Area cost calculator
The cost-of-area calculator. It finds the price for a piece of land/property/flat/floor, a cost of painting the wall, a quantity of seed you need to plant your lawn... The expenditure of anything that depends on area in many different units!


The cost (price) of one area unit
The cost of one unit
The name of unit
Cost of 1 square metres is 12.
Area size
Area size in given unit
Unit name
Given area size is 5 and unit name is "square metres".
Total cost
Cost of area

What is this for#

It can be hard to calculate manually the mix-up of meters/acres/miles/hectars etc...
You can use this online calculator to solve any cost-for-area calculation, where units for cost and for given area are different.

  • calculate price of land, if you know the price (ex. 100 USD for one acr) and size of area (ex. 205 square meters)
  • find the price of one meter of your flat - if you know the total price and its size
  • check how much paint you need to have 100 square meters of a wall painted and you know the paint expenditure per meter
  • find how much glue is needed, to cover the wall with the wall-paper or wall-tiles
  • know how much a quantity of seed you need to plant your own lawn in front of your house
Notice that "the cost for a piece of area" has the same meaning as "meterial expenditure for a piece of area" - there is just no difference if you count the costs in US Dollars, or in tons, pounds, kilograms, litres or gallons.

This calculator can really help a lot, when you are buying a flat, purchasing some ground, building your own home... Now you can compute some price-to-area relations really fast !

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