Area units converter
Area units converter. Converts square meters, square foots, acres, hectars and about 50 other units.

Inputs data - value and unit, which we're going to convert


1 (square metres) is equal to:

(plain text)
square yottametresShow sourceYm2Ym^2Ym²1×10-48
square zettametresShow sourceZm2Zm^2Zm²1×10-42
square exametresShow sourceEm2Em^2Em²1×10-36
square petametresShow sourcePm2Pm^2Pm²1×10-30
square terametresShow sourceTm2Tm^2Tm²1×10-24
square gigametresShow sourceGm2Gm^2Gm²1×10-18
square megametresShow sourceMm2Mm^2Mm²1×10-12
square kilometresShow sourcekm2km^2km²0.000001
square hectometresShow sourcehm2hm^2hm²0.0001
square decametresShow sourcedam2dam^2dam²0.01
square metresShow sourcem2m^21
square decimetresShow sourcedm2dm^2dm²100
square centimetresShow sourcecm2cm^2cm²10000
square milimetresShow sourcemm2mm^2mm²1000000
square micrometresShow sourceμm2\mu m^2µm²1×1012
square nanometresShow sourcenm2nm^2nm²1×1018
square angstromsShow sourceA˚2\text{Å}^2Ų1×1020
square picometresShow sourcepm2pm^2pm²1×1024
square femtometresShow sourcefm2fm^2fm²1×1030
square attometresShow sourceam2am^2am²1×1036
square zeptometresShow sourcezm2zm^2zm²1×1042
square yoctometresShow sourceym2ym^2ym²1×1048

(plain text)
acreShow sourceacacac0.000247105
baronyShow source--6.177634537×10-8
boardShow sourcebdbdbd129.166925001
circular inchShow sourcecirc in\text{circ in}circ in1973.52515998
circular mil (thou)Show sourcecirc mil\text{circ mil}circ mil1973525159.98
cordShow source--0.672744401
hideShow source--0.000002471
roodShow sourcerororo0.000988422
square chainShow sourcech2ch^2sq ch0.002471054
square footShow sourceft2ft^2sq ft10.763910417
square inchShow sourcein2in^2sq in1550.00310001
square linkShow sourcelnk2lnk^2sq lnk24.710538147
square mil; square thouShow sourcemil2mil^2sq mil1550003100.01
square mile; sectionShow sourceml2ml^2sq mi3.861021585×10-7
square rod/pole/perchShow sourcerd2rd^2sq rd0.039536861
square U.S. Survey footShow sourcefts2ft_{s}^2sq ft10.763867361
square U.S. Survey mileShow sourcemis2mi_{s}^2sq mi3.861006842×10-7
square yardShow sourceyd2yd^2sq yd1.195990046
townshipShow source--1.072501763×10-8
yardlandShow source--0.000008237

(plain text)
hectareShow sourcehahaha0.0001
dunamShow source--0.001
stremmaShow source--0.001
areShow sourceaaa0.01
centiareShow sourcecacaca1
barnShow sourcebbb1×1028
milibarnShow sourcembmbmb1×1031
microbarnShow sourceμb\mu bµb1×1034
nanobarnShow sourcenbnbnb1×1037
picobarnShow sourcepbpbpb1×1040
femtobarnShow sourcefbfbfb1×1043

Some facts

  • The basic unit of measure for the area is the square meter (m2) or derived units created by adding SI prefixes, eg. one square kilometer (km2) or one square centimeter (cm2).
  • It is still common to use some non-SI units in some areas of daily life. For example land area is still measured in ares (a) or hectares (ha).
  • In Anglo-Saxon countries, it is common to use units based on traditional imperial length units like miles or inches. In this way, we get new area units such as square mile (mi2), square feet or square inch.

How to convert

  • Enter the number to field "value" - enter the NUMBER only, no other words, symbols or unit names. You can use dot (.) or comma (,) to enter fractions.
    • 1000000
    • 123,23
    • 999.99999
  • Find and select your starting unit in field "unit". Some unit calculators have huge number of different units to select from - it's just how complicated our world is...
  • And... you got the result in the table below. You'll find several results for many different units - we show you all results we know at once. Just find the one you're looking for.

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