Poland: Work period calculator
This calculator computes the qualifying period of employment (work) in Poland, according to polish employment law. You enter employment start and end dates, then this calculator will display a number of years, months and days of employment.

Time range when you were employed#

The first day of work
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Common sense tells#

Your work period is 10 years, 1 day.

Calculated work period#



This calculator works out polish work period according to to art. 112 of the Civil Code. The work period is taken into account in many areas such as: jubilee award, the number of vacation days, allowance for wages, notice period etc.

Some facts#

In Poland, work period is not only the real work time (periods when you were employed), but also time when you were going to school. Use below rules to calculate qualifying work period related to finished schools:

  • Basic vocational school or equivalent - learning time provided by the curriculum, but no more than 3 years,
  • Technical college - learning time provided by the curriculum, but no more than 5 years,
  • Technical college after vocational school - 5 years,
  • High school - 4 years,
  • Post-secondary school - 6 years,
  • Academy/university - 8 years.

If you were going to two or more schools simultaneously only one of them is taken into account.

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