Poland: Car use reimbursement flat-rate
This calculator finds out cost of using private car in job based on monthly flat-rate in Poland.

Input data#

Type of vehicle
Rate per business kilometerzł/km
Monthly mileage limitkm
Days absent within month
(vacation + sickness)

Common sense tells#

This calculator finds out cost of using private car in job based on monthly flat-rate.
Calculated flat-rate does not depend on the number of distance actually traveled, but on the assigned kilometer limit.

Your monthly mileage limit is 100 kilometres and the rate per business kilometer is 0.5214 PLN.
So, the monthly flat-rate is: 100 km × 0.5214 PLN/km = 52.14 PLN.
The daily flat-rate is 1/22 of the above amount, that is: 52.14 PLN / 22 = 2.37 PLN.
Have a safe trip!


Calculation methodflat-rate
Cash to pay per month52.14
Cash to pay per day2.37
Cash subtracted due to absent days0.00
Total cash to pay52.14

Some facts#

  • In Poland there are two ways in which an employer can reimburse an employee for the costs of using his private vehicle while performing his duties. These methods are car lump sum (monthly flat-rate based) and mileage allowance payments (based on distance actually traveled).
  • This calculator uses flat-rate method. If you're interested in calculations based on real amount of kilometres traveled check out our another calculator: Poland: Mileage Allowance Payments calculator.
  • The employer may reimburse the employee for the cost of using a private car in job by granting him a monthly flat-rate.
  • Monthly distance limit for local drive is adjusted by employer. However it can't be greater than below values:
    • 300 km - in municipalities and cities up to 100,000 inhabitants,
    • 500 km - in municipalities and cities from 100.000 to 500.000 inhabitans,
    • 700 km - in municipalities and cities above 500.000 inhabitans,
    • 1500 km - for vehicles used in the forestry service,
    • 3000 km - for vehicles used in emergency services and other relevant institutions in situations of emergency or disasters, or the effects of an ecological disaster.
    Above limits are laid down in the "Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 25 March 2002 on the conditions for determining and how to reimburse non-employer owned passenger cars, motorcycles and mopeds."
  • Each absent day (due to sickness, holidays etc.) decreases total cash to pay out by 1/22 of monthly flat-rate.
  • In most cases, the car use reimbursement flat-rate is taxed on personal income tax (PIT).

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