Table of Galaxy properties
Table shows basic physical properties of our Galaxy i.e. Milky Way. Presented data are for example diameter, mass, mean density etc. but also less common like distance of the Sun from the center of the Galaxy.

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Galaxy datasheet#

Age12000000000Show sourceyearsyears
Diameter30Show sourcekpckpc
The thickness of the galactic disk near the Sun250Show sourcepcpc
Mass100000000000Show sourceMM_\odot
Mean density7×10-24Show sourcegcm3\frac{g}{cm^3}
The distance of the Sun from the center of the Galaxy805Show sourcekpckpc
The speed of the Sun's circulation around the center of the Galaxy220Show sourcekms\frac{km}{s}
Mean density around the Sun1.4×10-23Show sourcegcm3\frac{g}{cm^3}

Some facts#

  • Galaxy is a large, gravitational connected system of stars, dust, interstellar gas and dark matter.
  • The galaxy, where we live is the Milky Way, which is often referred to simply as the Galaxy.
  • A galaxy written in capital letter means our galaxy (i.e. Milky Way), while written with lowercase means galaxy understood generally as a set of stars, etc. (so not necessarily the one we live in).
  • The furthest currently known galaxy is GN-z11 discovered in 2016. It is located about 32 billion light years from Earth.
  • The largest known galaxy is IC 1101 discovered in 1890. It is located in the constellation Virgo, contains about 400 times more stars than the Milky Way (our galaxy) and is about 1.07 billion light years away from Earth.

What is the meaning of each calculator field ?#

  • Age - age of our Galaxy in years,
  • Diameter - diameter of our Galaxy in kiloparsecs (kpc),
  • The thickness of the galactic disk near the Sun - thickness of the galactic disk in parsecs (pc),
  • Mass - the estimated mass of the Galaxy given as a multiple of the Solar mass,
  • Mean density - average density of matter in the Galaxy in g/cm3,
  • The distance of the Sun from the center of the Galaxy - distance between the sun and the center of the Galaxy given in kiloparsecs (kpc),
  • The speed of the Sun's circulation around the center of the Galaxy - the speed with which the Sun circulates the Galaxy given in km/s,
  • Mean density around the Sun - the average density of matter calcullated around the Sun in g/cm3.

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