Text compare calculator
Calculator compares two texts and finds out differences between them.

Beta version

This online calculator is currently under heavy development. It may or it may NOT work correctly.
You CAN try to use it. You CAN even get the proper results.
However, please VERIFY all results on your own, as the level of completion of this item is NOT CONFIRMED.
Feel free to send any ideas and comments !


The first text

The second text

Found differences

beep boopb blah

Compare statistics

Compare result
Are texts equalno
Length of entered texts
Length of the first text9
Length of the second text14
Changed characters statistics
Number of added characters6
Number of removed characters1
Number of unchanged characters8

How to use this tool

  • Simply paste or type-in the two texts you want to compare into the boxes marked first text and second text.
  • A list of differences found between the entered texts (if any) will be shown below.

What is the meaning of each calculator field ?

  • the first text - the original, reference text that we want to compare,
  • he second text - modified text in which we are looking for differences to the original one,
  • found differences - list of differences found between the first and second text,
    • characters colored in red mean deleted characters (ie those that appear in the first text but do not appear in the second) ,
    • characters colored green mean added characters (ie those that did not appear in the first text but appeared in the second),
    • characters that remain identical in both texts are presented in standard gray font,
  • are texts equal - yes, if no difference was found between the entered texts, no - otherwise,
  • number of added characters - number of characters that appear in the second text but were not present in the output text (first) ,
  • number of removed characters - number of characters that appear in the first (output) text but have been removed in the second,
  • number of unchanged characters - number of characters that have been stored in both texts.

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