Poland: Mileage Allowance Payments calculator
Online calculator for finding the amount of cash that can be reimbursed (repaid) by an employer to employee for use of private car (in Poland, by Polish law).

Input data#

Type of vehicle
Rate per business kilometerzł/km
Distance traveledkm

Common sense tells#

The amount of cash that can be reimbursed (repaid) for use of private car depends on number of kilometres actually traveled.
You traveled distance of 100 km and the rate per one kilometer is 0.5214 PLN.
So, the total cash to pay out is: 100 km × 0.5214 PLN/km = 52.14 PLN.


Calculation methodfor kilometres actually traveled
Total cash to pay52.14

Some facts#

  • In Poland there are two ways in which an employer can reimburse an employee for the costs of using his private vehicle while performing his duties. These methods are car lump sum (monthly flat-rate based) and mileage allowance payments (based on distance actually traveled).
  • This calculator finds out the result based on the distance actually traveled. If you are interested in calculations based on monthly flat-rate, check out our another calculator: Polish car use reimbursement flat-rate.
  • Mileage Allowance Payments should be applied when employees use their own cars during work with a load capacity not exceeding 3,5 t or in case of rented vehicles.
  • Mileage Allowance Payments can't be used for vehicles, which are owned by company, are declared as fixed assets or leased.
  • Mileage Allowance Payments is also used by self-employed to deduct cost of using private vehicle in company from tax.
  • Data, which should be recorded are:
    • name and surname of person, which uses vehicle,
    • number of kilometers actually traveled,
    • date and goal of travel,
    • route characteristics,
    • rate per business kilometre,
    • engine capacity,
    • employer data,
    • vehicle registration number.

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