PL: Number of registered unemployed table
Table shows monthly number of registered unemployed in Poland given in thousands of persons. Data are delivered by Central Statistical Office (polish: GUS). Current and historical data are presented.

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Polish registered unemployed#


Some facts#

  • Unemployment rate illustrates how much of a given community is unemployed. It is therefore the statistical indicator aimed at illustrating intensity of unemployment.
  • The unemployment rate can be calculated in various ways. Some of the common definitions are presented below:
    • 1. the ratio of the number of the unemployed to the occupationally active population (the resource of the labor force of a given population),
    • 2. the ratio of unemployed to the number of people in productive age (i.e. to the number of persons within the age limits specifying the productive age in a given country).
  • Every month, the Central Statistical Office (polish: GUS) publishes the unemployment rate calculated using the [1] method. These data are also presented on this page.
  • The data presented on this page contain the registered unemployment rate. To calculate it, it is assumed that unemployed person is a person who is currently registered (in Poland: registered in Labor Office) according to the law of the given country, as seeking work.
  • Another definition of unemployed given by International Labor Organization (ILO) is a person who fulfills the following conditions:
    • is 15 years old or more,
    • at the moment he/she is not working (he/she does not work as defined by the ILO), nor does he do apprenticeship with elements of practical science,
    • he/she was actively looking for job during the study week or during the six weeks preceding the examination,
    • is able to take up a job during the week or next week and expresses readiness to undertake such work.
  • In addition to the registered unemployment rate, the term of the real unemployment rate is defined. It applies to all the unemployed, regardless of the reasons why they are unemployed (not only those who obtained the formal status of an unemployed person).

Data up-to-date#

We periodically review labour market statistics delivered by General Statistical Office (polish: GUS) so that our data is always up-to-date.
Recent updated was performed on 2022-04-27.
If you want to be 100% sure after this date - check official GUS site or drop us a line.

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