-Rite, Inc.
0766-Jess-Link Products Co., Ltd
0767-Tokheim Corp.
0768-Camtel Technology Corp.
0769-Surecom Technology Corp.
076A-Smart Technology Enablers, Inc.
076B-OmniKey AG
076C-Partner Tech
076D-Denso Corp.
076E-Kuan Tech Enterprise Co., Ltd
076F-Jhen Vei Electronic Co., Ltd
0770-Welch Allyn, Inc - Medical Division
0771-Observator Instruments BV
0772-Your data Our Care
0774-AmTRAN Technology Co., Ltd
0775-Longshine Electronics Corp.
0776-Inalways Corp.
0777Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.Comda Enterprise Corp.
0778-Volex, Inc.
0779-ON Semiconductor (formerly Fairchild)
077A-Sankyo Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd
077C-Forward Electronics Co., Ltd
077D-Griffin Technology
077E-Softing AG
077F-Well Excellent & Most Corp.
0780-Sagem Monetel GmbH
0781-SanDisk Corp.
0784-Vivitar, Inc.
0789-Logitec Corp.
078B-Happ Controls, Inc.
078E-Brincom, Inc.
0790-Pro-Image Manufacturing Co., Ltd
0791-Copartner Wire and Cable Mfg. Corp.
0792-Axis Communications AB
0793-Wha Yu Industrial Co., Ltd
0794-ABL Electronics Corp.
0795Wired Inc.RealChip, Inc.
0796-Certicom Corp.
0797-Grandtech Semiconductor Corp.
079D-Alfadata Computer Corp.
07A1-Digicom S.p.A.
07A2-National Technical Systems
07A3-Onnto Corp.
07A4-Be, Inc.
07A6-ADMtek, Inc.
07AA-Corega K.K.
07AB-Freecom Technologies
07B0-Trust Technologies
07B1-IMP, Inc.
07B2-Motorola BCS, Inc.
07B3-Plustek, Inc.
07B4-Olympus Optical Co., Ltd
07B5-Mega World International, Ltd
07B6-Marubun Corp.
07B7-TIME Interconnect, Ltd
07B8-AboCom Systems Inc
07BC-Canon Computer Systems, Inc.
07BD-Webgear, Inc.
07C0-Code Mercenaries Hard- und Software GmbH
07C4-Datafab Systems, Inc.
07C5-APG Cash Drawer
07C6-ShareWave, Inc.
07C7-Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd
07C8-B.U.G., Inc.
07C9-Allied Telesyn International
07CA-AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.
07CB-Kingmax Technology, Inc.
07CC-Carry Computer Eng., Co., Ltd
07CE-Nidec Copal
07CF-Casio Computer Co., Ltd
07D1D-Link System IncD-Link System
07D2-Aptio Products, Inc.
07D3-Cyberdata Corp.
07D5-Radiant Systems
07D7-GCC Technologies, Inc.
07DA-Arasan Chip Systems
07DE-Diamond Multimedia
07DF-David Electronics Co., Ltd
07E0-NCP engineering GmbH
07E1-Ambient Technologies, Inc.
07E2-Elmeg GmbH & Co., Ltd
07E3-Planex Communications, Inc.
07E4-Movado Enterprise Co., Ltd
07E5-QPS, Inc.
07E6-Allied Cable Corp.
07E7-Mirvo Toys, Inc.
07EA-Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd
07EB-Double-H Technology Co., Ltd
07EC-Taiyo Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd
07EE-Torex Retail (formerly Logware)
07F2-Microcomputer Applications, Inc.
07F6-Circuit Assembly Corp.
07F7-Century Corp.
07F9-Dotop Technology, Inc.
07FA-DrayTek Corp.
07FD-Mark of the Unicorn
0802-Mako Technologies, LLC
0803-Zoom Telephonics, Inc.
0809-Genicom Technology, Inc.
080A-Evermuch Technology Co., Ltd
080B-Cross Match Technologies
080C-Datalogic S.p.A.
080D-Teco Image Systems Co., Ltd
0810-Personal Communication Systems, Inc.
0813-Mattel, Inc.
081A-MG Logic
081B-Indigita Corp.
081E-AlphaSmart, Inc.
0822-Reudo Corp.
0824T1042 [Freescale]-
0825-GC Protronics
0826-Data Transit
0827-BroadLogic, Inc.
0828-Sato Corp.
0829-DirecTV Broadband, Inc. (Telocity)
0830-Palm, Inc.
0832-Kouwell Electronics Corp.
0833-Sourcenext Corp.
0835-Action Star Enterprise Co., Ltd
0839-Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd
083A-Accton Technology Corp.
083F-Global Village
0840-Argosy Research, Inc., Inc.
0844-Welland Industrial Co., Ltd
0846-NetGear, Inc.
084D-Minton Optic Industry Co., Inc.
084E-KB Gear
0850-Fast Point Technologies, Inc.
0851-Macronix International Co., Ltd
0853-Topre Corporation
0854-ActiveWire, Inc.
0856-B&B Electronics
0858-Hitachi Maxell, Ltd
0859-Minolta Systems Laboratory, Inc.
085C-ColorVision, Inc.
0862-Teletrol Systems, Inc.
0863-Filanet Corp.
0864-NetGear, Inc.
0867-Data Translation, Inc.
086A-Emagic Soft- und Hardware GmbH
086C-DeTeWe - Deutsche Telephonwerke AG & Co.
086E-System TALKS, Inc.
086F-MEC IMEX, Inc.
0871-SanDisk, Inc.
0873-Xpeed, Inc.
0874-A-Tec Subsystem, Inc.
0879-Comtrol Corp.
087C-Adesso/Kbtek America, Inc.
087D-Jaton Corp.
087E-Fujitsu Computer Products of America
087F-QualCore Logic Inc.
0880-APT Technologies, Inc.
0883-Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
0885-Boca Research, Inc.
0886-XAC Automation Corp.
0887-Hannstar Electronics Corp.
088B-MassWorks, Inc.
088C-Swecoin AB
0892-DioGraphy, Inc.
0894-TSI Incorporated
089C-United Technologies Research Cntr.
089D-Icron Technologies Corp.
089E-NST Co., Ltd
089F-Primex Aerospace Co.
08A5-e9, Inc.
08A6-Toshiba TEC
08A8-Andrea Electronics
08A9-CWAV Inc.
08AC-Macraigor Systems LLC
08AE-Macally (Mace Group, Inc.)
08B4-Sorenson Vision, Inc.
08B8-J. Gordon Electronic Design, Inc.
08B9-RadioShack Corp. (Tandy)
08BB-Texas Instruments
08BD-Citizen Watch Co., Ltd
08C3-Precise Biometrics
08C4-Proxim, Inc.
08C7-Key Nice Enterprise Co., Ltd
08C8-2Wire, Inc.
08C9-Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
08CA-Aiptek International, Inc.
08CD-Jue Hsun Ind. Corp.
08CE-Long Well Electronics Corp.
08CF-Productivity Enhancement Products
08D1-smartBridges, Inc.
08D3-Virtual Ink
08D4-Fujitsu Siemens Computers
08D8-IXXAT Automation GmbH
08D9-Increment P Corp.
08DD-Billionton Systems, Inc.
08DF-Spyrus, Inc.
08E3-Olitec, Inc.
08E4-Pioneer Corp.
08E6-Gemalto (was Gemplus)
08E7-Pan-International Wire & Cable
08E8-Integrated Memory Logic
08E9-Extended Systems, Inc.
08EA-Ericsson, Inc., Blue Ridge Labs
08EC-M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers
08ED-MediaTek Inc.
08F0-Corex Technologies
08F1-CTI Electronics Corp.
08F2-Gotop Information Inc.
08F5-SysTec Co., Ltd
08F6-Logic 3 International, Ltd
08F8-Keen Top International Enterprise Co., Ltd
08F9-Wipro Technologies
08FB-Socket Communications
08FC-Sicon Cable Technology Co., Ltd
08FD-Digianswer A/S
08FF-AuthenTec, Inc.
0900-Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
0901-VST Technologies
0906-Faraday Technology Corp.
0908-Siemens AG
0909-Audio-Technica Corp.
090A-Trumpion Microelectronics, Inc.
090C-Silicon Motion, Inc. - Taiwan (formerly Feiya Technology Corp.)
090D-Multiport Computer Vertriebs GmbH
090E-Shining Technology, Inc.
090F-Fujitsu Devices, Inc.
0910-Alation Systems, Inc.
0911-Philips Speech Processing
0912-Voquette, Inc.
0915-GlobeSpan, Inc.
0917-SmartDisk Corp.
0919-Tiger Electronics
091E-Garmin International
0920-Echelon Co.
0921-GoHubs, Inc.
0922-Dymo-CoStar Corp.
0923-IC Media Corp.
0925VIA Technologies, Inc. (Wrong ID)Lakeview Research
0927-Summus, Ltd
0928-PLX Technology, Inc. (formerly Oxford Semiconductor, Ltd)
0929-American Biometric Co.
092A-Toshiba Information & Industrial Sys. And Services
092B-Sena Technologies, Inc.
092F-Northern Embedded Science/CAVNEX
0930-Toshiba Corp.
0931-Harmonic Data Systems, Ltd
0932-Crescentec Corp.
0933-Quantum Corp.
0934-Spirent Communications
0939-Lumberg, Inc.
093A-Pixart Imaging, Inc.
093B-Plextor Corp.
093C-Intrepid Control Systems, Inc.
093D-InnoSync, Inc.
093E-J.S.T. Mfg. Co., Ltd
093F-Olympia Telecom Vertriebs GmbH
0940-Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd
0941-Photobit Corp., LLC
0943-HCL Technologies India Private, Ltd
0944-KORG, Inc.
0945-Pasco Scientific
0948-Kronauer music in digital
094B-Linkup Systems Corp.
094D-Cable Television Laboratories
0951-Kingston Technology
0954-RPM Systems Corp.
0955-NVIDIA Corp.
0956-BSquare Corp.
0957-Agilent Technologies, Inc.
0958-CompuLink Research, Inc.
0959-Cologne Chip AG
095B-Medialogic Corp.
095C-K-Tec Electronics
095D-Polycom, Inc.
0967-Acer NeWeb Corp.
0968-Catalyst Enterprises, Inc.
096E-Feitian Technologies, Inc.
0971-Gretag-Macbeth AG
0974-Datagraphix, a business unit of Anacomp
0975-OL'E Communications, Inc.
0976-Adirondack Wire & Cable
0977-Lightsurf Technologies
0978-Beckhoff GmbH
0979-Jeilin Technology Corp., Ltd
097A-Minds At Work LLC
097B-Knudsen Engineering, Ltd
097C-Marunix Co., Ltd
097D-Rosun Technologies, Inc.
097E-Biopac Systems Inc.
097F-Barun Electronics Co., Ltd
0981-Oak Technology, Ltd
0985-cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG
0986-Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.
098C-Vitana Corp.
098E-Integrated Intellectual Property, Inc.
098F-Kenwood TMI Corp.
0993-Gemstar eBook Group, Ltd
0996-Integrated Telecom Express, Inc.
099A-Zippy Technology Corp.
099E-Trimble Navigation, Ltd
09A3-PairGain Technologies
09A4-Contech Research, Inc.
09A5-VCON Telecommunications
09A7-Data Transmission Network Corp.
09A8-Lin Shiung Enterprise Co., Ltd
09A9-Smart Card Technologies Co., Ltd
09AA-Intersil Corp.
09AB-Japan Cash Machine Co., Ltd.
09AE-Tripp Lite
09B2-Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc.
09B3-Altius Solutions, Inc.
09B4-MDS Telephone Systems
09B5-Celltrix Technology Co., Ltd
09BF-Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG
09C0-Genpix Electronics, LLC
09C1-Arris Interactive LLC
09C2-Nisca Corp.
09C3-HID Global
09C4-ACTiSYS Corp.
09C5-Memory Corp.
09CA-BMC Messsysteme GmbH
09CB-FLIR Systems
09CC-Workbit Corp.
09CD-Psion Dacom Home Networks, Ltd
09CE-City Electronics, Ltd
09CF-Electronics Testing Center, Taiwan
09D1-NeoMagic, Inc.
09D2-Vreelin Engineering, Inc.
09D3-Com One
09D7-Hexagon NovAtel Inc.
09D9-KRF Tech, Ltd
09DA-A4Tech Co., Ltd.
09DB-Measurement Computing Corp.
09DC-Aimex Corp.
09DD-Fellowes, Inc.
09DF-Addonics Technologies Corp.
09E1-Intellon Corp.
09E5-Jo-Dan International, Inc.
09E6-Silutia, Inc.
09E7-Real 3D, Inc.
09E8-AKAI Professional M.I. Corp.
09E9-Chen-Source, Inc.
09EB-IM Networks, Inc.
09F3-GoFlight, Inc.
09F6-RocketChips, Inc.
09F7-Edu-Science (H.K.), Ltd
09F8-SoftConnex Technologies, Inc.
09F9-Bay Associates
09FA-Mtek Vision
09FF-Gain Technology Corp.
0A00-Liquid Audio
0A01-ViA, Inc.
0A07-Ontrak Control Systems Inc.
0A0B-Cybex Computer Products Co.
0A0D-Servergy, Inc
0A11-Xentec, Inc.
0A12-Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd
0A13-Telebyte, Inc.
0A14-Spacelabs Medical, Inc.
0A15-Scalar Corp.
0A16-Trek Technology (S) PTE, Ltd
0A17-Pentax Corp.
0A18-Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
0A19-Hua Geng Technologies, Inc.
0A21-Medtronic Physio Control Corp.
0A22-Century Semiconductor USA, Inc.
0A27-Datacard Group
0A2C-AK-Modul-Bus Computer GmbH
0A34-TG3 Electronics, Inc.
0A35-Radikal Technologies
0A39-Gilat Satellite Networks, Ltd
0A3A-PentaMedia Co., Ltd
0A3C-NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
0A3D-Varo Vision
0A3F-Swissonic AG
0A43-Boca Systems, Inc.
0A46-Davicom Semiconductor, Inc.
0A47-Hirose Electric
0A48-I/O Interconnect
0A4A-Ploytec GmbH
0A4B-Fujitsu Media Devices, Ltd
0A4C-Computex Co., Ltd
0A4D-Evolution Electronics, Ltd
0A4E-Steinberg Soft-und Hardware GmbH
0A4F-Litton Systems, Inc.
0A50-Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd
0A51-Sony Electronics, Inc.
0A52-Jebsee Electronics Co., Ltd
0A53-Portable Peripheral Co., Ltd
0A5A-Electronics For Imaging, Inc.
0A5B-EAsics NV
0A5C-Broadcom Corp.
0A5D-Diatrend Corp.
0A66-ClearCube Technology
0A67-Medeli Electronics Co., Ltd
0A68-Comaide Corp.
0A69-Chroma ate, Inc.
0A6B-Green House Co., Ltd
0A6C-Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc.
0A6D-UPS Manufacturing
0A6F-Core Technology, Inc.
0A70-International Game Technology
0A71-VIPColor Technologies USA, Inc.
0A72-Sanwa Denshi
0A73-Mackie Designs
0A7D-NSTL, Inc.
0A7E-Octagon Systems Corp.
0A80-Rexon Technology Corp., Ltd
0A81-Chesen Electronics Corp.
0A83-NextComm, Inc.
0A84-Maui Innovative Peripherals
0A85-Idexx Labs
0A86-NITGen Co., Ltd
0A89BREA Technologies IncAktiv
0A8E-Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd
0A90-Candy Technology Co., Ltd
0A91-Globlink Technology, Inc.
0A92-EGO SYStems, Inc.
0A93-C Technologies AB
0AA3-Lava Computer Mfg., Inc.
0AA4-Develco Elektronik
0AA5-First International Digital
0AA6-Perception Digital, Ltd
0AA7-Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH
0AA8-TriGem Computer, Inc.
0AA9-Baromtec Co.
0AAA-Japan CBM Corp.
0AAB-Vision Shape Europe SA
0AAC-iCompression, Inc.
0AAD-Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
0AAE-NEC infrontia Corp. (Nitsuko)
0AAF-Digitalway Co., Ltd
0AB0-Arrow Strong Electronics Co., Ltd
0AC3-Sanyo Semiconductor Company Micro
0AC4-Leco Corp.
0AC5-I & C Corp.
0AC6-Singing Electrons, Inc.
0AC7-Panwest Corp.
0AC8-Z-Star Microelectronics Corp.
0AC9-Micro Solutions, Inc.
0ACA-OPEN Networks Ltd
0ACC-Koga Electronics Co.
0ACD-ID Tech
0ACF-Intoto, Inc.
0AD0-Intellix Corp.
0AD1-Remotec Technology, Ltd
0AD2-Service & Quality Technology Co., Ltd
0ADA-Data Encryption Systems Ltd.
0AE3-Allion Computer, Inc.
0AE4-Taito Corp.
0AE7-Neodym Systems, Inc.
0AE8-System Support Co., Ltd
0AE9-North Shore Circuit Design L.L.P.
0AEA-SciEssence, LLC
0AEB-TTP Communications, Ltd
0AEC-Neodio Technologies Corp.
0AF6-Silver I Co., Ltd
0AF7-B2C2, Inc.
0AF9-Hama, Inc.
0AFA-DMC Co., Ltd.
0AFC-Zaptronix Ltd
0AFD-Tateno Dennou, Inc.
0AFE-Cummins Engine Co.
0AFF-Jump Zone Network Products, Inc.
0B05-ASUSTek Computer, Inc.
0B0BRhino Equipment Corp.Datamax-O'Neil
0B0C-Todos AB
0B0E-GN Netcom
0B0F-AVID Technology
0B11-I Tech Solutions Co., Ltd
0B1E-Electronic Warfare Assoc., Inc. (EWA)
0B1F-Insyde Software Corp.
0B20-TransDimension, Inc.
0B21-Yokogawa Electric Corp.
0B22-Japan System Development Co., Ltd
0B23-Pan-Asia Electronics Co., Ltd
0B24-Link Evolution Corp.
0B27-Ritek Corp.
0B28-Kenwood Corp.
0B2C-Village Center, Inc.
0B30-PNY Technologies, Inc.
0B33-Contour Design, Inc.
0B37-Hitachi ULSI Systems Co., Ltd
0B38-Gear Head
0B39-Omnidirectional Control Technology, Inc.
0B3B-Tekram Technology Co., Ltd
0B3C-Olivetti Techcenter
0B3E-Kikusui Electronics Corp.
0B41-Hal Corp., Inc., Inc.
0B48-TechnoTrend AG
0B49-ASCII Corp.
0B4B-Pine Corp. Ltd.
0B4D-Graphtec America, Inc.
0B4E-Musical Electronics, Ltd
0B50-Dumpries Co., Ltd
0B51-Comfort Keyboard Co.
0B52-Colorado MicroDisplay, Inc.
0B54-Sinbon Electronics Co., Ltd
0B56-TYI Systems, Ltd
0B57-Beijing HanwangTechnology Co., Ltd
0B59-Lake Communications, Ltd
0B5A-Corel Corp.
0B5F-Green Electronics Co., Ltd
0B60-Nsine, Ltd
0B61-NEC Viewtechnology, Ltd
0B62-Orange Micro, Inc.
0B63-ADLink Technology, Inc.
0B64-Wonderful Wire Cable Co., Ltd
0B65-Expert Magnetics Corp.
0B66-Cybiko Inc.
0B67-Fairbanks Scales
0B6A-Maxim Integrated Products
0B6F-Nagano Japan Radio Co., Ltd
0B70-PortalPlayer, Inc.
0B71-SHIN-EI Sangyo Co., Ltd
0B72-Embedded Wireless Technology Co., Ltd
0B73-Computone Corp.
0B75-Roland DG Corp.
0B79-Sunrise Telecom, Inc.
0B7A-Zeevo, Inc.
0B7B-Taiko Denki Co., Ltd
0B7C-ITRAN Communications, Ltd
0B7D-Astrodesign, Inc.
0B81-id3 Technologies
0B84-Rextron Technology, Inc.
0B85-Elkat Electronics, Sdn., Bhd.
0B86-Exputer Systems, Inc.
0B87-Plus-One I & T, Inc.
0B88-Sigma Koki Co., Ltd, Technology Center
0B89-Advanced Digital Broadcast, Ltd
0B8C-SMART Technologies Inc.
0B95-ASIX Electronics Corp.
0B96-Sewon Telecom
0B97-O2 Micro, Inc.
0B98-Playmates Toys, Inc.
0B99-Audio International, Inc.
0B9B-Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Kunde
0B9D-Softprotec Co.
0B9F-Chippo Technologies
0BAF-U.S. Robotics
0BB0-Concord Camera Corp.
0BB1-Infinilink Corp.
0BB2-Ambit Microsystems Corp.
0BB3-Ofuji Technology
0BB4-HTC (High Tech Computer Corp.)
0BB5-Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd
0BB6-Network Alchemy
0BB7-Joytech Computer Co., Ltd
0BB8-Hitachi Semiconductor and Devices Sales Co., Ltd
0BB9-Eiger M&C Co., Ltd
0BBA-ZAccess Systems
0BBB-General Meters Corp.
0BBC-Assistive Technology, Inc.
0BBD-System Connection, Inc.
0BC0-Knilink Technology, Inc.
0BC1-Fuw Yng Electronics Co., Ltd
0BC2-Seagate RSS LLC
0BC3-IPWireless, Inc.
0BC4-Microcube Corp.
0BC5-JCN Co., Ltd
0BC6-ExWAY, Inc.
0BC7-X10 Wireless Technology, Inc.
0BC8-Telmax Communications
0BC9-ECI Telecom, Ltd
0BCA-Startek Engineering, Inc.
0BCB-Perfect Technic Enterprise Co., Ltd
0BD7-Andrew Pargeter & Associates
0BDA-Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
0BDB-Ericsson Business Mobile Networks BV
0BDC-Y Media Corp.
0BDD-Orange PCS
0BE2-Kanda Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd
0BE3-TOYO Corp.
0BE4-Elka International, Ltd
0BE5-DOME imaging systems, Inc.
0BE6-Dong Guan Humen Wonderful Wire Cable Factory
0BEE-LTK Industries, Ltd
0BEF-Way2Call Communications
0BF0-Pace Micro Technology PLC
0BF1-Intracom S.A.
0BF6-Addonics Technologies, Inc.
0BF7-Sunny Giken, Inc.
0BF8-Fujitsu Siemens Computers
0BFB-Grass Valley Group
0BFD-Kvaser AB
0C00-FireFly Mouse Mat
0C04-MOTO Development Group, Inc.
0C05-Appian Graphics
0C06-Hasbro Games, Inc.
0C07-Infinite Data Storage, Ltd
0C09-Comjet Information System
0C0A-Highpoint Technologies, Inc.
0C0B-Dura Micro, Inc. (Acomdata)
0C15-Iris Graphics
0C16-Gyration, Inc.
0C17-Cyberboard A/S
0C18-SynerTek Korea, Inc.
0C19-cyberPIXIE, Inc.
0C1A-Silicon Motion, Inc.
0C1B-MIPS Technologies
0C1C-Hang Zhou Silan Electronics Co., Ltd
0C22-Tally Printer Corp.
0C23-Lernout + Hauspie
0C24-Taiyo Yuden
0C25-Sampo Corp.
0C26-Prolific Technology Inc.
0C27-RFIDeas, Inc
0C2E-Metrologic Instruments
0C30-Mutoh Industries Ltd
0C35-Eagletron, Inc.
0C36-E Ink Corp.
0C38-Der An Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd
0C3A-Furui Precise Component (Kunshan) Co., Ltd
0C3B-Komatsu, Ltd
0C3C-Radius Co., Ltd
0C3D-Innocom, Inc.
0C3E-Nextcell, Inc.
0C44-Motorola iDEN
0C46-WaveRider Communications, Inc.
0C4B-Reiner SCT Kartensysteme GmbH
0C4C-Needham's Electronics
0C52-Sealevel Systems, Inc.
0C53-ViewPLUS, Inc.
0C54-Glory, Ltd
0C55-Spectrum Digital, Inc.
0C56-Billion Bright, Ltd
0C57-Imaginative Design Operation Co., Ltd
0C58-Vidar Systems Corp.
0C59-Dong Guan Shinko Wire Co., Ltd
0C5A-TRS International Mfg., Inc.
0C5E-Xytronix Research & Design
0C60-Apogee Electronics Corp.
0C62-Chant Sincere Co., Ltd
0C63-Toko, Inc.
0C64-Signality System Engineering Co., Ltd
0C65-Eminence Enterprise Co., Ltd
0C66-Rexon Electronics Corp.
0C67-Concept Telecom, Ltd
0C6C-JETI Technische Instrumente GmbH
0C70-MCT Elektronikladen
0C72-PEAK System
0C74-Optronic Laboratories Inc.
0C76-JMTek, LLC.
0C77-Sipix Group, Ltd
0C78-Detto Corp.
0C79-NuConnex Technologies Pte., Ltd
0C7A-Wing-Span Enterprise Co., Ltd
0C86-NDA Technologies, Inc.
0C88-Kyocera Wireless Corp.
0C89-Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd
0C8A-Pathway Connectivity, Inc.
0C8B-Wavefly Corp.
0C8C-Coactive Networks
0C8E-Cesscom Co., Ltd
0C8F-Applied Microsystems
0C98-Berkshire Products, Inc.
0C99-Innochips Co., Ltd
0C9A-Hanwool Robotics Corp.
0C9B-Jobin Yvon, Inc.
0C9C-Brand Innovators BV
0CA3-Sega Corp.
0CA4-ST&T Instrument Corp.
0CA5-BAE Systems Canada, Inc.
0CA6-Castles Technology Co., Ltd
0CA7-Information Systems Laboratories
0CAA-Allied Telesis KK.
0CAD-Motorola CGISS
0CAE-Ascom Business Systems, Ltd
0CB0-Flying Pig Systems
0CB1-Innovonics, Inc.
0CB6-Celestix Networks, Pte., Ltd
0CB7-Singatron Enterprise Co., Ltd
0CB8-Opticis Co., Ltd
0CBA-Trust Electronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
0CBB-Shanghai Darong Electronics Co., Ltd
0CBC-Palmax Technology Co., Ltd
0CBD-Pentel Co., Ltd (Electronics Equipment Div.)
0CBE-Keryx Technologies, Inc.
0CBF-Union Genius Computer Co., Ltd
0CC0-Kuon Yi Industrial Corp.
0CC1-Given Imaging, Ltd
0CC2-Timex Corp.
0CC3-Rimage Corp.
0CC4-emsys GmbH
0CC6-Intermagic Corp.
0CC8-Technotools Corp.
0CC9-BroadMAX Technologies, Inc.
0CCB-SKNet Co., Ltd
0CCC-Domex Technology Corp.
0CCD-TerraTec Electronic GmbH
0CD4-Bang Olufsen
0CD5-LabJack Corporation
0CD6-Scheidt & Bachmann
0CD7-NewChip S.r.l.
0CD8-JS Digitech, Inc.
0CD9-Hitachi Shin Din Cable, Ltd
0CE5-Validation Technologies International
0CE9-Pico Technology
0CF1-e-Conn Electronic Co., Ltd
0CF2-ENE Technology, Inc.
0CF3-Qualcomm Atheros Communications
0CF4-Fomtex Corp.
0CF5-Cellink Co., Ltd
0CF6-Compucable Corp.
0CF7-ishoni Networks
0CF8-Clarisys, Inc.
0CF9-Central System Research Co., Ltd
0CFA-Inviso, Inc.
0CFC-Minolta-QMS, Inc.
0D06-telos EDV Systementwicklung GmbH
0D0B-Contemporary Controls
0D0C-Astron Electronics Co., Ltd
0D0D-MKNet Corp.
0D0E-Hybrid Networks, Inc.
0D0F-Feng Shin Cable Co., Ltd
0D10-Elastic Networks
0D11-Maspro Denkoh Corp.
0D12-Hansol Electronics, Inc.
0D13-BMF Corp.
0D14-Array Comm, Inc.
0D15-OnStream b.v.
0D16-Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies Co., Ltd
0D17-NALTEC, Inc.
0D19-Hank Connection Industrial Co., Ltd
0D32-Leo Hui Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd
0D33-AirSpeak, Inc.
0D34-Rearden Steel Technologies
0D35-Dah Kun Co., Ltd
0D3A-Posiflex Technologies, Inc.
0D3C-Sri Cable Technology, Ltd
0D3D-Tangtop Technology Co., Ltd
0D3E-Fitcom, inc.
0D3F-MTS Systems Corp.
0D40-Ascor, Inc.
0D41-Ta Yun Terminals Industrial Co., Ltd
0D42-Full Der Co., Ltd
0D46-Kobil Systems GmbH
0D48-Promethean Limited
0D4A-NF Corp.
0D4B-Grape Systems, Inc.
0D4C-Tedas AG
0D4D-Coherent, Inc.
0D4E-Agere Systems Netherland BV
0D4F-EADS Airbus France
0D50-Cleware GmbH
0D51-Volex (Asia) Pte., Ltd
0D53-HMI Co., Ltd
0D54-Holon Corp.
0D55-ASKA Technologies, Inc.
0D56-AVLAB Technology, Inc.
0D57-Solomon Microtech, Ltd
0D59-TRC Simulators b.v.
0D5C-SMC Networks, Inc.
0D5E-Myacom, Ltd
0D5F-CSI, Inc.
0D60-IVL Technologies, Ltd
0D61-Meilu Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
0D62-Darfon Electronics Corp.
0D63-Fritz Gegauf AG
0D64-DXG Technology Corp.
0D65-KMJP Co., Ltd
0D67-Advanet, Inc.
0D68-Super Link Electronics Co., Ltd
0D6A-Megapower International Corp.
0D6B-And-Or Logic
0D70-Try Computer Co., Ltd
0D71-Hirakawa Hewtech Corp.
0D72-Winmate Communication, Inc.
0D73-Hit's Communications, Inc.
0D76-MFP Korea, Inc.
0D77-Power Sentry/Newpoint
0D78-Japan Distributor Corp.
0D7A-MARX Datentechnik GmbH
0D7B-Wellco Technology Co., Ltd
0D7C-Taiwan Line Tek Electronic Co., Ltd
0D7D-Phison Electronics Corp.
0D7E-American Computer & Digital Components
0D7F-Essential Reality LLC
0D80-H.R. Silvine Electronics, Inc.
0D83-Think Outside, Inc.
0D87-Dolby Laboratories Inc.
0D89-Oz Software
0D8A-King Jim Co., Ltd
0D8B-Ascom Telecommunications, Ltd
0D8C-C-Media Electronics, Inc.
0D8D-Promotion & Display Technology, Ltd
0D8E-Global Sun Technology, Inc.
0D8F-Pitney Bowes
0D90-Sure-Fire Electrical Corp.
0D96-Skanhex Technology, Inc.
0D97-Santa Barbara Instrument Group
0D98-Mars Semiconductor Corp.
0D99-Trazer Technologies, Inc.
0D9B-Tat Shing Electrical Co.
0D9C-Chee Chen Hi-Technology Co., Ltd
0D9D-Sanwa Supply, Inc.
0D9F-Powercom Co., Ltd
0DA0-Danger Research
0DA1-Suzhou Peter's Precise Industrial Co., Ltd
0DA2-Land Instruments International, Ltd
0DA3-Nippon Electro-Sensory Devices Corp.
0DA4-Polar Electro Oy
0DA7-IOGear, Inc.
0DA8-softDSP Co., Ltd
0DAB-Cubig Group
0DAD-Westover Scientific
0DB0-Micro Star International
0DB1-Wen Te Electronics Co., Ltd
0DB2-Shian Hwi Plug Parts, Plastic Factory
0DB3-Tekram Technology Co., Ltd
0DB4-Chung Fu Chen Yeh Enterprise Corp.
0DB5-Access IS
0DB7-ELCON Systemtechnik
0DBC-A&D Medical
0DBE-Jiuh Shiuh Precision Industry Co., Ltd
0DBF-Jess-Link International
0DC0-G7 Solutions (formerly Great Notions)
0DC1-Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd
0DC3-Athena Smartcard Solutions, Inc.
0DC4-inXtron, Inc.
0DC5-SDK Co., Ltd
0DC6-Precision Squared Technology Corp.
0DC7-First Cable Line, Inc.
0DCD-NetworkFab Corp.
0DD0-Access Solutions
0DD1-Contek Electronics Co., Ltd
0DD2-Power Quotient International Co., Ltd
0DD4-Custom Engineering SPA
0DD5-California Micro Devices
0DD7-Kocom Co., Ltd
0DD8-Netac Technology Co., Ltd
0DD9-HighSpeed Surfing
0DDA-Integrated Circuit Solution, Inc.
0DDB-Tamarack, Inc.
0DDD-Datelink Technology Co., Ltd
0DDE-Ubicom, Inc.
0DE0-BD Consumer Healthcare
0DEA-UTECH Electronic (D.G.) Co., Ltd.
0DEE-Lifetime Memory Products
0DEF-Full Rise Electronic Co., Ltd
0DF6-Sitecom Europe B.V.
0DF7-Mobile Action Technology, Inc.
0DFA-Toyo Communication Equipment Co., Ltd
0DFC-GeneralTouch Technology Co., Ltd
0E03-Nippon Systemware Co., Ltd
0E08-Winbest Technology Co., Ltd
0E0B-Amigo Technology Inc.
0E0D-PicoQuant GmbH
0E0F-VMware, Inc.
0E11Compaq Computer Corporation-
0E16-JMTek, LLC
0E17-Walex Electronic, Ltd
0E1E-Green Hills Software
0E20-Pegasus Technologies Ltd.
0E21-Cowon Systems, Inc.
0E22-Symbian Ltd.
0E23-Liou Yuane Enterprise Co., Ltd
0E25-VinChip Systems, Inc.
0E26-J-Phone East Co., Ltd
0E30-HeartMath LLC
0E34-Micro Computer Control Corp.
0E35-3Pea Technologies, Inc.
0E36-TiePie engineering
0E38-Stratitec, Inc.
0E39-Smart Modular Technologies, Inc.
0E3A-Neostar Technology Co., Ltd
0E3B-Mansella, Ltd
0E41-Line6, Inc.
0E44-Sun-Riseful Technology Co., Ltd.
0E48-Julia Corp., Ltd
0E4A-Shenzhen Bao Hing Electric Wire & Cable Mfr. Co.
0E4C-Radica Games, Ltd
0E50-TechnoData Interware
0E55HaSoTec GmbHSpeed Dragon Multimedia, Ltd
0E56-Kingston Technology Company, Inc.
0E5A-Active Co., Ltd
0E5B-Union Power Information Industrial Co., Ltd
0E5C-Bitland Information Technology Co., Ltd
0E5D-Neltron Industrial Co., Ltd
0E5E-Conwise Technology Co., Ltd.
0E66-Hawking Technologies
0E67-Fossil, Inc.
0E6A-Megawin Technology Co., Ltd
0E70-Tokyo Electronic Industry Co., Ltd
0E72-Hsi-Chin Electronics Co., Ltd
0E75-TVS Electronics, Ltd
0E79-Archos, Inc.
0E7B-On-Tech Industry Co., Ltd
0E7E-Gmate, Inc.
0E82-Ching Tai Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd
0E83-Shin An Wire & Cable Co.
0E8C-Well Force Electronic Co., Ltd
0E8D-MediaTek Inc.
0E8F-GreenAsia Inc.
0E90-WiebeTech, LLC
0E91-VTech Engineering Canada, Ltd
0E92-C's Glory Enterprise Co., Ltd
0E93-eM Technics Co., Ltd
0E95-Future Technology Co., Ltd
0E96-Aplux Communications, Ltd
0E97-Fingerworks, Inc.
0E98-Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc.
0E99-Parallel Dice Co., Ltd
0E9A-TA HSING Industries, Ltd
0E9B-ADTEC Corp.
0E9C-Streamzap, Inc.
0E9F-Tamura Corp.
0EA0-Ours Technology, Inc.
0EA6-Nihon Computer Co., Ltd
0EA7-MSL Enterprises Corp.
0EA8-CenDyne, Inc.
0EACSHF Communication Technologies AG-
0EAD-Humax Co., Ltd
0EB1-WIS Technologies, Inc.
0EB2-Y-S Electronic Co., Ltd
0EB3-Saint Technology Corp.
0EB7-Endor AG
0EB8-Mettler Toledo
0EBB-Thermo Fisher Scientific
0EBE-VWeb Corp.
0EBF-Omega Technology of Taiwan, Inc.
0EC0-LHI Technology (China) Co., Ltd
0EC1-Abit Computer Corp.
0EC2-Sweetray Industrial, Ltd
0EC3-Axell Co., Ltd
0EC4-Ballracing Developments, Ltd
0EC5-GT Information System Co., Ltd
0EC6-InnoVISION Multimedia, Ltd
0EC7-Theta Link Corp.
0ECD-Lite-On IT Corp.
0ECE-TaiSol Electronics Co., Ltd
0ECF-Phogenix Imaging, LLC
0ED2-Kyoto Micro Computer Co., Ltd
0ED3-Wing-Tech Enterprise Co., Ltd
0EDA-Noriake Itron Corp.
0EDF-e-MDT Co., Ltd
0EE0-Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd
0EE1-Sarotech Co., Ltd
0EE2-AMI Semiconductor, Inc.
0EE3-ComTrue Technology Corp.
0EE4-Sunrich Technology, Ltd
0EEE-Digital Stream Technology, Inc.
0EEF-D-WAV Scientific Co., Ltd
0EF0-Hitachi Cable, Ltd
0EF1-Aichi Micro Intelligent Corp.
0EF2-I/O Magic Corp.
0EF3-Lynn Products, Inc.
0EF4-DSI Datotech
0EF6-Yield Microelectronics Corp.
0EF7-SM Tech Co., Ltd (Tulip)
0EFD-Oasis Semiconductor
0EFE-Wem Technology, Inc.
0F03-Unitek UPS Systems
0F06-Visual Frontier Enterprise Co., Ltd
0F08-CSL Wire & Plug (Shen Zhen) Co.
0F0C-CAS Corp.
0F0D-Hori Co., Ltd
0F0E-Energy Full Corp.
0F0F-Silego Technology Inc
0F11-LD Didactic GmbH
0F12-Mars Engineering Corp.
0F13-Acetek Technology Co., Ltd
0F18-Finger Lakes Instrumentation
0F19-Oracom Co., Ltd
0F1B-Onset Computer Corp.
0F1C-Funai Electric Co., Ltd
0F1D-Iwill Corp.
0F21-IOI Technology Corp.
0F22-Senior Industries, Inc.
0F23-Leader Tech Manufacturer Co., Ltd
0F24-Flex-P Industries, Snd., Bhd.
0F2D-ViPower, Inc.
0F2E-Geniality Maple Technology Co., Ltd
0F2F-Priva Design Services
0F30-Jess Technology Co., Ltd
0F31-Chrysalis Development
0F32-YFC-BonEagle Electric Co., Ltd
0F37-Kokuyo Co., Ltd
0F38-Nien-Yi Industrial Corp.
0F39-TG3 Electronics
0F3D-Airprime, Incorporated
0F41-RDC Semiconductor Co., Ltd
0F42-Nital Consulting Services, Inc.
0F49-Evolis SA
0F4B-St. John Technology Co., Ltd
0F4C-WorldWide Cable Opto Corp.
0F4D-Microtune, Inc.
0F4E-Freedom Scientific
0F52-Wing Key Electrical Co., Ltd
0F53-Dongguan White Horse Cable Factory, Ltd
0F54-Kawai Musical Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd
0F55-AmbiCom, Inc.
0F5C-Prairiecomm, Inc.
0F5D-NewAge International, LLC
0F5F-Key Technology Corp.
0F60-NTK, Ltd
0F61-Varian, Inc.
0F62Acrox Technologies Co., Ltd.Acrox Technologies Co., Ltd
0F63-LeapFrog Enterprises
0F68-Kobe Steel, Ltd
0F69-Dionex Corp.
0F6A-Vibren Technologies, Inc.
0F78-Guntermann & Drunck GmbH
0F7C-DQ Technology, Inc.
0F7D-NetBotz, Inc.
0F7E-Fluke Corp.
0F88-VTech Holdings, Ltd
0F8B-Yazaki Corp.
0F8C-Young Generation International Corp.
0F8D-Uniwill Computer Corp.
0F8E-Kingnet Technology Co., Ltd
0F8F-Soma Networks
0F97-CviLux Corp.
0F98-CyberBank Corp.
0F9C-Hyun Won, Inc.
0F9E-Lucent Technologies
0FA3-Starconn Electronic Co., Ltd
0FA4-ATL Technology
0FA5-Sotec Co., Ltd
0FA7-Epox Computer Co., Ltd
0FA8-Logic Controls, Inc.
0FAF-Winpoint Electronic Corp.
0FB0-Haurtian Wire & Cable Co., Ltd
0FB1-Inclose Design, Inc.
0FB2-Juan-Chern Industrial Co., Ltd
0FB6-Heber Ltd
0FB8-Wistron Corp.
0FB9-AACom Corp.
0FBA-San Shing Electronics Co., Ltd
0FBB-Bitwise Systems, Inc.
0FC1-Mitac Internatinal Corp.
0FC2-Plug and Jack Industrial, Inc.
0FC5-Delcom Engineering
0FC6-Dataplus Supplies, Inc.
0FCA-Research In Motion, Ltd.
0FCE-Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB
0FCF-Dynastream Innovations, Inc.
0FD0-Tulip Computers B.V.
0FD1-Giant Electronics Ltd.
0FD2-Seac Banche
0FD4-Tenovis GmbH & Co., KG
0FD5-Direct Access Technology, Inc.
0FD9-Elgato Systems GmbH
0FDA-Quantec Networks GmbH
0FDC-Micro Plus
0FDE-Oregon Scientific
0FE0-Osterhout Design Group
0FE2-Air Techniques
0FE4-IN-Tech Electronics, Ltd
0FE5-Greenconn (U.S.A.), Inc.
0FE6-ICS Advent
0FEA-United Computer Accessories
0FEB-CRS Electronic Co., Ltd
0FEC-UMC Electronics Co., Ltd
0FED-Access Co., Ltd
0FEE-Xsido Corp.
0FEF-MJ Research, Inc.
0FF6-Core Valley Co., Ltd
0FF7-CHI SHING Computer Accessories Co., Ltd
0FFC-Clavia DMI AB
0FFF-Aopen, Inc.
1000Broadcom / LSISpeed Tech Corp.
1001Kolter ElectronicRitronics Components (S) Pte., Ltd
1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI]-
1003ULSI SystemsSigma Corp.
1004VLSI Technology IncLG Electronics, Inc.
1005Avance Logic Inc. [ALI]Apacer Technology, Inc.
1006Reply GroupiRiver, Ltd.
1007NetFrame Systems Inc-
1009-Emuzed, Inc.
100APhoenix TechnologiesAV Chaseway, Ltd
100BNational Semiconductor CorporationChou Chin Industrial Co., Ltd
100CTseng Labs Inc-
100DAST Research IncNetopia, Inc.
1010Video Logic, Ltd.Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd
1011Digital Equipment CorporationMobile Media Tech.
1012Micronics Computers IncSDKM Fibres, Wires & Cables Berhad
1013Cirrus LogicTST-Touchless Sensor Technology AG
1014IBMDensitron Technologies PLC
1015LSI Logic Corp of CanadaSoftronics Pty., Ltd
1016ICL Personal SystemsXiamen Hung's Enterprise Co., Ltd
1017SPEA Software AGSpeedy Industrial Supplies, Pte., Ltd
1018Unisys Systems-
1019Elitegroup Computer SystemsElitegroup Computer Systems (ECS)
101BVitesse Semiconductor-
101CWestern Digital-
101DMaxim Integrated Products-
101EAmerican Megatrends Inc.-
1020Hitachi Computer ProductsLabtec
1021OKI Electric Industry Co. Ltd.-
1022Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD]Shinko Shoji Co., Ltd
1023Trident Microsystems-
1024Zenith Data Systems-
1025Acer Incorporated [ALI]Hyper-Paltek
1026-Newly Corp.
1027-Time Domain
1028DellInovys Corp.
1029Siemens Nixdorf ISAtlantic Coast Telesys
102ALSI LogicRamos Technology Co., Ltd
102BMatrox Electronics Systems Ltd.Infotronic America, Inc.
102CChips and TechnologiesEtoms Electronics Corp.
102DWyse Technology Inc.Winic Corp.
102EOlivetti Advanced Technology-
102FToshiba America-
1030TMC Research-
1031Miro Computer Products AGComax Technology, Inc.
1032CompaqC-One Technology Corp.
1033NEC CorporationNucam Corp.
1034Framatome Connectors USA Inc.-
1035Comp. & Comm. Research Lab-
1036Future Domain Corp.-
1037Hitachi Micro Systems-
1038AMP, IncSteelSeries ApS
1039Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]devolo AG
103ASeiko Epson CorporationPSA
103BTatung Corp. Of America-
103CHewlett-Packard Company-
103ESolliday Engineering-
103FSynopsys/Logic Modeling Group-
1040Accelgraphics Inc.-
1043ASUSTeK Computer Inc.iCreate Technologies Corp.
1044Adaptec (formerly DPT)Chu Yuen Enterprise Co., Ltd
1045OPTi Inc.-
1046IPC Corporation, Ltd.Winbond Electronics Corp. [hex]
1047Genoa Systems Corp-
1048Elsa AGTargus Group International
1049Fountain Technologies, Inc.-
104BBusLogicMylex / Buslogic
104CTexas InstrumentsAMCO TEC International, Inc.
104DSony CorporationNewport Corporation
104EOak Technology, Inc-
104FCo-time Computer LtdWB Electronics
1050Winbond Electronics
1051Anigma, Inc.-
1052Young Micro Systems-
1053Young Micro SystemsImmanuel Electronics Co., Ltd
1054Hitachi, LtdBMS International Beheer N.V.
1055Microchip Technology / SMSCComplex Micro Interconnection Co., Ltd
1056ICLHsin Chen Ent Co., Ltd
1057MotorolaON Semiconductor
1058Electronics & Telecommunications RSHWestern Digital Technologies, Inc.
1059KontronGiesecke & Devrient GmbH
105APromise Technology, Inc.-
105BFoxconn International, Inc.Foxconn International, Inc.
105CWipro Infotech LimitedHong Ji Electric Wire & Cable (Dongguan) Co., Ltd
105DNumber 9 Computer CompanyDelkin Devices, Inc.
105EVtech Computers LtdValence Semiconductor Design, Ltd
105FInfotronic America IncChin Shong Enterprise Co., Ltd
1060United Microelectronics [UMC]Easthome Industrial Co., Ltd
1062Maspar Computer Corp-
1063Ocean Office AutomationMotorola Electronics Taiwan, Ltd [hex]
1065Texas MicrosystemsCCYU Technology
1066PicoPower Technology-
1067Mitsubishi Electric-
1068Diversified TechnologyMicropi Elettronica
1069Mylex Corporation-
106AAten Research IncLoyal Legend, Ltd
106BApple Inc.-
106CHynix SemiconductorCuritel Communications, Inc.
106DSequent Computer SystemsSan Chieh Manufacturing, Ltd
106EDFI, IncConectL
106FCity Gate Development LtdMoney Controls
1070Daewoo Telecom Ltd-
1072GIT Co Ltd-
1073Yamaha Corporation-
1074NexGen Microsystems-
1075Advanced Integrations Research-
1076Chaintech Computer Co. LtdGCT Semiconductor, Inc.
1077QLogic Corp.-
1078Cyrix Corporation-
107BGateway, Inc.Gateway, Inc.
107CLG Electronics [Lucky Goldstar Co. Ltd]-
107DLeadTek Research Inc.Arlec Australia, Ltd
107EInterphase CorporationMidoriya Electric Co., Ltd
107FData Technology CorporationKidzMouse, Inc.
1080Contaq Microsystems-
1081Supermac Technology-
1082EFA Corporation of AmericaShin-Etsukaken Co., Ltd
1083Forex Computer CorporationCanon Electronics, Inc.
1084ParadorPantech Co., Ltd
1085Tulip Computers Int'l BV-
1086J. Bond Computer Systems-
1087Cache Computer-
1088Microcomputer Systems (M) Son-
1089Data General Corporation-
108ASBS TechnologiesChloride Power Protection
108B-Grand-tek Technology Co., Ltd
108COakleigh Systems Inc.Robert Bosch GmbH
108EOracle/SUNLotes Co., Ltd.
1090Compro Computer Services, Inc.-
1091Intergraph CorporationNumerik Jena
1092Diamond Multimedia Systems-
1093National Instruments-
1094First International Computers [FIC]-
1095Silicon Image, Inc.-
1097Appian Technology-
1098Quantum Designs (H.K.) Ltd-
1099Samsung Electronics Co., LtdSurface Optics Corp.
109APackard BellDATASOFT Systems GmbH
109BGemlight Computer Ltd.Hisense
109CMegachips Corporation-
109DZida Technologies Ltd.-
109EBrooktree Corporation-
109FTrigem Computer Inc.eSOL Co., Ltd
10A0Meidensha CorporationHirotech, Inc.
10A1Juko Electronics Ind. Co. Ltd-
10A2Quantum Corporation-
10A3Everex Systems IncMitsubishi Materials Corp.
10A4Globe Manufacturing Sales-
10A5Smart Link Ltd.-
10A6Informtech Industrial Ltd.-
10A7Benchmarq Microelectronics-
10A8Sierra Semiconductor-
10A9Silicon Graphics Intl. Corp.SK Teletech Co., Ltd
10AAACC MicroelectronicsCables To Go
10ABDigicomUSI Co., Ltd
10ACHoneywell IACHoneywell, Inc.
10ADSymphony Labs-
10AECornerstone TechnologyPrinceton Technology Corp.
10AFMicro Computer Systems IncLiebert Corp.
10B0CardExpert Technology-
10B1Cabletron Systems Inc-
10B2Raytheon Company-
10B3Databook Inc-
10B4STB Systems Inc-
10B5PLX Technology, Inc.Comodo (PLX)
10B6Madge Networks-
10B73Com Corporation-
10B8Standard Microsystems Corp [SMC]DiBcom
10B9ULi Electronics Inc.-
10BAMitsubishi Electric Corp.-
10BBDapha Electronics CorporationTM Technology, Inc.
10BCAdvanced Logic ResearchDinging Technology Co., Ltd
10BDSurecom TechnologyTMT Technology, Inc.
10BETseng Labs International Co.-
10BFMost IncSmartHome
10C0Boca Research Inc.-
10C1ICM Co., Ltd.-
10C2Auspex Systems Inc.-
10C3Samsung Semiconductors, Inc.Universal Laser Systems, Inc.
10C4Award Software International Inc.Silicon Labs
10C5Xerox CorporationSanei Electric, Inc.
10C6Rambus Inc.Intec, Inc.
10C7Media Vision-
10C8Neomagic Corporation-
10C9Dataexpert Corporation-
10CAFujitsu Microelectr., Inc.-
10CBOmron CorporationEratech
10CCMai Logic IncorporatedGBM Connector Co., Ltd
10CDAdvanced System Products, IncKycon, Inc.
10CERadiusSilicon Labs
10CFFujitsu Limited.Velleman Components, Inc.
10D0Fujitsu Limited-
10D1FuturePlus Systems Corp.Hottinger Baldwin Measurement
10D2Molex IncorporatedRayComposer - R. Adams
10D3Jabil Circuit Inc-
10D4Hualon MicroelectronicsMan Boon Manufactory, Ltd
10D5Autologic Inc.Uni Class Technology Co., Ltd
10D6CetiaActions Semiconductor Co., Ltd
10D7BCM Advanced Research-
10D8Advanced Peripherals Labs-
10D9Macronix, Inc. [MXIC]-
10DACompaq IPG-Austin-
10DBRohm LSI Systems, Inc.-
10DDEvans & Sutherland-
10DENVIDIA CorporationAuthenex, Inc.
10DFEmulex CorporationIn-Win Development, Inc.
10E0Integrated Micro Solutions Inc.Post-Op Video, Inc.
10E1Tekram Technology Co.,Ltd.CablePlus, Ltd
10E2Aptix CorporationNada Electronics, Ltd
10E3Tundra Semiconductor Corp.-
10E4Tandem Computers-
10E5Micro Industries Corporation-
10E6Gainbery Computer Products Inc.-
10E8Applied Micro Circuits Corp.-
10E9Alps Electric Co., Ltd.-
10EBArtists Graphics-
10ECRealtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.Vast Technologies, Inc.
10EDAscii Corporation-
10EEXilinx Corporation-
10EFRacore Computer Products, Inc.-
10F0Peritek CorporationNexio Co., Ltd
10F1Tyan ComputerImportek
10F2Achme Computer, Inc.-
10F3Alaris, Inc.-
10F4S-MOS Systems, Inc.-
10F5NKK CorporationTurtle Beach
10F6Creative Electronic Systems SA-
10F7Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.-
10F8Altos India LtdCesys GmbH
10F9PC Direct-
10FBThesys Gesellschaft fuer Mikroelektronik mbHPictos Technologies, Inc.
10FCI-O Data Device, Inc.-
10FDSoyo Computer, IncAnubis Electronics, Ltd
10FEFast Multimedia AGThrane & Thrane
1100Jazz MultimediaVirTouch, Ltd
1101Initio CorporationEasyPass Industrial Co., Ltd
1102Creative Labs-
1103HighPoint Technologies, Inc.-
1104RasterOps Corp.-
1105Sigma Designs, Inc.-
1106VIA Technologies, Inc.-
1107Stratus Computers-
1108Proteon, Inc.Brightcom Technologies, Ltd
1109Cogent Data Technologies, Inc.-
110ASiemens AGMoxa Technologies Co., Ltd.
110BChromatic Research Inc.-
110CMini-Max Technology, Inc.-
110DZnyx Advanced Systems-
110ECPU Technology-
110FRoss Technology-
1110Powerhouse SystemsAnalog Devices Canada, Ltd (Allied Telesyn)
1111Santa Cruz OperationPandora International Ltd.
1112Osicom Technologies IncYM ELECTRIC CO., Ltd
1113Accton Technology CorporationMedion AG
1114Atmel Corporation-
11153D Labs-
1116Data Translation-
1117Datacube, Inc-
1118Berg Electronics-
1119ICP Vortex Computersysteme GmbH-
111AEfficient Networks, Inc-
111BTeledyne Electronic Systems-
111CTricord Systems Inc.-
111DMicrosemi / PMC / IDT-
111EEldecVSO Electric Co., Ltd
111FPrecision Digital Images-
1120Dell EMC-
1122Multi-tech Systems, Inc.-
1123Excellent Design, Inc.-
1124Leutron Vision AG-
1127FORE Systems Inc-
112AHermes Electronics Company, Ltd.RedRat
112BHeidelberger Druckmaschinen AGHeidelberger Druckmaschinen AG-
112CZenith Data Systems-
112EInfomedia Microelectronics Inc.Master Hill Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd
112FDalsa Inc.Cellon International, Inc.
1130ComputervisionTenx Technology, Inc.
1131Philips SemiconductorsIntegrated System Solution Corp.
1132Mitel Corp.Toshiba Corp., Digital Media Equipment [hex]
1133Dialogic Corporation-
1134Mercury Computer Systems-
1135Fuji Xerox Co Ltd-
1136Momentum Data SystemsCTS Electronincs
1137Cisco Systems Inc-
1138Ziatech Corporation-
1139Dynamic Pictures, Inc-
113AFWB Inc-
113BNetwork Computing Devices-
113CCyclone Microsystems, Inc.Arin Tech Co., Ltd
113DLeading Edge Products IncMapower Electronics Co., Ltd
113ESanyo Electric Co - Computer Engineering Dept-
113FEquinox Systems, Inc.Integrated Biometrics, LLC
1140Intervoice Inc-
1141Crest Microsystem IncV One Multimedia, Pte., Ltd
1142Alliance Semiconductor CorporationCyberScan Technologies, Inc.
1143NetPower, Inc-
1144Cincinnati Milacron-
1145Workbit CorporationJapan Radio Company
1146Force ComputersShimane SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
1147Interface CorpEver Great Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd
1149Win System Corporation-
114BCanopus Co., LtdSphairon Access Systems GmbH
114CAnnabooksTinius Olsen Testing Machine Co., Inc.
114DIC CorporationAlpha Imaging Technology Corp.
114ENikon Systems Inc-
114FDigi InternationalWavecom
1150Thinking Machines Corp-
1151JAE Electronics Inc.-
1153Land Win Electronic Corp-
1154Melco Inc-
1155Pine Technology Ltd-
1156Periscope Engineering-
1157Avsys Corporation-
1158Voarx R & D Inc-
1159MuTech Corporation-
115AHarlequin Ltd-
115BParallax GraphicsSalix Technology Co., Ltd.
115CPhotron Ltd.-
115EPeer Protocols Inc-
115FMaxtor Corporation-
1160Megasoft Inc-
1161PFU Limited-
1162OA Laboratory Co LtdSecugen Corp.
1163RenditionDeLorme Publishing, Inc.
1164Advanced Peripherals TechnologiesYUAN High-Tech Development Co., Ltd
1165Imagraph CorporationTelson Electronics Co., Ltd
1166BroadcomBantam Interactive Technologies
1167Mutoh Industries IncSalient Systems Corp.
1168Thine Electronics IncBizConn International Corp.
1169Centre for Development of Advanced Computing-
116ALuminex Software, Inc.-
116BConnectware Inc-
116CIntelligent Resources Integrated Systems-
116EElectronics for ImagingGigastorage Corp.
116FWorkstation TechnologySilicon 10 Technology Corp.
1170Inventec Corporation-
1171Loughborough Sound Images Plc-
1172Altera Corporation-
1173Adobe Systems, Inc-
1174Bridgeport Machines-
1175Mitron Computer Inc.Shengyih Steel Mold Co., Ltd
1176SBE Incorporated-
1177Silicon Engineering-
1178Alfa, Inc.-
1179Toshiba Corporation-
117AA-Trend Technology-
117BL G Electronics, Inc.-
117CATTO Technology, Inc.-
117DBecton & DickinsonSanta Electronic, Inc.
117ET/R SystemsJNC, Inc.
117FIntegrated Circuit Systems-
1180Ricoh Co Ltd-
1181Telmatics International-
1182-Venture Corp., Ltd
1183Fujikura LtdCompaq Computer Corp. (Digital Dream)
1184Forks IncKyocera Elco Corp.
1185Dataworld International Ltd-
1186D-Link System Inc-
1187Advanced Technology Laboratories, Inc.-
1188Shima Seiki Manufacturing Ltd.Bloomberg L.P.
1189Matsushita Electronics Co LtdAcer Communications & Multimedia
118AHilevel Technology-
118BHypertec Pty Limited-
118CCorollary, Inc-
118DBitFlow Inc-
118EHermstedt GmbH-
118FGreen LogicYou Yang Technology Co., Ltd
1191Artop Electronic CorpLoyalty Founder Enterprise Co., Ltd
1192Densan Company Ltd-
1193Zeitnet Inc.-
1194Toucan Technology-
1195Ratoc System Inc-
1196Hytec Electronics LtdYankee Robotics, LLC
1197Gage Applied Sciences, Inc.Technoimagia Co., Ltd
1198Lambda Systems IncStarShine Technology Corp.
1199Attachmate CorporationSierra Wireless, Inc.
119AMind Share, Inc.ZHAN QI Technology Co., Ltd
119BOmega Micro Inc.ruwido austria GmbH
119CInformation Technology Inst.-
119DBug, Inc. Sapporo Japan-
119EFujitsu Microelectronics Ltd.-
119FBull HN Information Systems-
11A0Convex Computer CorporationChipcon AS
11A1Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.-
11A2Sierra Research and Technology-
11A3Deuretzbacher GmbH & Co. Eng. KGTechnovas Co., Ltd
11A4Barco Graphics NV-
11A5Microunity Systems Eng. Inc-
11A6Pure Data Ltd.-
11A7Power Computing Corp.-
11A8Systech Corp.-
11A9InnoSys Inc.-
11AAActelGlobalMedia Group, LLC
11ABMarvell Technology Group Ltd.Exito Electronics Co., Ltd
11ACCanon Information Systems Research Aust.Nike
11ADLite-On Communications Inc-
11AEAztech System Ltd-
11AFAvid Technology Inc.-
11B0V3 Semiconductor Inc.Atech Flash Technology
11B1Apricot Computers-
11B2Eastman Kodak-
11B3Barr Systems Inc.-
11B4Leitch Technology International-
11B5Radstone Technology Plc-
11B6United Video Corp-
11B8XPoint Technologies, Inc-
11B9Pathlight Technology Inc.-
11BAVideotron Corp-
11BBPyramid Technology-
11BCNetwork Peripherals Inc-
11BDPinnacle Systems Inc.-
11BEInternational Microcircuits IncR&D International NV
11BFAstrodesign, Inc.-
11C0Hewlett PackardBetop
11C1LSI Corporation-
11C2Sand Microelectronics-
11C3NEC Corporation-
11C4Document Technologies, Inc-
11C5Shiva CorporationInmax
11C6Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co. Ltd-
11C7D.C.M. Data Systems-
11C8Dolphin Interconnect Solutions AS-
11CALSI Systems, IncVeriFone Inc
11CBSpecialix Research Ltd.-
11CCMichels & Kleberhoff Computer GmbH-
11CDHAL Computer Systems, Inc.-
11CFPioneer Electronic Corporation-
11D0Lockheed Martin Federal Systems-Manassas-
11D2Intercom Inc.-
11D3Trancell Systems Inc-
11D4Analog Devices-
11D5Ikon Corporation-
11D6Tekelec Telecom-
11D7Trenton Technology, Inc.-
11D8Image Technologies Development-
11D9TEC Corporation-
11DBSega Enterprises LtdTopfield Co., Ltd.
11DCQuestra Corporation-
11DDCrosfield Electronics Limited-
11DEZoran Corporation-
11DFNew Wave PDG-
11E0Cray Communications A/S-
11E1GEC Plessey Semi Inc.-
11E2Samsung Information Systems America-
11E3Quicklogic Corporation-
11E4Second Wave Inc-
11E5IIX Consulting-
11E6Mitsui-Zosen System ResearchK.I. Technology Co. Ltd.
11E7Toshiba America, Elec. Company-
11E8Digital Processing Systems Inc.-
11E9Highwater Designs Ltd.-
11EAElsag Bailey-
11EBFormation Inc.-
11ECCoreco Inc-
11EEDome Imaging Systems Inc-
11EFNicolet Technologies B.V.-
11F1Symbios Logic Inc-
11F2Picture Tel Japan K.K.-
11F3Keithley Metrabyte-
11F4Kinetic Systems Corporation-
11F5Computing Devices InternationalSiemens AG
11F7Scientific AtlantaAlcatel
11F8PMC-Sierra Inc.-
11F9I-Cube Inc-
11FAKasan Electronics Company, Ltd.-
11FBDatel Inc-
11FCSilicon Magic-
11FDHigh Street Consultants-
11FEPepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc.-
11FFScion Corporation-
1200CSS Corporation-
1201Vista Controls Corp-
1202Network General Corp.-
1203Bayer Corporation, Agfa DivisionTSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd
1204Lattice Semiconductor Corporation-
1205Array Corporation-
1206Amdahl Corporation-
1208Parsytec GmbH-
1209SCI Systems IncGeneric
120BAdaptive Solutions-
120CTechnical Corp.-
120DCompression Labs, Inc.-
120ECyclades CorporationHudson Soft Co., Ltd
120FEssential CommunicationsMagellan
1210Hyperparallel TechnologiesDigiTech
1211Braintech Inc-
1212Kingston Technology Corp-
1213Applied Intelligent Systems, Inc.-
1214Performance Technologies, Inc.-
1215Interware Co., Ltd-
1216Purup Prepress A/S-
1217O2 Micro, Inc.-
1218Hybricon Corp.-
1219First Virtual Corporation-
121A3Dfx Interactive, Inc.-
121BAdvanced Telecommunications Modules-
121CNippon Texaco., Ltd-
121DLiPPERT ADLINK Technology GmbH-
121ECSPIJungsoft Co., Ltd
121FArcus Technology, Inc.Panini S.p.A.
1220Ariel CorporationTC Electronic
1221Contec Co., Ltd-
1222Ancor Communications, Inc.TiPro
1223Artesyn Communication ProductsSkycable Enterprise. Co., Ltd.
1224Interactive Images-
1225Power I/O, Inc.-
1227EIZO Rugged Solutions-
1228Norsk Elektro Optikk A/SDatapaq Limited
1229Data Kinesis Inc.-
122AIntegrated Telecom-
122BLG Industrial Systems Co., Ltd-
122CSican GmbH-
122DAztech System Ltd-
122FAndrew Corporation-
1230Fishcamp EngineeringChipidea-Microelectronica, S.A.
1231Woodward McCoach, Inc.-
1232GPT Limited-
1233Bus-Tech, Inc.Denver Electronics
1234Technical CorpBrain Actuated Technologies
1235SMART Modular TechnologiesFocusrite-Novation
1236Sigma Designs Corporation-
1237Alta Technology Corporation-
12393DO Company-
123AVisicom Laboratories, Inc.-
123BSeeq Technology, Inc.-
123CCentury Systems, Inc.-
123DEngineering Design Team, Inc.-
123ESimutech, Inc.-
123FLSI Logic-
1240Marathon Technologies Corp.-
1241DSC CommunicationsBelkin
1242JNI Corporation-
1243DelphaxHoltek Semiconductor, Inc.
1244AVM GmbH-
1245A.P.D., S.A.-
1246Dipix Technologies, Inc.-
1247Xylon Research, Inc.-
1248Central Data Corporation-
1249Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.-
124AAEG Electrocom GmbHAirVast
124BSBS/Greenspring Modular I/ONyko (Honey Bee)
124CSolitron Technologies, Inc.MXI - Memory Experts International, Inc.
124DStallion Technologies, Inc.-
124FInfortrend Technology, Inc.-
1250Hitachi Microcomputer System Ltd-
1251VLSI Solutions Oy-
1253Guzik Technical Enterprises-
1254Linear Systems Ltd.-
1255Optibase Ltd-
1256Perceptive Solutions, Inc.-
1257Vertex Networks, Inc.-
1258Gilbarco, Inc.-
1259Allied Telesis-
125AABB Power Systems-
125BAsix Electronics Corporation-
125CAurora Technologies, Inc.Apogee Inc.
125DESS TechnologyJMicron
125ESpecialvideo Engineering SRL-
125FConcurrent Technologies, Inc.A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd.
1260Intersil CorporationStandard Microsystems Corp.
1261Matsushita-Kotobuki Electronics Industries, Ltd.-
1262ES Computer Company, Ltd.-
1263Sonic Solutions-
1264Aval Nagasaki CorporationCovidien Energy-based Devices
1265Casio Computer Co., Ltd.-
1266Microdyne CorporationPirelli Broadband Solutions
1267S. A. TelecommunicationsLogic3 / SpectraVideo plc
126ALexmark International, Inc.-
126BAdax, Inc.-
126CNorthern TelecomAristocrat Technologies
126DSplash Technology, Inc.Bel Stewart
126ESumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.Strobe Data, Inc.
126FSilicon Motion, Inc.TwinMOS
1270Olympus Optical Co., Ltd.-
1271GW Instruments-
1272Telematics International-
1273Hughes Network Systems-
1275Network Appliance CorporationXaxero Marine Software Engineering, Ltd.
1276Switched Network Technologies, Inc.-
1278Transtech Parallel Systems Ltd.Starlight Xpress
1279Transmeta Corporation-
127ARockwell International-
127BPixera Corporation-
127CCrosspoint Solutions, Inc.-
127DVela Research-
127EWinnov, L.P.-
1280Photoscript Group Ltd.-
1281Yokogawa Electric Corporation-
1282Davicom Semiconductor, Inc.-
1283Integrated Technology Express, Inc.zebris Medical GmbH
1284Sahara Networks, Inc.-
1285Platform Technologies, Inc.-
1286Mazet GmbHMarvell Semiconductor, Inc.
1287M-Pact, Inc.-
1288Timestep Corporation-
1289AVC Technology, Inc.-
128AAsante Technologies, Inc.-
128BTranswitch Corporation-
128CRetix Corporation-
128DG2 Networks, Inc.-
128EHoontech Corporation/Samho Multi Tech Ltd.-
128FTateno Dennou, Inc.-
1290Sord Computer Corporation-
1291NCS Computer ItaliaQualcomm Flarion Technologies, Inc. / Leadtek Research, Inc.
1292Tritech Microelectronics IncInnomedia
1293Media Reality TechnologyBelkin Components [hex]
1294Rhetorex, Inc.RISO KAGAKU CORP.
1295Imagenation Corporation-
1296Kofax Image Products-
1297Holco Enterprise Co, Ltd/Shuttle ComputerDekTec
1298Spellcaster Telecommunications Inc.-
1299Knowledge Technology Lab.-
129AVMetro, inc.-
129BImage AccessCyberTAN Technology
129DCompcore Multimedia, Inc.-
129EVictor Company of Japan, Ltd.-
129FOEC Medical Systems, Inc.-
12A0Allen-Bradley Company-
12A1Simpact Associates, Inc.-
12A2Newgen Systems Corporation-
12A3Lucent Technologies-
12A4NTT Electronics Corporation-
12A5Vision Dynamics Ltd.-
12A6Scalable Networks, Inc.-
12A7AMO GmbHTrendchip Technologies Corp.
12A8News Datacom-
12A9Xiotech Corporation-
12AASDL Communications, Inc.-
12ABYUAN High-Tech Development Co., Ltd.Honey Bee Electronic International Ltd.
12ACMeasurex Corporation-
12ADMultidata GmbH-
12AEAlteon Networks Inc.-
12B0Jorge Scientific Corp-
12B2General Signal Networks-
12B3Inter-Face Co Ltd-
12B4FutureTel Inc-
12B5Granite Systems Inc.-
12B6Natural Microsystems-
12B7Cognex Corporation-
12B8KorgZhejiang Xinya Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
12B93Com Corp, Modem DivisionE28
12BABittWare, Inc.Licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment America
12BBNippon Unisoft Corporation-
12BCArray Microsystems-
12BDComputerm Corp.Gembird
12BEAnchor Chips Inc.-
12BFFujifilm Microdevices-
12C1GMM Research Corp-
12C2Mentec Limited-
12C3Holtek Microelectronics Inc-
12C4Connect Tech IncAutocue Group Ltd
12C5Picture Elements Incorporated-
12C6Mitani Corporation-
12C7Dialogic Corp-
12C8G Force Co, Ltd-
12C9Gigi Operations-
12CAIntegrated Computing Engines-
12CBAntex Electronics Corporation-
12CCPluto Technologies International-
12CDAims Lab-
12CENetspeed Inc.-
12CFProphet Systems, Inc.DEXIN