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Online calculator for finding number of vacation days in employment in Poland. The more years of work you have on your account, the more days of vacation you will have.

Calculation data - graduated schools and years worked#

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Summary - Your work period#

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Result - the number of vacation days#

Your work period is greater than 10 years, so you have 26 days of vacation.


This calculator checks whether you are entitled to 20 or 26 vacation days, depending on your work period.

Some facts#

  • If you have just started working in Poland, you have no vacation days. However, you will acquire the right to 1,66 day off (1/12 of basic 20 days vacation) each month within first year of work. So, after one year of your first job, you will have 20 vacation days.
  • If your work period reaches 10 years of work, then you get 6 days off extra. It means that you have 26 vacation days from this moment.
  • If your work period is fragmented (there were periods when you were unemployed), then you need add work times from each period on by your own as this calculator will not do that. However, maybe we'll improve it in future :) Let us know if you think it's helpful!
  • If you have a period, when you work, but still go to school (at the same time), don't treat it as years of work (simply ignore this time).

In Poland, work period is not only the real work time (periods when you were employed), but also time when you were going to school. Use below rules to calculate qualifying work period related to finished schools:

  • Basic vocational school or equivalent - learning time provided by the curriculum, but no more than 3 years,
  • Technical college - learning time provided by the curriculum, but no more than 5 years,
  • Technical college after vocational school - 5 years,
  • High school - 4 years,
  • Post-secondary school - 6 years,
  • Academy/university - 8 years.

If you were going to two or more schools simultaneously only one of them is taken into account.

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