PL: table containing rediscount bills rates of the Central Bank of Poland
Rediscount bills rates of National Bank of Poland are adjusted each month by Monetary Policy Council (polish: RPP). Both actual and historical data are presented.

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Poland: NBP rediscount rates#

PeriodRediscount bills rate of National Bank of Poland [%]
from 1989-01-12104
from 1990-01-01196
from 1990-02-0196
from 1990-03-0164
from 1990-04-0152
from 1990-05-0136
from 1990-06-0128
from 1990-10-1536
from 1990-11-2148
from 1991-02-0160
from 1991-05-0151
from 1991-07-0544
from 1991-08-0239
from 1991-09-1536
from 1992-07-0132
from 1993-02-2229
from 1994-05-1328
from 1995-02-2131
from 1995-05-2927
from 1995-09-1825
from 1996-01-0823
from 1996-07-1722
from 1997-08-0424.5
from 1998-02-2624.5
from 1998-04-2324.5
from 1998-05-2123.5
from 1998-07-1721.5
from 1998-09-1021.5
from 1998-10-2920
from 1998-12-1018.25
from 1999-01-2115.5
from 1999-09-2315.5
from 1999-11-1819
from 2000-02-2420
from 2000-08-3121.5
from 2001-03-0120.5
from 2001-03-2919.5
from 2001-06-2818
from 2001-08-2317
from 2001-10-2615.5
from 2001-11-2914
from 2001-12-0114
from 2002-01-3112
from 2002-04-2611
from 2002-05-3010.5
from 2002-06-2710
from 2002-08-299
from 2002-09-268.5
from 2002-10-247.75
from 2002-11-287.5
from 2003-01-307.25
from 2003-02-276.75
from 2003-03-276.5
from 2003-04-256.25
from 2003-05-296
from 2003-06-265.75
from 2004-07-016.25
from 2004-07-296.5
from 2004-08-267
from 2005-03-316.5
from 2005-04-286
from 2005-06-305.5
from 2005-07-285.25
from 2005-09-014.75
from 2006-02-014.5
from 2006-03-014.25
from 2007-04-264.5
from 2007-06-284.75
from 2007-08-305
from 2007-11-295.25
from 2008-01-315.5
from 2008-02-285.75
from 2008-03-276
from 2008-06-266.25
from 2008-11-276
from 2008-12-245.25
from 2009-01-284.5
from 2009-02-264.25
from 2009-03-264
from 2009-06-253.75
from 2010-01-013.75
from 2011-01-204
from 2011-04-064.25
from 2011-05-124.5
from 2011-06-094.75
from 2012-05-105
from 2012-11-084.75
from 2012-12-064.5
from 2013-01-104.25
from 2013-02-074
from 2013-03-073.5
from 2013-05-093.25
from 2013-06-063
from 2013-07-042.75
from 2014-10-092.25
from 2015-03-051.75
from 2020-03-181.05
from 2020-04-090.55
from 2020-05-290.11
from 2021-10-070.51
from 2021-11-041.3
from 2021-12-091.8
from 2022-01-042.3
from 2022-02-092.8
from 2022-03-093.55
from 2022-04-074.55
from 2022-05-065.3
from 2022-06-096.05

Some facts#

  • The National Bank of Poland (NBP) can regulate the economy by adjusting values of interest rates. This way the monetary policy of central bank is fulfilled. The central bank can use interest rates to regulate amount of money in the market.
  • Central bank can decrease interest rates in order to stimulate the economy by an incentive to invest (loans become cheaper). On the other hand it can also increase the rates in order to stop inflation by incentive to save (deposits become more attractive).
  • Interest rates affect indirectly the exchange rate of polish zloty (PLN), interest rates of bank deposits and interest rates of loans.
  • Interest rates are adjusted every month at the Monetary Policy Council (polish: RPP) meeting.
  • The rediscount rate determines the price at which the central bank buys promissory notes from commercial banks.
  • The central bank may, if necessary, modify the rate of rediscount of bills to regulate the money supply.
  • Increasing the rediscount rate results in a decrease in the creation of money in the economy and vice versa.
  • If you're interested in other bank rates (reference, lombard, deposit etc.) checkout our other table containing all basic interest rates of National Bank of Poland just in one place.

Data up-to-date#

We periodically review interest rates so that our data is always up-to-date.
Last data update was on 2022-06-30.
If you want to be 100% sure after this date - check if the rates have not changed for example on the National Bank of Poland site.

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