PL: Table of average employment in enterprise sector
Table shows monthly number of employees in enterprise sector in Poland delivered by Central Statistical Office (polish: GUS). Values are given in thousands of people. Current and historical data are presented.

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Employment in enterprise sector in Poland#


Some facts#

  • Every month Central Statistical Office (polish: GUS) publishes statistics on average employment in the enterprise sector.
  • Employment in the sector of medium and large enterprises (employment over 50 people) is based on DG-1 reports (business report form). The DG-1 form is provided every month by the companies themselves.
  • Employment in the sector of small companies is based on 10% sample of companies employing from 10 to 49 employees.
  • When calculating the average employment, the Central Statistical Office (polish: GUS) only takes into account work that brings earnings or income based on the employment relationship or other legal relationship or legal action under which the work is provided. In particular, this means that these statistics do not include employment based on contracts for specific tasks and contracts of mandate.
  • The average employment in the enterprise sector refers to entities conducting economic activity in the scope of:
    • forestry and logging,
    • fisheries in sea waters,
    • mining and quarrying,
    • industrial processing,
    • production and supply of electricity, gas, steam, hot water and air for air conditioning systems,
    • water supply,
    • sewage and waste management as well as activities related to reclamation,
    • construction, wholesale and retail trade,
    • repair of motor vehicles, including motorcycles,
    • transport and warehouse management,
    • activities related to accommodation and food services,
    • information and communication,
    • activities related to servicing the real estate market,
    • legal, accounting and tax consultancy activities, operations of head offices,
    • management-related consultancy,
    • architectural and engineering activities,
    • technical testing and analysis,
    • advertising, market and public opinion research,
    • other professional, scientific and technical activities,
    • activities in the field of administration and support activities,
    • activities related to culture, entertainment and recreation,
    • repair and maintenance of computers and personal and household goods,
    • other individual service activities.

Data up-to-date#

We periodically review labour market statistics delivered by General Statistical Office (polish: GUS) so that our data is always up-to-date.
Recent updated was performed on 2021-01-10.
If you want to be 100% sure after this date - check official GUS site or drop us a line.

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