Table of codec fourCC identifiers
Table shows list of fourCC identifiers for common video codecs.

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FourCC codes#

FourCC codeCodec nameCodec ownerNoteCodec homepage
1978A.M.Paredes predictor-This is a LossLess video codec.-
2VUY2VUY / BlackMagic---
3IV03ivx-3IV0 no longer used for this codec, however some files might be around.-
3IV13ivx-MPEG4-based codec. Used by 3ivx Delta 1.0-3.5. FOURCC "3IV0" was also used for a while but never publicly released.
3IV23ivx-MPEG4-based codec. To be used for "3ivx Delta 4.0."
3IVDFFmpeg DivX (MS MPEG-4 v3)MicrosoftSeems to be a MPEG-4 variation from Microsoft.-
3IVX3ivx-Yet another FourCC for the 3ivc Mpeg4 codec.-
8BPSPlanar RGB Codec-RLE codec storing RGB image in planar format under Quicktime.
AAS4Autodesk Animator codec (RLE)-This codec is part of Autodesk's discontinued Animator Studio for Windows.-
AASCAutodesk Animator codec (RLE)AutodeskThis codec is part of Autodesk's discontinued Animator Studio for Windows.-
ABYRKensington codec-Apparently a low resolution, low frame rate (6fps) codec similar to AJPG which is used in implementing movie capture in some digital cameras.-
ACTLStreambox ACT-L2StreamboxStreaming codec for streaming video over the internet. Since replaced by Streambox ACT-L3.-
ADV1WaveCodec-Apparently used in various CCTV products.-
ADVJ-Avid TechnologyAlso known as AVRn-
AEIKIntel Indeo Video 3.2---
AEMIArray VideoONE MPEG1-I Capture-Array's codec used for I frame only MPEG1 AVI files.-
AFLCAutodesk Animator FLC (256 color)AutodeskAVI equivalent of the FLC native file format.-
AFLIAFLI - Autodesk Animator FLI (256 color)AutodeskAVI equivalent of Autodesk's native FLI file format (presumably).-
AHDVCineForm 10-bit Visually Perfect HD (Wavelet)---
AJPG--22fps JPEG-based codec used for movie capture by some digital cameras.-
AMPG-Array MicrosystemsCodec for Array VideoONE hardware-based MPEG compression system.-
AP41AngelPotion Definitive-Another hacked version of Microsoft's MP43 codec. One source recommends against installing this codec "due to its occasional tendency to modify client structures". Apparently this means that it can destroy or otherwise mess up the  HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\avifile section of your registry leaving some tools incapable of playing video any more.-
AP42AngelPotion Definitive-Another hacked version of Microsoft's MP43 codec.-
ASLCAlparysoft Lossless CodecAlparysoftCodec offering approximately 5x compression in mathematically lossless mode or 5-15x compression in "visually lossless" operation.-
ASV1Asus VideoAsusCodec supplied with the Asus TNT Video Capture adapter. Supposedly a very simple, DCT-based codec.-
ASV2Asus Video (2)AsusNew codec from Asus. Supposedly a very simple DCT codec.-
ASVXAsus Video 2.0AsusUnusual codec which stores audio in the .avi file but puts the video in a companion .asv file. Click here for information on how to play back these files on Windows 2000 PCs.-
ATM4-Ahead NeroAhead Nero Mpeg-4 variant codec.-
AUR2Aura 2 Codec - YUV 422Auravision--
AURAAura 1 Codec - YUV 411AuravisionMore background and details is available in the following thread: Help with Aura 1 Codec.-
AVC1-AppleApple's version of the MPEG4 part 10/H.264 standard apparently.-
AVRN-Avid TechnologyAlso known as ADVJ in Quicktime files.-
BA81--This format stores raw 8bit Bayer samples. The Bayer color filter array is described here. I wonder if this is a duplicate of BYR1?-
BINKBink VideoRAD Game ToolsPretty popular codec in Windows games. I'm not sure if this is available as a standard Windows codec but the web site makes it sound interesting enough to list here even if it does require non-standard tools to use. Full list of FOURCCs used by this codec: BINK BIKb BIKf BIKg BIKh BIKi BIKd
BLZ0-BlizzardMPEG-4 codec used in WarCraft 3 movies.-
BT20Prosumer VideoConexantCodec optimised for realtime compression of YUV images. Download the ZIP and add VIDC.BT20=btvvc32.drv and VIDC.Y41P=btvvc32.drv to the [drivers32] section of your SYSTEM.INI to enable the codec-
BTCV-ConexantThis, now obsolete, format supported a special data format used by the Brooktree Bt2115 chipset which could perform "software encoded video output" - a kind of software TV-out capability.-
BW10Broadway MPEG Capture/CompressionData TranslationCodec for Broadway hardware-based MPEG compression system.
BYR1--This format stores raw 8bit Bayer samples. The Bayer color filter array is described here.-
BYR2--This format stores packed 16bit Bayer samples with 12bit precision. The Bayer color filter array is described here.-
CDVC-CanopusAllegedly used with digital video cameras. The Canopus download page has a free software-only version of this codec which will install on machines which are not equipped with their capture hardware. Apparently if you edit the AVI and change the FOURCC to dvsd, it will play with these codecs too.-
CFCC-Digital Processing SystemsNative format used when capturing AVIs using a DPS Perception adapter.-
CGDI-MicrosoftAVI format used by Office 97 camcorder application.-
CJPGWebCam JPEGCreative LabsUsed by Creative Video Blaster Webcam Go control. See here for info on how to download and install this codec.fcccjpg.php
CMYK-ColorgraphUncompressed 32bpp CMYK as used in printing processes.-
CPLA--This sounds like an uncompressed format to me. Anyone know?-
CRAM-MicrosoftAllegedly identical to MSVC.-
CSCDCamStudio CodecRenderSoftOpen source (GPL license) codec optimised for screen capture applications. Source download is available.
CVIDCinepakProvidenza & BoekelheideOriginally owned by Supermac then Radius, now P & B. Complete technical details can be found here.
CWLT-MicrosoftApparently WLT is "with lookup table". Presumably, therefore, this is similar to a standard DIB using FOURCC 0?-
CXY1Conexant YUV 4ConexantUncompressed, planar 4:1:1 YUV format.yuv.php#CXY1
CXY2Conexant YUV 4ConexantUncompressed, planar 4:2:2 YUV format.yuv.php#CXY2
CYUVCreative YUVCreative LabsProprietary YUV compression algorithm
CYUY-ATI TechnologiesProprietary YUV compression algorithm-
D261--Presumably now owned by Intel.-
D263--Presumably now owned by Intel.-
DAVC-DicasH.264/MPEG-4 AVC base profile codec.-
DCL1-Data Connection Ltd.Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services.-
DCL2-Data Connection Ltd.Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services.-
DCL3-Data Connection Ltd.Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services.-
DCL4-Data Connection Ltd.Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services.-
DCL5-Data Connection Ltd.Format used in Data Connection Ltd's conferencing services.-
DIV4DivX MPEG-4DivXFast motion codec.Several sources tell me that this is an old and illegal codec that should not be used to encode new material.
DIV5--Apparently almost as old as DIV3 and DIV4. Changing DIV5 AVI's FOURCC to DIV3 or DIV4 seems to allow them to play just fine.-
DIVXDivXOpenDivXApparently version 5 also encodes using FOURCC DX50. The Microsoft codec pack available here apparently supports Divx 6. This FOURCC is supported by LEAD's MCMP Codec.
DM4V-DicasMPEG4 codec compatible with DivX4 and 5.-
DMB1Rainbow Runner hardware compressionMatroxLEAD's MCMP codec supports this format.
DMB2--MJPEG codec used by Paradigm.-
DMK2--Movies generated by a ViewSonic V36 PDA appear to be AVI files using this video codec. Oddly enough, they are named .mpg - go figure.-
DSVD--I suspect that this and DVSD are one and the same - perhaps one of my informants typed the FOURCC wrongly?-
DUCKTrueMotion SDuck CorporationRather nice RGB codec which, strangely enough, appears to have two distinct FOURCCs.
DV25DVCPROMatroxSMPTE 314M 25Mb/s compressed video. A professional variant of DVC (dvsd). Unlike dvsd, it uses 4:1:1 sampling structure for both NTSC and PAL.
DV50DVCPRO50MatroxSMPTE 314M 50Mb/s compressed video. Has twice the data rate (50Mbits/sec) of dv25 and uses 4:2:2 sampling structure.
DVCS-MicrosoftA generic DV codec along the same lines as DVSD. Microsoft indicates here that this codec should be considered obsolete now that standard FOURCCs for the various DV flavours have been defined.-
DVH1SMPTE 370MPanasonic?SMPTE 370M - data structure for DV based audio, data and compressed video at 100 Mb/s - 1080/60i, 1080/50i, and 720/60p. This is basically a high definition variant of dv25 and dv50.
DVHD50Mbps Consumer DVMicrosoft--
DVSD25Mbps Consumer DVPinnacle SystemsSD-DVCR 525-60 or SD-DVCR 625-50. See also dvsl and dvhd. Implemented in the miroVideo DV300 SW only codec which requires the presence of the 1394 (Firewire) interface card with which it shipped. Used by Adobe After Effects, Uleads Mediastudio 6 (and probably VideoStudio) as a generic DV FOURCC. Probably the same as "dvsd". Sources indicate that these FOURCCs were used interchangeably in early versions. Microsoft indicates here that this codec should be considered obsolete now that standard FOURCCs for the various DV flavours have been defined.-
DVSL12.5Mbps Consumer DVMicrosoftSD-DVCR 525-60 or SD-DVCR 625-50. See also dvsd and dvhd.
DX50DivX MPEG-4DivXApparently this is used interchangeably with the DIVX FOURCC when using version 5 of the codec. An alternative download site can be found here.
DXGM--The movies in the game "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" are encoded in this format. Also used in movies from "Robin Hood" by CinemaWare.-
DXTC-MicrosoftAnother of the DXTn set, I suppose.-
DXTN-Microsoft5 different versions (DXT1 - DXT5) of compressed texture formats exist. Full documentation is to be found in the DirectX SDK. More info can also be found on S3's Texture Compression web site.-
EKQ0Elsa Quick CodecElsa-
ELK0-ElsaCodec used by some Elsa graphics cards. May be a YUV format with reduced colour resolution.-
EM2VEtymonix MPEG-2 VideoEtymonixHIgh quality, MPEG-2 I picture codec with user selectable YUV 4:2:0, 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 compression. Suitable for use in video editing applications. Free trial version available.
ES07Eyestream 7 Codec---
ESCP-Eidos TechnologiesCodec used by Eidos Technologies ESCAPE VideoStudio.-
ETV1eTreppid Video CodeceTreppid Technologies--
ETV2eTreppid Video CodeceTreppid Technologies--
ETVC-eTreppid Technologies--
FFV1FFMPEG Codec-A lossless video codec based on arithmetic coding developed in the open source ffmpeg project.
FLJP--Field encoded motion JPEG with LSI bitstream format. Morgan Multimedia offers a codec supporting this format.-
FMP4FFMpeg-The default MPEG4 format used by tool mencoder. DirectShow filters supporting the codec are available here.
FMVCFM Screen Capture CodecFox Magic Software?A codec intended for use in screen capture applications.
FPS1Fraps CodecFrapsCodec used by Fraps screen video capture application.
FRWAForward Motion JPEG with alpha channelSoftLab-NskA version of motion JPEG as used in the Forward project from SoftLab-Nsk. This format also includes an 8-bit alpha channel per image.
FRWDForward Motion JPEGSoftLab-NskA version of motion JPEG as used in the Forward project from SoftLab-Nsk. Similar to FRWD but without the alpha information.
GEOXGEOMPEG4GeoVisionMPEG shipped as part of GeoVision's CCTV surveillance systems.
GJPG-Grand TechShipped as part of the driver package with some dgital cameras from Fuji.-
GLZWMotion LZWgabest@freemail.huGIF-like codec written by
GPEGMotion JPEGgabest@freemail.huMotion JPEG codec written as a learning exercise by
GWLT-Microsoft8bpp greyscale image. WLT apparently means "with lookup table" so it is a palettized format.-
H260-H269-IntelH.263 format video is for POTS-based videoconferencing. Used, for example, in some Osprey products. Supposedly, the Vanguard Software H.264 codec, available in beta form here, is pretty good.-
HDYCRaw YUV 4-This is apparently identical to UYVY except that the samples use BT709 color space (as used in HD video) rather than BT470 (used for SD).yuv.php#HDYC
HFYUHuffman Lossless Codec-Huffman codec for YUV and RGB formats. Available in source and DLL forms. Full technical information can be found here. I am told that further information can also be found here.
HMCR-RenditionProprietary motion compensation surface format used by Rendition V2x00 DirectDraw driver.-
HMRR-RenditionNewer, proprietary motion compensation surface format used by Rendition drivers.-
I263ITU H.263IntelPictureWorks NetCard Player - another H.263 implementation from Intel. There's a FAQ on this codec here and it can also be downloaded from here.
IJLVIntel JPEG Library Video CodecIntelThis codec takes RGB24 and YUY2 as input and decodes to RGB24, no Alpha Channel Support, but supports progressive and Interlaced Material. This codec was used for video archives (where also IBM Motion JPEG and the later Motion JPEG 2000 is/was used).-
IJPG--Intergraph's version of a JPEG codec (don't you hate it when I just state the obvious ?)-
IPDVGiga AVI DV CodecI-O Data Device, Inc.Codec used with I-O Data Device's IEEE1394 Digital Video Control & Capture Board. This codec implements I-O DATA's original indexed AVI architecture.
IPMAIPMA Video CodecImagination PilotsAn old codec apparently used for transparent video files in video games.
IR21Indeo 2.1IntelOld Indeo codec
IRAW-IntelNo indication of the pixel format - sorry.-
ISME--May be installed by Roxio DVD Creator 6?-
IV30-IV39Indeo 3LigosThe family of Indeo Video 3 codecs originally developed by Intel but now handled by Ligos.-
IV32Indeo 3.2LigosFairly widespread Indeo 3 codec
IV40-IV49Indeo InteractiveLigosIndeo 4.1 improves image quality and introduces transparency masks. Ligos also offer a download here but apparently it will cost you.
IV50Indeo InteractiveLigosVersion 5.0 of the Indeo codec series designed for internet video delivery. Ligos also offer a download here but apparently it will cost you.
JPEGJPEG Still ImageMicrosoft?This is presumably exactly the same as "JPEG". LEAD's MCMP codec supports both these formats.
JPGLJPEG Light?-LEAD's MCMP codec supports this format.
KB2A / KB2D / KB2F / KB2GBink 2 video codecRAD Game ToolsThis is the modern version of the Bink video codec.
KMVC--Shipped as part of the game "Worms" by Team17 Software. Info is allegedly obtainable from
L261-LEAD Technologies--
L263LEAD H.263LEAD TechnologiesLEAD tell me that "The LEAD H.263 codec is a high quality lossy interframe DirectShow and Video for Windows (VfW) codec with a quality and compression ratio comparable to MPEG-4. It can be used for a range of applications including video-conferencing, Internet video or surveillance and monitoring. Existing video software, such as Windows® Media Player® and Ulead Media Studio® can utilize this codec to play, create, convert and edit."
LBYR--Based on the naming, I would hazard a guess that this describes some Bayer image format and may have been registered by LEAD Technologies. Can anyone confirm or deny?-
LCMWLEAD MCMW Video CodecLEAD TechnologiesThis is a wavelet-based codec. LEAD tell me "The MCMW Codec is designed to create high-quality video using low bandwidth (dial-up) delivery. This is achieved by using a state of the art intraframe wavelet based compression technique that provides superior compression performance, while still ensuring optimal quality at any compression level."
LCW2LEAD MJPEG2000LEAD TechnologiesCodec saving standard JPEG2000 streams. LEAD has more info about it here.
LEADLEAD Video CodecLEAD Technologies--
LGRY-LEAD TechnologiesSupports 12 and 16bpp grayscale images with additional low and high range information required for medical images. Format public but not finalised when this update was made.-
LJ11LEAD JPEG 4LEAD TechnologiesPresumably a JPEG codec which encodes YUV in 4:1:1 format. This is supported by LEAD's MCMP Codec.
LJ22LEAD JPEG 4LEAD TechnologiesPresumably a JPEG codec which encodes YUV in 4:2:2 format. This is supported by LEAD's MCMP Codec.
LJ2KLEAD MJPEG 2000LEAD TechnologiesLEAD tell me "the LEAD MJPEG2000 Video codec saves standard JPEG2000 streams. This codec is perfect when high compression and interoperability are necessary."
LJ44LEAD JPEG 4LEAD TechnologiesPresumably a JPEG codec which encodes YUV in 4:4:4 format. This is supported by LEAD's MCMP Codec.
LJPGLEAD MJPEG CodecLEAD TechnologiesSupports color JPEG 4:1:1, 4:2:2, 4:4:4, grayscale JPEG 4:0:0) FOURCCs supported: MJPG, JPEG, dmb1 Lossless JPEG support including 24-bit color and 8,12 and 16-bit grayscale. Link offers download of a time-expiring version of the codec. This format is supported by the LEAD MCMP and MJPEG2000 codecs.
LMP2LEAD MPEG-2 Video CodecLEAD TechnologiesLEAD's implementation of the MPEG-2 video compression standard. The codec linked here also supports several other standard MPEG2 FOURCCs. Supports High, Main and Simple profiles, Low, Main, High1440 and High levels.
LMP4LEAD MPEG-4 Video CodecLEAD TechnologiesAn H.264 codec suporting Main and Base Profles and levels up to 3.2. LEAD offer two versions of this codec, a normal version and a professional version which offers more options and higher compression ratios.
LSVC-ESPRE SolutionsOld version of the codec now identified as LSVX.-
LSVM-ESPRE SolutionsAnother old version of the codec now identified as LSVX.-
LSVXLightning Strike Video CodecESPRE SolutionsMulti-bitrate decoder used in the eViewStreamX product.-
LZO1Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer CodecMarkus OberhumerA fast, lossless codec available in source code format.
M261-MicrosoftRedmond's codec implementing the H.261 compression standard.-
M263-MicrosoftRedmond's codec implementing the H.263 compression standard.-
M4CC M4CC-Divio--
M4S2-MicrosoftFinal fully-compliant ISO MPEG4 decoder, compliant to MPEG-4 version 2 simple profile.-
MC12-ATI TechnologiesProprietary format used by ATI in MPEG decoding.-
MCAM-ATI TechnologiesProprietary format used by ATI in MPEG decoding.-
MJ2CMotion JPEG 2000Morgan MultimediaMotion JPEG 2000
MJPGMotion JPEG-The format is also used by Matrox in their Rainbow Runner add-on video capture / MPEG playback board for various of their display adapters and by Canon who's cameras generate AVIs using this codec.
MMES-MatroxMatrox MPEG-2 video elementary stream.MPEG-2 main profile or 4:2:2 profile closed GOP IBP or I-frame only decoder.-
MP2AEval downloadMedia ExcelMPEG-2 Audio
MP2TEval downloadMedia ExcelMPEG-2 Transport Stream
MP2VEval downloadMedia ExcelMPEG-2 Video
MP42MPEG-4MicrosoftDownload as part of "Windows Media Codecs 8.0 for IT Professionals."
MP43-MicrosoftYet another MPEG-4 variation from Microsoft. This FOURCC is not, however, listed on Microsoft's codecs site. This codec is distributed as part of Microsoft Windows Media Tools 4. Includes further quality improvements over the earlier MPG4.-
MP4AEval downloadMedia ExcelMPEG-4 Audio
MP4S--The first ISO standard codec for use with the Sharp digital camera implementing a restricted feature set of MPEG4.-
MP4TEval downloadMedia ExcelMPEG-4 Transport Stream
MP4VEval downloadMedia ExcelMPEG-4 Video. LEAD's MCMP codec also supports this format.
MPEG--MPEG video - presumably MPEG I ?-
MPG4-MicrosoftMPEG-4 Video High Speed Compressor. This codec was shipped with some versions of the Microsoft Netshow encoder (probably 3.0). This codec was based on early drafts of the MPEG-4 spec.-
MPGI-Sigma DesignsEditable MPEG codec-
MRCA--And I thought it stood for "Multi Role Combat Aircraft".-
MRLE-Microsoft"MRLE is just *nearly* the same compression as the existing 4 and 8bit RLE formats but the 'copy bytes-chunk' always has an even byte-length. That means that an empty byte is added if the 'copy chunk' contains an odd number of bytes"-
MSVC-MicrosoftOriginal codec shipped with Video For Windows. Deals with 8bpp and 16bpp images. Quality leaves a lot to be desired (IMHO). Full technical details are available here.-
MSZHAVImszh-Kenji Oshima also developed a multi-threaded M3JPEG codec based on one by Morgan Multimedia. Algorithm information can be found here. This is supposedly the same thing as ZLIB.-
MTX1-MTX9-MatroxApparently these are MJPG variations registered by Matrox consumer products group.-
MVI1Motion Pixels MVI1 Codec-Part of the Motion Pixels player. Install the player and the codec will become available to other multimedia applications. Read more at this site (look for Treasure Quest).
MVI2Motion Pixels MVI2 Codec-As for MVI1, this is part of the Motion Pixels player.-
MWV1Aware Motion WaveletsAware Inc.Wavelet compression-based codec optimised for Intel MMX platforms. Codec filename is icmw_32.dll.-
NDSC-Nero DigitalNero registered this with me recently but provided no information other than the name - sorry.-
NDSM-Nero DigitalA contributor suggests that this codec is owned by Nero Digital and refer sto their flavour of MPEG4 but I have not been able to confirm this.-
NDSP-Nero DigitalApparently an MPEG4 implementation of some description.-
NDSS-Nero DigitalA contributor suggests that this codec is owned by Nero Digital and refers to their flavour of MPEG4 but I have not been able to confirm this.-
NDXC-Nero DigitalPresumably a variation of MPEG4 part 10/AVC.-
NDXH-Nero DigitalPresumably a variation of MPEG4 part 10/AVC.-
NDXP-Nero DigitalPresumably a variation of MPEG4 part 10/AVC.-
NDXS-Nero DigitalPresumably a variation of MPEG4 part 10/AVC.-
NHVU-NVidiaApparently a texture format introduced for GEForce 3.-
NI24ni24Harmonic/Omneon Spectrum--
NTN2-ZoranAn evolution of NTN1.-
NVHS-NVidiaApparently a texture format introduced for GEForce 3.-
NVS0- NVS5-NVidiaSupported by GEForce 2 GTS Pro / 64Mb DDR. Possibly a texture format.-
NVT0- NVT5-NVidiaSupported by GEForce 2 GTS Pro / 64Mb DDR. Possibly a texture format.-
PDVCDVC codecI-O Data Device, Inc.DV codec for I-O DATA Digital Video Capture products.-
PIM1-Pinnacle SystemsMPEG-1 based codec-
PIM2-Pinnacle SystemsPinnacle DC1000 firewire video editing card supports this format.-
PIMJPegasus Lossless JPEGPegasus ImagingHigh speed compression and decompression of 24-bit RGB and 8-bit grayscale using Predictor 1 Lossless JPEG. Well suited for medical video. You may find additional information here.-
PIXLVideo XLPinnacle SystemsThis is apparently an alias for VIXL. You can find more information about it here.-
PJPG--Non-standard codec based on MJPEG.-
PVEZ-Horizons TechnologyTrueMotion based codec (?) It appears that Horizons Technology has now been acquired by Raytheon and is no longer in the codec business (can someone confirm this - their URL is now redirected). Allegedly, you can download this codec from but I'm not going to add a link since this is an adult video company and I don't want to get this site associated with porn.-
PVMM-PacketVideo CorporationSoftware MPEG4 codec that supports multiple bitrate encoding/decoding. It is also error resilient allowing transmission over wired/wireless networks.-
PVW2Pegasus Wavelet 2000 CompressionPegasus ImagingHigh speed compression and decompression of 24-bit RGB and 8-bit grayscale using Pegasus' proprietary Wavelet2000 wavelet technology. Well suited for low motion, low bandwidth applications. More information is available here.-
QPEG-Q-TeamQ-Team Dr.Knabe's 8-bit output codec with automatic palette switching for seamless edits.-
RGBT--That's odd. I registered RGBT at the same time as a bunch of other FOURCCs and it was granted. The format I registered is for 16- and 32-bit uncompressed RBG images with a transparency plane. Microsoft's codec site, however, lists Computer Concepts rather than Brooktree (Conexant) as the owner. Hmm...-
RLE--I expect this is an equivalent to one of the the BI_RLEx FOURCCs (see the RGB page). The Win2K clock.avi sample uses this format. Final character in the FOURCC is a space.-
RLE4-MicrosoftEquivalent to BI_RLE4. See RGB page for more details.-
RLE8-MicrosoftEquivalent to BI_RLE8. See RGB page for more details.-
RMP4-Sigma Designs--
RPZAApple VideoAppleRGB555 block-based codec used in Quicktime files.
RT21-IntelWhat Indeo was called before the marketing guys got their hands on it. RTV or Real Time Video was the format produced by Intel's ActionMedia II adapter back in the late 80s. When the 80486 came along, this migrated to the software-decodable Indeo formats used today.-
RV20-RealRealVideo G2 (6.0 and greater versions of the player and encoder)-
RV40-RealApparently you need to install RealPlayer 10 to enable playback of any AVI encoded with RV40.-
S422VideoCap C210Tekram InternationalYUV422 codec shipped as part of the driver package for Tekram's C210 product.-
SAN3--A direct copy of DivX 3.11a, apparently. If you use a FOURCC changer tool on these AVIs they will play with the standard DivX codecs.-
SEDG-SamsungMPEG-4 hardware and software codec used in Samsung digital video products.-
SFMCSurface Fitting MethodCrystalNetCrystalGram video email codec.-
SMK2 / SMK4Smacker video codecRAD Game ToolsAn old 256 color paletter based video codec. Used a over 2000 older games.-
SMKASmacker audio codecRAD Game Tools--
SMP4--Codec used by Samsung VP-ms15 Digicam. This appears to be a DIVX clone since apparently SMP4 files play fine if you change the FOURCC to DIVX.-
SMSV-WorldConnectWindows 95 codec installed automatically (and without warning) whenever you receive and play back a file sent from VisualMail. Very low bandwidth format.-
SP40-SunPlusAppears to be an uncompressed YUV format of some kind but I have no information on this other than that.-
SP44-SunPlusPresumably a precursor to SP54?-
STVA-ST MicroelectronicsData from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver for processing to a displayable format.-
STVB-ST MicroelectronicsData from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver for processing to a displayable format.-
STVC-ST MicroelectronicsData from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver for processing to a displayable format.-
STVX-ST MicroelectronicsData from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver for processing to a displayable format.-
STVY-ST MicroelectronicsData from ST CMOS Imagers that is passed to a codec external to the driver for processing to a displayable format.-
SV10Video R1Sorenson MediaAllegedly popular as a Quicktime codec. Used for trailer videos on Star Wars Episode 1 and other games.-
SVQ1Sorenson Video 1Sorenson MediaHierarchicial adaptive multistage vector quantizer with mean removal and interframe motion compensation. Used in Quicktime.-
SVQ3-Sorenson MediaVideo codec used in Quicktime files. A variant of H.264-
TM20-Duck CorporationVersion 2.0 of Duck Corp's Truemotion codec. I'm told this codec is available as part of a pack that can be downloaded here.-
TM2X-Duck CorporationDuck Corp's follow-on codec after TM20.-
TMOT-Horizons TechnologyAnother FOURCC for TrueMotion S. This relates to the version of the codec licensed by Horizons Technology and is not compatible with DUCK.-
TR20TrueMotion RT 2.0Duck CorporationRealtime version of TrueMotion.-
TSCCTechSmith Screen Capture CodecTechsmith Corp.Codec used by the Camtasia Screen "camcorder" application.-
TV10-Tecomac, Inc.--
TVJP-Pinnacle/TruevisionUsed by the Targa 2000 board.-
TVMJ-Pinnacle/TruevisionUsed by the Targa 2000 board. Morgan Multimedia offers a codec supporting this format.-
TY0N-Trident Microsystems--
TY2C-Trident Microsystems--
TY2N-Trident Microsystems--
UCODClearVideoeMajix.comFractal compression-based video codec available as a Video for Windows codec and in the ClearFusion Netscape plugin package.-
ULTIUltimotionIBM Corp.Shipped with OS/2 but also available for Video for Windows. Link is to a very old version of the codec for Windows.-
V210-AJA Video SystemsUncompressed format supported by AJA Video Systems Xena adapter.-
V655-Vitec MultimediaComponent ordering and packing unknown. Can you help?-
VCR1-ATI TechnologiesCodec used by some ATI TV-PC products.-
VCR2-ATI TechnologiesCodec used by some ATI TV-PC products.-
VCR3-9-ATI TechnologiesRegistered for ATI Video Codecs version 3-9. I'm not sure these actually exist but the registrations are valid.-
VDCT-Vitec Multimedia16bpp format - no information on colour space, packing or component ordering.-
VDOM--Another streaming video format from VDONet.-
VDOW--H.263 internet streaming video format. Allegedly to be used (being used ?) by Microsoft in it's NetShow offering.-
VDTZVideoTizer YUV CodecDarim Vision Co.Codec used to store YUV AVIs captured with Darim Vision's VideoTizer product.-
VGPXVideoGramPixAlarisAlaris VGPixel 32-bit AVI compression driver. It seems that this codec is installed along with the software for the "Alaris Wee Cam."  The codec doesn't appear to be available separately but, allegedly, works fine if you install the Wee Cam software even without the camera. You may also find some information at and
VIDS-Vitec MultimediaYUV 4:2:2 CCIR 601 for V422 (no, I don't understand this either)-
VIFPVFAPI Codec-Take a look at where you may find more information.-
VIVO-Vivo SoftwareVivo's version of the videoconferencing "standard" H.263 compression format (version 2.0.0).-
VIXL-MiroUsed my MiroVideo products such as the DC10, DC20, DC30, etc. A motion JPEG format that is accelerated in hardware with the Zoran chipset. You can find more information about it here.-
VLV1-VideoLogicCodec probably used in VideoLogic's Captivator product line-
VP30-On2On2 tell me "On2's VP3 codec will encode video into a VP3 file in multiple bit rates (roughly 220 Kbps, 330 Kbps, and 440 Kbps) and at optimum frame rates (usually 29.97 fps). This multiple bit rate file allows the TrueCast server to scale dynamically and smoothly as bandwidth congestion increases and decreases, providing the viewer with a consistent and reliable experience, without choppiness or interruption."-
VP31-On2The successor to VP30. This algorithm was open sourced by On2 in 2001-2002 and is the basis for the Theora Video Codec.-
VP40-On2Another in On2/Duck's line of video codecs.-
VP50-On2..and another-
VP60-On2..and another-
VP61-On2..I can feel a pattern developing.-
VP62-On2..I wonder which one will be next?-
VQC1-ViewQuestDigital video camera codec. ViewQuest offer lots of driver downloads on their site so you may find this in one of those packages.-
VQC2-ViewQuestCodec apparently used in Kodak DVC325 digital camera. Check the ViewQuest site download page - you may find the codec there somewhere.-
VSSVVSS VideoVanguard Software SolutionsReal-time or near-real-time encoding with high compression ratios and good image quality.-
VYU9ATI YUVATI TechnologiesPlanar YUV format supported by some ATI capture systems?-
VYUYATI YUVATI TechnologiesPacked YUV format supported by some ATI capture systems?-
WHAM-MicrosoftYet another FOURCC describing Microsoft's MSVC/CRAM codec.-
WINXWinnov Software CompressionWinnovSoftware codec used by some Winnov Videum products.-
WJPGWinbond JPEG-Format supported by AverMedia USB TV-tuner/capture device.-
WMV3Windows Media Video 9Microsoft-
WMVA-MicrosoftThe codec originally submitted for consideration as SMPTE VC1. This is not VC1 compliant and is no longer supported by Microsoft.-
WNV1Winnov Hardware CompressionWinnovHardware codec used by Winnov Videum products.-
WVC1-MicrosoftMicrosoft's implementation of the SMPTE VC1 codec.-
X263-XirlinkAnother H.263 codec. This one is apparently used by an IBM-branded webcam.-
X264H.264-This FOURCC was originally registered by a company called XiWave but their web presence has disappeared. I am now informed that it is used by a popular open source H.264 implementation.-
XMPG-XING CorporationEditable (I frame only) MPEG codec-
XVIDXVID MPEG-4XVIDThis FOURCC is also supported by LEAD's MCMP Codec.
XWV0-XWV9-XiWaveXWV3 is currently used to describe Xi-3 Video. Others are unused.-
XXAN--The codec filename is xanlib.dll and a player, xanmovie, is available on the the Kilrathi Saga and Crusader game CDs.-
Y1616bpp Grayscale VideoThermoteknix Systems Ltd.A simple, uncompressed format for recording 16bpp grayscale images./yuv.php#Y16
Y411-MicrosoftSupposedly 16bpp packed but 4:1:1 is usually 12bpp - odd. This is an uncompressed YUV format.-
Y41PBrooktree YUV 4ConexantThis is an uncompressed YUV 411 format I registered about 7 years ago. I've stumbled on a few AVIs that use it, though, so I am listing it here. Download the ZIP and add VIDC.BT20=btvvc32.drv and VIDC.Y41P=btvvc32.drv to the [drivers32] section of your SYSTEM.INI to enable the codec-
Y444--Format provided by the Windows 2000 drivers for the iRez Stealth Fire camera. Seems to be a copy of IYU2.-
Y8--Probably a duplicate of the uncompressed Y800 format. The 2 last characters are spaces. See also GREY which appears to be another duplicate-
YUV9YUV9 Raw FormatIntelAn uncompressed YUV format used by Intel Indeo video products./yuv.php#YUV9
YUVP--An uncompressed YCrCb 4:2:2 format using 10-bit precision components ordered Y0 U0 Y1 V0. I have no idea how the 10 bit samples are packed - sorry.-
YUY2--Yes, I know this isn't a compressed format but I get so many questions about where to find a codec for YUY2 AVIs that it's here to allow people to find the answer easily. I'm told "VirtualDub has been able to decode YUY2 internally since V1.3a. Newer versions of Ben Rudiak-Gould's Huffyuv codec will also convert YUY2 or UYVY data to RGB"-
YUYV-CanopusCompressed YUV format.-
YV12YUV 4MicrosoftUncompressed format commonly used in MPEG video processing. You can find more informatio on the YUV formats page.-
YV16-ElecardUncompressed format similar to YV12 but with twice the chroma resolution.-
YV92-IntelCodec used by Intel's Smart Video Recorder product. Apparently a compresssed YVU9 format.-
ZLIB--A generic lossless codec. Apparently also contains the MSZH codec. May be the same algorithm used in compressing PNG images.-
ZMBVThe DoxBox ProjectDoxBox Capture CodecA codec using ZLIB compression which is used to capture screen information.
ZYGOZyGoVideoZyGo DigitalVideo codec usually packaged in Quicktime files. Investigations suggest that it may be a variant of H.263.-

Some facts#

  • FourCC is a 4-byte code that identifies the data format stored in the file.
  • Initially, FourCC codes were created for the needs of Mac OS. Later they were adapted to other hardware platforms and operating systems.
  • One of the most popular uses of FourCC codes is an identification of audio codec or video codec in multimedia files, that are general purpose containers (e.g. AVI or WAV on Windows).
  • Formally a FourCC code corresponds to one 32-bit number, which corresponds to 4 bytes. Most often, however, FourCC codes are presented as 4-character text in the ASCII format e.g. VP80 corresponds to the video codec VP8, DIV3 corresponds to Div-X version 3 codec, H263 corresponds to H.263 codec etc.

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