Stop watch: elapsed time calculator
The stop watch online. Simply start the timer and catch your events with millisecond precision.

Beta version#

This online calculator is currently under heavy development. It may or it may NOT work correctly.
You CAN try to use it. You CAN even get the proper results.
However, please VERIFY all results on your own, as the level of completion of this item is NOT CONFIRMED.
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Current real time in various formats#

2024.7.22 22:37:37.578
UNIX timestamp (decimal)1721687857
UNIX timestamp (hexadecimal)0x669edf31

Time format for stopwatch#

How to format time values



registered events#

no.ActionReal timeTime from the beginningTime from the last event
FormattedUNIX timestampFormattedNumber of secondsFormattedNumber of seconds

What is the meaning of each calculator field ?#

  • Table: Current real time in various formats - this table shows current date and time ("real time clock") in different formats. Available formats are:
    • formatted (YYYY.MM.DD - classic, human readable format e.g. 2017-01-12 20:31:10.100,
    • UNIX timestamp (decimal) - number of seconds from 1 January 1970 (begin of UNIX epoch) e.g. 1499790465,
    • UNIX timestamp (hexadecimal) - the same as above (UNIX timestamp, decimal), but converted to hexadecimal number e.g. 0x5964fc81.

  • Time format for stopwatch - you can select prefered time format used both in stopwatch (see stopwatch section) and registered events table here.
  • Stopwatch - in this section you control stopwatch by clicking up on action buttons. Available buttons (actions) are:
    • START/PAUSE - click START to enable timer (stopwatch), click once again (PAUSE) to stop it back and so on,
    • RESET - click RESET to clear whole registered events table and start new one from scratch,
    • A, B, C, D - predefined events you can use while timer is enabled. Events are collected in registered events table. Available events have symbols A, B, C, D, but real meaning are up to you. For example you can click A event, when you turn on cooker and B, when cookies seem ready to eat.
  • Table: registered events - these table shows all registered events from calculator start or from last RESTART. If you want catch new event, just click one of button in stopwatch section (START, A, B, etc.). The meaning of table columns are explained below:
    • no. - this is simple ordinal number assigned to each registered event,
    • action - the kind (name) of action, possible variants are: START, PAUSE, A, B, C, D,
    • real time - absolute (realtime) date and time when event was registered,
    • time from the beginning - relative time counted from the moment, when stopwatch was activated,
    • time from the last event - time between current and last one events.

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