IP calculator (networks/subnets)
Online utility for IP address calculations including netmask, broadcast and network addresses, wildcard mask, usable ranges, address format conversion etc. Accepts IP-s in hex/dec and also as one unsigned int number.

Inputs data - host

IP decimal
(many formats)
54 146 5 196
IP hex
(many formats)
36 92 05 c4
IP integer
(unsigned int)
IP class
A (1 - 126)

Inputs data - network

network class
first octet legal values
0 - 255
network bits
mask bits
(net + subnet)
subnet bits
network mask
host mask
maximum subnets
hosts per subnet

Results - details about subnets

subnet address
subnet broadcast address
host range -
subnet bitmap

History of changes, improvements and fixes to this calculator

2015.02.07 New implementation: This calculator has been rewritten. The previous implementation was server-side (made in PHP). Each time the new value was entered or any button clicked, the full website reload was triggered. Current implementation works fully client-side - it's written in JavaScipt. No more reloads !

Ancient version of this site - links

"Calculla v1" version of this calculatorIn December 2016 the Calculla website has been republished using new technologies and all calculators have been rewritten. Old version of the Calculla is still available through this link: We left the version 1 of Calculla untouched for archvial purposes.
Direct link to the old version:

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