Symbolic calculation
Calculator finds out the simplest form of given math expression.

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Symbolic algebra

ⓘ Hint: This calculator supports symbolic math. You can enter numbers, but also symbols like a, b, pi or even whole math expressions such as (a+b)/2. If you still don't sure how to make your life easier using symbolic algebra check out our another page: Symbolic calculations

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Expression, which you want to simplify

Results - your expression in the simplest form#

Expression you enter
Show source32+45\frac{3}{2}+\frac{4}{5}
Show source2310\frac{23}{10}
Result step-by-step
1Show source32+45\frac{3}{2}+\frac{4}{5}Common denominatorBefore add two fractions, we need convert them into common denominator. We can find the optimal common denominator using the lowest common multiply (LCM) from both denominators.
2Show source35+4210\frac{3 \cdot 5+4 \cdot 2}{10}Simplify arithmetic-
3Show source15+4210\frac{15+4 \cdot 2}{10}Simplify arithmetic-
4Show source15+810\frac{15+8}{10}Simplify arithmetic-
5Show source2310\frac{23}{10}ResultYour expression reduced to the simplest form known to us.

How to use this tool#

  • Just enter the expression you want to calculate e.g. 2/3 + 4/5,
  • if we manage to solve your problem, we will show you how we did it step by step.
  • The given expression may contain:

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