Time to new year
Calculator computes how many days (hours, minutes, seconds) remained to celebrate new year.

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However, please VERIFY all results on your own, as the level of completion of this item is NOT CONFIRMED.
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Input date and extra filters

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Time left to New Year

Start date
2017-04-28 21:43:24
Time duration to new year
8 months, 3 days, 2 hours, 16 minutes and 36 seconds.
247 days, 2 hours, 16 minutes and 36 seconds.
5930 hours, 16 minutes and 36 seconds.
355816 minutes and 36 seconds.
21348996 seconds.
Number of excluded saturdays
Number of excluded sundays
Number of excluded public holidays
Excluded public holidays
Total number of excluded days

Some facts

  • The custom of celebrating the end of the year (ie, the de facto arrival of the new year) dates back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The custom was originally distributed only among the more affluent sections of society only in the wealthier strata of society. With time, however, spread over almost the whole of society over all the world.
  • There are various symbolic ways of saying goodbay to old year in various regions of the world. For example, in Denmark is known habit of jumping off a chair at midnight and Spanish eat a single grape per clock beat just before midnight.
  • The last day of the year is named after Pope Sylvester I lived in the fourth century AD. Currently he is known as patron saint of domestic animals. When he died on December 31, it was decided to commemorate his character, calling the last day of the year (ie, the day of his death) his name.

How to use this tool

  • If you want only number of days remaining to end of current year simply read result from table below.
  • Optionally you can exclude selected days (saturdays, sundays or holidays) by checking related option in form.
  • Holidays excluding works only with public holidays i.e. non-working days, for example Chistmas Day.

What is the meaning of each calculator field ?

  • Start date - it is a date, when we start calculation. It is set to today as default. However, if you want for example to count number of days from next Wednesday to the end of year you can customize this field to your own date.
  • Don't include (Saturdays/Sundays/holidays) - use this option if you need to exclude selected days from calculations. For example, if you want to count only working days remaining in current year you need to exclude all non-working ones i.e. exclude weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and public holidays.
  • Your region - this field is used only when holidays exclusion is enabled (please see "Don't include" field). Basing on this field, Calculla can adjust list of known holidays to place, where you live.
  • Time duration to new year - this is your result i.e. a number of months, days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining to the end of year.

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"Calculla v1" version of this calculatorIn December 2016 the Calculla website has been republished using new technologies and all calculators have been rewritten. Old version of the Calculla is still available through this link: We left the version 1 of Calculla untouched for archvial purposes.
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