Bandwidth units converter
Bandwidth units converter. Converts KB/s, Mbps etc. All known units of bandwidth in two different bases: 1000 and 1024.

Inputs data - value and unit, which we're going to convert

1 (mebi-bits per second) is equal to:

base units

kibi-bits per secondkib/s1024
mebi-bits per secondMib/s1
kibi-bytes per secondkiB/s128
mebi-bytes per secondMiB/s0.125

bits per second (base 1024)

bits per secondb/s1048576
kibi-bits per secondkib/s1024
mebi-bits per secondMib/s1
gibi-bits per secondGib/s0.000976563
tebi-bits per secondTib/s9.536743164×10-7
pebi-bits per secondPib/s9.313225746×10-10

bits per minute (base 1024)

bits per minuteb/m62914560
kibi-bits per minutekib/m61440
mebi-bits per minuteMib/m60
gibi-bits per minuteGib/m0.05859375
tebi-bits per minuteTib/m0.00005722
pebi-bits per minutePib/m5.587935448×10-8

bits per hour (base 1024)

bits per hourb/h3774873600
kibi-bits per hourkib/h3686400
mebi-bits per hourMib/h3600
gibi-bits per hourGib/h3.515625
tebi-bits per hourTib/h0.003433228
pebi-bits per hourPib/h0.000003353

bits per day (base 1024)

bits per dayb/d90596966400
kibi-bits per daykib/d88473600
mebi-bits per dayMib/d86400
gibi-bits per dayGib/d84.375
tebi-bits per dayTib/d0.082397461
pebi-bits per dayPib/d0.000080466

bytes per second (base 1024)

bytes per secondB/s131072
kibi-bytes per secondkiB/s128
mebi-bytes per secondMiB/s0.125
gibi-bytes per secondGiB/s0.00012207
tebi-bytes per secondTiB/s1.192092896×10-7
pebi-bytes per secondPiB/s1.164153218×10-10

bytes per minute (base 1024)

bytes per minuteB/m7864320
kibi-bytes per minutekiB/m7680
mebi-bytes per minuteMiB/m7.5
gibi-bytes per minuteGiB/m0.007324219
tebi-bytes per minuteTiB/m0.000007153
pebi-bytes per minutePiB/m6.98491931×10-9

bytes per hour (base 1024)

bytes per hourB/h471859200
kibi-bytes per hourkiB/h460800
mebi-bytes per hourMiB/h450
gibi-bytes per hourGiB/h0.439453125
tebi-bytes per hourTiB/h0.000429153
pebi-bytes per hourPiB/h4.190951586×10-7

bytes per day (base 1024)

bytes per dayB/d11324620800
kibi-bytes per daykiB/d11059200
mebi-bytes per dayMiB/d10800
gibi-bytes per dayGiB/d10.546875
tebi-bytes per dayTiB/d0.010299683
pebi-bytes per dayPiB/d0.000010058

bits per second (base 1000)

bits per secondb/s1048576
kilo-bits per secondkb/s1048.576
mega-bits per secondMb/s1.048576
giga-bits per secondGb/s0.001048576
tera-bits per secondTb/s0.000001049
peta-bits per secondPb/s1.048576×10-9

bits per minute (base 1000)

bits per minuteb/m62914560
kilo-bits per minutekb/m62914.56
mega-bits per minuteMb/m62.91456
giga-bits per minuteGb/m0.06291456
tera-bits per minuteTb/m0.000062915
peta-bits per minutePb/m6.291456×10-8

bits per hour (base 1000)

bits per hourb/h3774873600
kilo-bits per hourkb/h3774873.6
mega-bits per hourMb/h3774.8736
giga-bits per hourGb/h3.7748736
tera-bits per hourTb/h0.003774874
peta-bits per hourPb/h0.000003775

bits per day (base 1000)

bits per dayb/d90596966400
kilo-bits per daykb/d90596966.4
mega-bits per dayMb/d90596.9664
giga-bits per dayGb/d90.5969664
tera-bits per dayTb/d0.090596966
peta-bits per dayPb/d0.000090597

bytes per second (base 1000)

bytes per secondB/s131072
kilo-bytes per secondkB/s131.072
mega-bytes per secondMB/s0.131072
giga-bytes per secondGB/s0.000131072
tera-bytes per secondTB/s1.31072×10-7
peta-bytes per secondPB/s1.31072×10-10

bytes per minute (base 1000)

bytes per minuteB/m7864320
kilo-bytes per minutekB/m7864.32
mega-bytes per minuteMB/m7.86432
giga-bytes per minuteGB/m0.00786432
tera-bytes per minuteTB/m0.000007864
peta-bytes per minutePB/m7.86432×10-9

bytes per hour (base 1000)

bytes per hourB/h471859200
kilo-bytes per hourkB/h471859.2
mega-bytes per hourMB/h471.8592
giga-bytes per hourGB/h0.4718592
tera-bytes per hourTB/h0.000471859
peta-bytes per hourPB/h4.718592×10-7

bytes per day (base 1000)

bytes per dayB/d11324620800
kilo-bytes per daykB/d11324620.8
mega-bytes per dayMB/d11324.6208
giga-bytes per dayGB/d11.3246208
tera-bytes per dayTB/d0.011324621
peta-bytes per dayPB/d0.000011325

other units

CD drive speedxCD0.853333333
DVD drive speedxDVD0.095238095
Blu-ray drive speedxBD0.027777778
ISA bus speedISA0.015625
PCI bus speedPCI0.00093985
PCI v2.1 bus speedPCIv20.000469925
AGP x1 bus speedAGPx10.000469925
AGP x2 bus speedAGPx20.000234522
AGP x4 bus speedAGPx40.000117261
AGP x8 bus speedAGPx80.000058603
PCI-express bus speedPCIe0.0005

Some facts

  • Bandwidth determines maximum amount of information (measured in bits, bytes or derived units), which can be transmitted in time unit (eg. seconds or minutes). Bandwidth term has sense wherever there is a flow of information (eg. via internet connection).
  • With the development of digital technology, it turned out that in some situations, it seems more natural to use units created over 1024 base (binary) instead of common SI units - created over 1000 base (decimal). However, many people still use SI units while they are thinking about binary equivalents. It's worth to say, that it's formally incorrect.

How to convert

  • Enter the number to field "value" - enter the NUMBER only, no other words, symbols or unit names. You can use dot (.) or comma (,) to enter fractions.
    • 1000000
    • 123,23
    • 999.99999
  • Find and select your starting unit in field "unit". Some unit calculators have huge number of different units to select from - it's just how complicated our world is...
  • And... you got the result in the table below. You'll find several results for many different units - we show you all results we know at once. Just find the one you're looking for.

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